Best Women’s Christian Fiction in 2022

Women's Christian Fiction

There are several types of Women's Christian Fiction books to choose from. Some are more romantic while others are more character driven. Some stories don't require a happy ending to be enjoyable. If you're looking for a good read that will keep you entertained for several hours, we recommend One Transforming Love by Lisa Nicks-Balthasar. Here are a few books to consider:

One Transforming Love by Lisa Nicks-Balthasar

One Transforming Love by Lisa Nicks-balthasar is a Christian Fiction novel about one woman's journey to finding true love. The author, Lisa Nicks-Balthasar, lost her husband to brain cancer at the age of 42. She subsequently wrote her memoir Believe!, which was published in 2012. In this novel, she explores how her faith in God helped her heal and move on after the death of her husband.

One Transforming Love is an epic true-life story that is both inspirational and moving. Whether you are a recovering addict or a parent seeking to reconnect with someone, you are sure to find a message of redemption in One Transforming Love. Nicks-Balthasar shows readers how they too can open up their hearts in these dark times. Her story of healing will move you to tears, and will make you realize that love is the answer to all your problems.

Dynah Carey's story

A story of faith, family, and hope, Dynah Carey's story in womens Christian fiction is about how one woman's perfect life is upended by rape and an unwanted pregnancy. With rock-solid faith and her fiance's unwavering support, Dynah faces a tough decision: should she end her pregnancy or accept it? The author's "About the Author" section explains her change of faith.

The Hiding Place by Penny Culliford

The Hiding Place is an excellent mystery novel by award-winning author Penny Culliford. Culliford's characters are well-developed, three-dimensional, and compelling. The plot is based on medieval mystery plays. She frequently speaks to writers' groups and arts festivals, contributes to magazines, and teaches part-time at a primary school. Culliford dislikes celery, stick insects, and people who take themselves too seriously.

The Atonement Child by Mary K. Mohler

The Atonement Child by Mary K. Mohler is an important work of Christian theology that explores the atonement of Christ on the cross. It was written by Mohler, a conservative fundamentalist who is known for opposing abortion and women in preaching roles. While Mohler's work is deeply rooted in the biblical tradition, it is a bit of a departure from current evangelical beliefs.

This book provides an interesting and challenging look at Christian doctrine. Mohler's insights and illustrations provide a solid foundation for further study. For those seeking a thorough understanding of Christian doctrine, this book is an excellent resource. She argues for a biblical view of human sexuality, a view often criticized in today's evangelical churches. Mohler explains that this view is contrary to the teachings of her church, but it doesn't have to.

Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson

"Positive Discipline" has become the gold standard for adults who work with children. It was written by renowned psychologist, educator, and mother of seven, Jane Nelson. It teaches parents, educators, and caregivers how to give children the support they need to be their best selves. "This book is an invaluable guide to parenting."

Adler's theories on positive discipline are laid out in the book. Nelsen is a mother of seven children and the grandmother of twenty-one grandchildren. Her personal experience has made her an excellent source of inspiration for her teaching career. She emphasizes the concept that a child is a mirror of their environment and that his or her behaviour relates to his or her view of the world. As a result, children respond better to positive discipline when parents express their respect for one another.

The Positive Discipline series includes books for different age groups, family settings, and special situations. Jane Nelson and Lynn Lott founded the Positive Discipline Association in 2004. They teach the program nationwide and encourage community members to become facilitators. Their work has changed their lives, and they hope that their work will change the lives of many others. Just like Positive Discipline, this method works well with children, teens, and adults.

The Positive Discipline program has helped millions of parents raise successful children. Its strategies are grounded in research and studies about child development. Research has shown that the behavior patterns a child exhibits in the first three years of life have profound consequences for the rest of their life. Positive Discipline teaches parents to set effective boundaries, establish healthy communication, and lay the foundation for a happy relationship with their young children. You will want to read this book and get the most from it!

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