Best Zoe Bentley Mystery Kindle eBooks in 2022

Zoe Bentley Mystery Kindle eBooks

If you're looking to download a Zoe Bentley Mystery Kindle eBook, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the Characters, Synopsis, Setting, and Author of Zoe Bentley Mystery Kindle eBooks. If you want to read the books in a single sitting, consider the tips below. Depending on your preferences, you might be interested in reading all the books in one sitting or in stages.

Characters in Zoe Bentley Mystery Kindle eBooks

Zoe Bentley, an FBI forensic psychologist, is hot on the trail of serial killer Rod Glover, and she is determined to stop him. She starts poking around the crime scene to find the perpetrator, and CPD officials are less than pleased. But she and Special Agent Tatum Gray refuse to back down. This series has been a bestseller and continues to earn readers' loyalty and respect. In this series, a series of mysteries takes place over the course of three books.

In the series, we meet Dr. Zoe Bentley, a psychologist with the FBI, who is obsessed with the evidence of murder. She suspects that the murderer is a vampire and tries to snatch her blood. The FBI has a hard time catching this 'psychological vampire.' But luckily for us, Zoe's investigation catches the killer in time to find justice for the churchgoer's killer.

A forensic psychologist with a past, Zoe Bentley is asked by the FBI to work on a case. In this case, the FBI has asked her to collaborate with the FBI's Special Agent Tatum Grey, a new partner. Together, they must solve a serial killer's mystery and save Zoe's life. In this series, she has to work with Tatum Grey, a former FBI agent who isn't particularly charming.


The Setting of Zoe Bentley Mystery is a crime thriller by Michael Omer. It is a series that focuses on a forensic psychiatrist and her partner Tatum Grey. It is set in the fictional town of Newburg, Iowa. The author injects wit into his work to give it a believable feel. Omer writes realistic characters and situations with a tone that is engaging.

The first book in the series, The Psychic's Touch, introduces a new FBI agent named Dr. Zoe Bentley. This brilliant criminal psychologist has already made an impact on the FBI. In her pursuit of a serial killer, she is obsessed with a murder case and the evidence surrounding it. She is the primary suspect in the death of a churchgoer in Chicago, and is determined to find out who is responsible for it. As the mystery progresses, the character's modus operandi shifts to blood sucking/vampirism.

The first book in the series introduces the protagonist. In the novel, Zoe Bentley investigates the discovery of a video of a dead girl clawing at the ceiling of a grave. The forensic psychologist teams up with BAU agent Tatum to find the killer. The pair must link together a web of connections to find the killer. The final book in the series explores the background of the crimes and the lives of the victims.

In The Second Book, the FBI asks Zoe Bentley to conduct investigations as part of its "Psyche" program. The FBI has been interested in finding Rod Glover, the serial killer who's been stalking Zoe since childhood. The two must work together to solve the crimes in Chicago, but they can't prevent more blood from flying! In The Third Book, Tatum and Zoe team up to uncover the identity of the Psyche Serienmorder.

The fourth book in the series is Touches Teil, a sequel to the first book, and is set in the same small town. Zoe Bentley, a forensic psychologist, is a brilliant investigator. She's a seasoned detective, with an eerie touch. She's unlikable and unapproachable - but she's the best. But how do you decide which book to read?


A Killer's Mind is the first book in the Zoe Bentley Mystery series. Zoe Bentley, a forensic psychologist, investigates the strange case of three murdered women in Chicago. The bodies are strangled, embalmed, and posed in a certain way. She is assigned to the case with Special Agent Tatum Gray, but they end up butting heads and get deeper into the case. In the final chapter of the book, three mysterious envelopes reveal a connection to Zoe's past.

As the serial killer's first victim, Zoe investigates her first murder, but she's still not sure what to believe. In the wake of the video, she discovers a disturbing new connection between the victims and an embalmer. She is determined to find the killer and bring justice to these women. Her investigation leads her to another murder, this time the murderer turns out to be her brother. In the end, she must choose between duty and her family.

Mike Omer is a mystery author. He has written many books in the genre of mystery, including the Zoe Bentley Mystery series. He has worked in several fields, including journalism and video games, including as the CEO of Loadingames. His wife, a dreamer, and his two hound dogs are his constant companions. Mike is married and has three children. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


If you're a fan of crime fiction, you'll want to read the Zoe Bentley Mystery Kindle eBooks. This series centers on a serial killer who's been murdering women since she was fourteen. In the first book of the series, Zoe Bentley is hot on the trail of the notorious serial killer Rod Glover. This novel sets up the world and the ambiance of the series and introduces the protagonist, Zoe Bentley. Although the CPD officials are less than happy about Zoe's nose - and her new partner, Special Agent Tatum Gray - they refuse to give up.

In the first book in the series, A Killer's Mind, a forensic psychologist named Zoe Bentley investigates a mysterious case of women being murdered in Chicago. Three of the victims were strangled, embalmed, and made to pose in specific ways before being murdered. Zoe works closely with Special Agent Tatum Gray to find the killer. They end up butting heads as they dig into the case and unravel the truth about the twisted connections behind the case.

The Zoe Bentley Mystery Kindle eBooks are the latest installment of the series by Mike Omer, a New York Times and Washington Post best-selling author. His work focuses on the mystery thriller genre, but he adds humor to keep readers engaged. Omer's writing has been translated into sixteen languages and has sold over a million copies worldwide. The author is married and has two hound dogs.

In this third installment of the Zoe Bentley series, a serial killer stalks a young FBI agent. The two must fight back to catch the criminal and protect the public from more bloodshed. The third book, The Giver, is even more intriguing and gripping. In addition, it is one of the most compelling Zoe Bentley mystery Kindle eBooks. It was also well-written. It's easy to see why a series starring this detective has been so popular.

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