Best Women’s Religious Fiction in 2022

Women's Religious Fiction

In the world of inspirational Christian women's religious fiction, Megan McClaurin dreams of her happily ever after. However, after a series of heartbreaks and a painful dating experience, her faith is shaken and she wonders if true love even exists. When her Pastor and friends push her to enter the Shiloh Save The Date contest, she finds herself torn between her faith and the idea of finding a perfect match.

Essie is a victimized teen girl

In The Preacher's Daughter by Kate Messner, the titular heroine finds herself amidst the turmoil and confusion that surrounds an evangelical preacher's family. Essie, the seventeen-year-old daughter of a prominent evangelical pastor, is the star of her family's reality show. In the process, she's pregnant, and the attention she receives from other women has her questioning her own family's motives.

Beverly Lewis' focus is on the Amish community

In her bestselling series, The Englisher, Beverly Lewis has once again focused on the Amish community. Although Lewis herself is not Amish, her grandmother belonged to the old-order Mennonite sect. Growing up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Lewis had extensive contact with the Amish because her father was an Assemblies of God minister. As a child, she spent many dinners in Amish homes, and she spent two summers living with an Amish family.

Known for her realistic portrayals of the Amish, Beverly Lewis is a prolific Christian fiction writer. Her stories feature contemporary evangelical Christian families and the Amish. The authenticity and fascinating insights into the life of the "plain people" attract readers to the stories, which are rooted in a deep Christian faith. In fact, the Amish setting gives these stories a timeless feel, and the themes and characters speak to real issues, such as religious dissension and keeping oneself separate from the world.

The "Courtship of Nellie Fisher" series is based on a bitter rift between the Pennsylvania Mennonites forty years ago. Old Order Mennonites wanted to use modern inventions, such as tractors and electricity, while New Order Mennonites refused to use such things. While this split is largely symbolic of the current political climate, Lewis explores the complexities of abuse in a religious community.

The Divide is a dystopian novel about the Amish community, while Loving Luther is a fictionalized novel about a woman's relationship with the reformer Martin Luther. In both stories, an Englisher pilot helps the Old Order Mennonite community escape from a world of chaos. While the author has written many books that focus on the Amish community, her most recent focus is on the Amish community.

The Amish community is a fascinating part of women's religious fiction. In the latest book, The Rose Trilogy, Kidder spent time with an Amish family. Few writers have captured the Amish culture like this in such an accurate way. She has a knack for capturing the authenticity of the landscape and lifestyle. And her characters are unlikely to choose between their religion and relationships.

The Amish are a particularly attractive demographic for Christian fiction. They have a strong connection to their religious beliefs and are a favorite topic of women's fiction. Many Christian books are set in an Amish community, but the Amish are often the center of the plot. Nevertheless, there is something alluring about the Amish and the strong traditional faith they practice. If you're a Christian who enjoys reading about the Amish community, you'll want to read about the latest releases by this author.

Lauren Butler's Refiner's Fire series

If you've been looking for a compelling read in the women's religious fiction genre, Lauren Butler's Refiner's Fire series is for you. Set in ancient Jerusalem, this series of historical fiction features two women who use their privilege to help others, and transform a community after a fire. As you read through the stories, you'll see how the stories of the women involved changed the lives of many people.

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