Best Women’s Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Fiction in 2022

Women's Mystery Thrill Suspense Fiction

When you are looking for a good read, you may want to consider women's mystery thriller suspense fiction. A woman is witness to a slaying and she goes to bed that night, terrified that her son's life is over. The following morning, she wakes up to investigate the man's identity and try to stop the murder.

Roderick Alleyn

The Roderick Alleyn Mystery Series features a female detective who tries to solve murders. In Tied Up in Tinsel, Alleyn searches for a murderer during a Christmas party. The murder takes place at an isolated country house, where a much-despised visiting servant has played Santa Claus. The suspects include the guests of the party, and Alleyn is determined to uncover the truth.

A Case of Need is the twenty-fourth Roderick Alleyn novel. It was published by the New American Library in 1968 and includes a dust jacket with a $5.95 price stamp. This novel features an elusive murderer known only as 'Jampot'. Clutch of Constables is the twenty-fifth Roderick Alleyn novel. Written by Ngaio Marsh, this novel was published by Little Brown and Company in 1969.

The first novel, Artists in Crime, introduces the series. Alleyn falls for Agatha Troy, a painter. The second novel, Clutch of Constables, follows Agatha Troy's river tour through Constable's England.

Hollie Overton

Hollie Overton is a writer of women's mystery, thriller and suspense fiction. She has written for television shows including Cold Case and Lifetime's The Client List. She is currently co-producing the upcoming thriller Shadowhunter. She lives in Los Angeles.

Hollie Overton writes a wide variety of suspense novels, including her debut novel, Kristy's Story. The story follows a single mother, a strong woman since she was a teenager. She has fought for a better life for her son. The plot is gripping and the reader cannot put it down.

The Walls is a Sunday Times bestseller and was recently picked up by the Richard & Judy Book Club. Overton's debut thriller explores domestic violence, murder, and protecting one's family. The story follows Kristy Tucker, who is a press agent for the Texas Department of Corrections. She chronicles the last moments of death inmates and hopes to find a happy ending when she meets Lance Dobson.

Ruth Ware

If you love psychological crime fiction, then you'll love Ruth Ware's novels. They've topped bestseller lists all over the world and have been translated into more than 40 languages. Her most recent book, One by One, is due out in 2020.

Her latest novel, One by One, is a chilly, snowy mystery about a corporate retreat in the French Alps that ends in murder. Kirkus called the book "simply masterful" and the New York Times Book Review called it "another triumph." Many people consider Ruth Ware to be the true heir to Agatha Christie's throne. It became a top ten bestseller in the US and the UK and was optioned for a television series.

While it may be hard to imagine how the characters in the novel would ever have gotten where they are, Ware makes it look easy. Her story is as engaging as the main characters themselves, making it impossible to put down. Each development is cleanly done and builds suspense.

The Lying Game by Ruth Ware is a departure from Ware's previous books, which are heavily influenced by classic crime fiction. The story revolves around a group of childhood friends and explores their long-hidden secrets.

Claudia Lin

Claudia Lin, Women's Mystery Thrill Suspense Fiction is a well-crafted debut mystery novel. Set in the 21st century, the novel follows a detective who is working for an online dating website, Veracity. She is charged with investigating a client's disappearance and discovers a dark web of deception. It is part literary mystery, part family drama, and part examination of the nature of romantic love in the digital age.

In this debut novel by British author Claudia Lin, three generations of women must navigate a new reality after an epidemic sweeps the nation. Throughout the novel, they must discover themselves, their legacy, and each other, and find new meaning in their lives. The novel is "compelling" and a compelling read.

The plot is fast-paced, and the plot twists are surprising and unpredictable. Throughout the book, the mystery unravels with the help of an inquisitive narrator. In the end, the mystery becomes thrilling, but also chilling.


In her newest novel, Tracy Gerritsen once again turns a familiar genre on its head: women's mystery thriller. The plot revolves around the murder of a young woman. The victim's body is discovered in a body bag bearing the words "I have sinned." The medical examiner Maura Isles links the woman's death to a controversial celebrity psychiatrist. Joyce O'Donnell, a member of the Mephisto Club, is also a suspect in the crime.

A former physician, Gerritsen has extensive knowledge of the autopsy and emergency room. She also studied anthropology at Stanford University, cataloging centuries-old human remains. Her curiosity for ancient cultures and strange natural phenomena has led her to travel the world. She began writing romance and thrillers, but eventually decided to move in the direction of crime fiction. Her debut thriller Harvest was inspired by her anger against the trade in human organs.

Gerritsen's books have been translated into 35 languages. Her books are published in the US and the UK. Her book titles are different in both countries. As a former doctor, she has shifted her focus from her medical practice to writing full-time. She lives in Maine with her family.


The first crime novel by Mexican author Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a riveting tale of a young Mexican woman trapped in a horrific crime. Set against the ominous backdrop of a seaside town, Moreno-Garcia creates a noir-style mystery that is at once compelling and suspenseful. This novel is a must-read for all mystery and suspense fans.

Moreno-Garcia's books have won several awards and are New York Times bestsellers. Her most recent novel, Velvet Was the Night, will be published in August 2021. She has also edited several anthologies.

Despite its post-colonial setting, Moreno-Garcia's Mexican Gothic series is rich with supernatural elements and a strong sense of feminism. Readers will find these themes woven through the storyline, which is full of class commentary and a rich haunted house.

Moreno-Garcia's All Her Little Secrets

Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a Mexican-Canadian author whose debut novel won the Copper Cylinder Award. Her second novel, The Devil and the Angel, centered on narco vampires in Mexico City, was one of the best books of 2016 according to NPR. Her latest novel, Gods of Jade and Shadow, is being considered for the 2020 American Library Association Reading List. She has also edited numerous anthologies.

Moreno-Garcia breaks the pattern of previous novels and tells the tale in dual perspectives. In this modern gothic horror novel, the story is told from the perspective of two childhood friends, Meche and Sebastian. The story follows the relationship between Meche and Sebastian and their friendship. The novel is set between 1989 and 2009 Mexico City. Noemi is a socialite in Mexico City and anathema to the traditional culture. Her cousin Catalina, who lives on an isolated estate, sends her to this strange place. Their fates remain a mystery until the book ends.

Moreno-Garcia is a Mexican author who writes superb crime fiction. Her noir-style novels are often murky and evocative. All Her Little Secrets is the perfect summer read, and her witty writing makes for a compelling read. It will leave you breathless and wanting more.

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