Best World War 2 Battles Kindle eBooks in 2022

World War 2 Battles Kindle eBooks

This short article reviews a few World War II battle books available for the Kindle. We look at With the Old Breed by David Atkinson and An Army at Dawn by Eugene Bondurant Sledge. Among our top choices are these two books. We also mention The Red Sea: The Last Battle, which tells of the USS Laffey's eighty-minute attack on a British vessel.

With the Old Breed

With the Old Breed in the Pacific Theater is a compelling account of the World War II battles fought by the United States Marine Corps. It is considered the best first-person account of combat in the Pacific theater. It is a gripping memoir, written by a decorated World War II veteran, E. B. Sledge. The author is a veteran of both the European and Pacific theaters.

Eugene Sledge grew up in southern Alabama and joined the Marines. He was drafted because he wanted to become an officer and get into battle sooner. He was scared, but brave, and didn't know if he would survive. The book depicts the mental and physical toll that war can take. It also highlights the importance of honor and courage. And with its heartfelt message, With the Old Breed in the Pacific captures the essence of war and its impact on its participants.

The Old Breed Marines fought valiantly against the Imperial Japanese Army on Guadalcanal. During the battle, they defeated Japanese forces in amphibious campaigns and captured Rabaul, Peleliu, and Ngesebus. The Peleliu campaign bottled up Japanese forces in western Carolines and positioned the Allied forces within 350 miles of the Japanese Home Islands.

An Army at Dawn

If you're looking for an incredibly entertaining read, you should check out An Army at Dawn. This is a Chinese novel that focuses on the fate of a group of soldiers in the twelfth century. It has been translated into English and is a definite must-read for history buffs. It is a wildly popular novel in English, so you'll want to check it out.

Start reading An Army at Dawn on Kindle today. This book chronicles the American and British armies' battles in North Africa, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco. Along the way, you'll meet generals Eisenhower, Patton, and Rommel as they take on the Italian and German forces. The book also won the Pulitzer Prize for History in 2003. If you love history, you'll want to check out An Army at Dawn.

With the Old Breed by David Atkinson

With the Old Breed is a gripping novel based on the notes written by former U.S. soldier, Rick Atkinson, during World War II. Using notes hidden in his New Testament, he captures the life and experiences of a soldier adjusting to life in the furious Pacific Theater. The novel shows the soldier's struggle to learn to hate and kill, and to find love for his fellow man.

Eugene Bondurant Sledge's World War 2 Battles

Fans of the HBO miniseries "The Pacific" and Ken Burns' documentary "The War" will enjoy Eugene Bondurant Sledge's World Wars II battle memoirs. Sledge's book chronicles the bloody battles of island-hopping Marines during World War II. Born in Mobile, Alabama, Sledge joined the Marine Corps after Pearl Harbor. He served in K Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines.

After the war, Sledge returned to college. He could no longer hunt, and his father was a physician, which sparked his interest in history. Then, after graduating with a BS in Business Administration, he went back to school to study science and eventually earned a Doctorate degree in Biology. As a result of his experiences, Sledge's memoir With the Old Breed was named one of the top five battle books of World War 2.

James Holland's The Rise of Germany

This new Kindle eBook by James Holland covers the history of the Second World War in Europe. It begins in the summer of 1939 and goes on to cover the early months of World War II, the preparation for war between all of the associated powers, and the final weeks before Hitler's invasion of Russia in June 1941. The Rise of Germany is the first of a planned trilogy. Whether you want to learn more about the period or are just interested in a fascinating read, this book is worth the time and money.

The Rise of Germany is the first volume in Holland's War in the West trilogy, and it covers the onset of World War II in Europe. Germany seemed to be unstoppable, sweeping Poland and France at breakneck speed and bombing London and Paris and even the U-boats in the Atlantic. Yet, despite all of its efforts, the Nazis did not win the Battle of Britain, mainly because they could not produce and expend vital resources at an incredible pace.

The Rise of Germany is a historical novel by James Holland, a leading young historian who has spent the last decade researching new information and interviews. His extensive research includes interviews with wartime survivors and the stories of junior soldiers and civilians. It is a must-read for all history buffs. This book will change the way you think about the war and the history of Europe. It's one of our top picks for 2020.

Nanjing 1937

The Rape of Nanjing is one of the most famous chapters in World War II, but its preceding campaign has never been told in its entirety. Peter Harmsen's book fills that void by telling the story of the month-long battle that preceded the famous battle. Nanjing 1937 is a gripping novel and will appeal to fans of historical fiction.

Although the United States of America did not officially join the war, the conflict continued for years in Europe and China. In September 1939, Hitler invaded Poland. In the meantime, tensions between the two countries continued to mount. In 1932, Japan had established a puppet state called Manchukuo in Manchuria and began to send troops to the area. By 1937, the tensions had risen to the point where war was inevitable. With the United States on the side of the Chinese government, the two sides were unable to expel the Japanese.

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