Best Women’s Action & Adventure Fiction in 2022

Women's Action & Adventure Fiction

If you're looking for some new women's fiction to read, you've come to the right place. There are so many different types of books in this category, but if you're looking for a new genre to discover, look no further than Women's Action & Adventure Fiction. In this category, readers can expect to find sophisticated, glamorous stories about women who don't always get what they want. These stories are often the stuff of dreamy fantasy, with action and adventure.

Lethal Affairs

If you enjoy lesbian spies and assassins, you'll love this women's action and adventure fiction series. Main character Domino (Luka Madison) is comfortable using heavy weaponry to fight terrorists and schmoozing with wealthy people at galas to collect information. She loves the cause she works for and believes in the cause of the work she does. Her most recent assignment is to investigate a suspicious journalist named Hayley Ward.


One of the many interesting aspects of women's action and adventure fiction is the fact that it can often be based on real events. For example, one popular women's fantasy novel was adapted into an animated movie. The story is about a woman named Lynett who must forgive her rapist in order to gain the Holy Grail. Another example is the bestselling novel Kindred by Octavia E. Butler. This New Wave sci-fi adventure series follows Dana, an educated African-American living in contemporary Los Angeles, who returns to an antebellum Maryland plantation where she discovers the truth about her ancestors.

Shell Game

The title of Shell Game is a play on words, which dates back centuries. The title itself is reminiscent of a Hieronymus Bosch painting, in which a man wagers on which object will be found hiding in a shell. Shell Game follows the exploits of private investigator VI Warshawski, who becomes obsessed with a mysterious woman who appears to be a lesbian pirate. Unlike other lesbian pirate novels, this one does not have a damsel in distress.

The Shell Game is not a great book. It's poorly written and plotted, with one-dimensional characters and mindless dialog. It's certainly not an action thriller. In fact, it's probably the worst book of the year and possibly the decade. Though references to Saudi Arabia and Washington DC are scattered throughout, the book is not a satire on either country. However, readers who want to learn more about both are welcome to do so.

Shell Game is a work of fiction, but it's also a commentary on the role of heavy-handed federal regulators. These regulators are damaging perfectly sound businesses and private investors. The book is based on true events, and the characters are victims of corrupt government officials and misguided regulatory actions. Ultimately, the book shows that the government should not be regulating every business and should be leaving the decision-making to the people running the country.

Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime

If you like thrillers, you'll enjoy the thrilling debut novel, Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime by Jessica Hische. As the protagonist, Sam Smith, is raped and must seek revenge. Sam is a martial artist who takes up jujitsu and studies to earn a good degree, but she's not forgotten her attacker. She plans to bring him to justice. But as she tries to find the perpetrator, she finds herself being followed and must decide whether to commit the perfect crime.

When her father dies, she has to figure out who raped her sons and how to get rid of him. She decides to find the killer. But how to find his body? Her clue lies in a painting that was altered by the wrong brick order. Despite being a cunning woman, Sam hasn't forgotten her attacker and devises a plan to get revenge. In the decades since her conviction, Sam has spoken out about her crimes.


The Beguiled by Sofia Coppola is not a remake of the famous film from the same name, but it does have a similar tone, shifting the perspective of the story from a wounded soldier to the five women students at a school for girls. The leading actresses include Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning. Colin Farrell, who played a vampire in Fright Night, adds a touch of charm to the storyline.

Beguiled by Darynda Jones is available in both ePub and PDF formats. The novel can be downloaded for free and is a must-read paranormal fantasy. The book is an emotional roller coaster, complete with twists and turns that will keep you turning pages until the very end. The book is a page-turning read that will leave you drooling with the suspense!

Beguiled is a well-written novel that features fantastic storyline and impressive moral and social lessons. Darynda Jones is a master novelist with a clear vision of what makes a good story. The characters are chosen beautifully and executed superbly. The plot twists and turns in this novel will have you hanging on to the book for days and weeks. If you enjoy this genre, you will surely love Beguiled.

Higher Love

When it comes to adventure, you can't go wrong with Higher Love by Kit Deslauriers. The first woman to ski the seven summits of the world, she's no stranger to the cold, and she's never lacked courage. She's braved Antarctica's freezing cold, corn snow on the Australian slopes, and blue ice on Everest. This powerful adventure story will take you on an emotional journey.

Robyn Davidson's Tracks

This book was inspired by the adventures of Robyn Davidson, who traveled with four camels, a dog, and her own backpack over seventeen thousand miles in Australia's bush and desert. She was a feisty and adventurous young woman, and she remained remarkably unharmed along the way. Robyn Davidson's Tracks is a fascinating read about the adventures of this original young woman.

Davidson's memoir, published in 1977, has been praised by critics for its raw, powerful portrayal of life on an outback cattle station. The book also won the inaugural Thomas Cook Travel Book Award. Her journey inspired feminists, who admired her independence and her willingness to travel alone. Meanwhile, wanderlust-driven travellers were attracted by her evocative descriptions of the Australian outback and her unique response to its harshness.

While Davidson's book is about the escapades of an individual, it is also about the struggle between freedom and responsibility. In Robyn Davidson's Tracks, the narrator experiences the struggles of freedom and responsibility, which are both fundamental to our survival. The narrator is always aware of the historical spaces she traverses, but she is unsure of her own purpose and that of others. As a result, Tracks lingers on the conflict between freedom and responsibility.

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