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Ziba MacKenzie Kindle eBooks by Victoria Selman

The popular Ziba MacKenzie Kindle series by Victoria Selman has several series to choose from. The series is a crime novel where Ziba takes on a Scotland Yard case where she has to solve the serial killer's murder and her husband's murder. Ziba is a former Special Forces operator and a consultant "offender profiler" for Scotland Yard. Her skills help her solve crimes involving serial killers and the murders of their victims.

Blood for Blood

If you've never read a Victoria Selman novel, you will definitely enjoy this twisty crime thriller. Written by Victoria Selman, this bestselling novel is based on the gruesome murder of a young woman. The reader will be glued to the pages as Ziba MacKenzie is on the hunt for the killer. Blood for Blood is the first book in the series and it is a must-read for fans of Victoria Selman.

Ziba MacKenzie is a freelance criminal profiler

The crime-comedy series, "Serious Crimes", introduces a new character: freelance criminal profiler Ziba MacKenzie. The series' main character, Ziba, is an offender profiler who is working to uncover the identity of a serial killer. This killer has been causing havoc across London, removing the body parts of his victims and leaving a single pink rose as a sign of their demise. Ziba is worried about being the next victim, as she has been a target before.

In "Ziba MacKenzie is a Freelance Criminal Profiler," Ziba is investigating two serial killers who have committed violent crimes in the past five days. Her investigation is complicated by a new case involving her husband, which she is unable to solve by herself. However, when new evidence comes to light, Ziba is distracted by the case of her husband's murder.

As a former special forces profiler, Victoria Selman is an expert on forensic psychology and criminal profiling. Her debut novel, Blood for Blood, was an instant bestseller on Amazon and topped the Kindle charts for five weeks. It was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger Award. It has been sold over half a million copies digitally. Selman also contributes to the Afraid of the Light charity anthology series. The series includes authors such as Mark Billingham and Sophie Hannah.

Victoria Selman is the author

The author of the Snakes and Ladders series, Victoria Selman, writes mystery thrillers featuring the intrepid private investigator Ziba MacKenzie. In her first novel, Nothing to Lose, MacKenzie discovers she has some problems two years after Duncan's murder. Determined to solve the crimes before they become too dangerous, she sets out to solve the grisly murders of others. Meanwhile, she finds herself in danger of being taken into custody by a cold-blooded serial killer, Dr. Vernon Sange.

A graduate of Oxford University, Victoria Selman studied creative writing at City Lit. She has written for several newspapers, including Ham & High and the Daily Express. In 2013, she won the Full Stop Short Story Prize. She lives in London with her family. She writes thrillers, crime fiction, and contemporary romance novels. If you're looking for a new author, you can find one of her books in the Ziba MacKenzie eBook store.

The series follows Ziba MacKenzie, a former British Reconnaissance Regiment Special Forces operator. She now works as a freelance profiler for Scotland Yard and gives lectures at the FBI's elite Quantico training center. MacKenzie is called back to London to work on a murder case. This time, she deals with a serial killer whose victims are homeless young women. The killer has a knack for leaving random items and mutilated bodies. Eventually, she is caught by the police and is branded the Pink Rose Killer. This novel is so well-written that it will have you turning pages!

Despite Selman's inexperience as a writer, her writing style is as polished and accomplished as that of a seasoned author. Selman weaves a captivating story and creates a unique cast of characters. The story's denouement is both unexpected. The characters in Ziba MacKenzie eBooks have real life flaws and are likeable and realistic. Throughout, the characters are believable and make Ziba MacKenzie a memorable character.

The third Ziba MacKenzie eBook, Snakes and Ladders, is a compelling thriller that follows the FBI profiler as she investigates the murder of a serial killer. Despite her efforts to avoid attracting unwanted attention, she finds herself at the center of a disturbing new case. As a result, she must figure out the connection between two victims.

The protagonist of Ziba MacKenzie eBook, Sange, is a master manipulator. Her manipulation tactics are unmatched, and Sange is a master at manipulating Ziba MacKenzie into giving her information. In the end, Ziba must decide whether or not to give up her secret and stay alive. But her bluff is exposed and she faces a terrible fate.

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