Best Witch P.I. Mystery Kindle eBooks in 2022

Her New Life As a Witch P.I. Mystery Kindle eBooks

Most of the books in the Witch P.I. Mystery series can be read in standalone fashion. Most of them feature the adventures of the infamous private investigator Jill Gooder, who has recently turned into a witch. The series also includes books featuring other private investigators such as Susan Hall. In addition to her adventures as a witch, Jill also faces issues with her sister Kathy and her children. In addition, most of the books in the series also include new mysteries and challenges in both her personal and professional life.

Jill Gooder

A witch, who also happens to be an aspiring private investigator, is called in to investigate a murder, but the real question is: is she a witch? If so, what does it mean to be a witch? Does being a witch mean you can't do your job? This book series focuses on how one real witch uses her supernatural abilities to solve mysteries.

In the series, Jill is a private investigator who works undercover in the darkest parts of the city. She is married to a successful businessman named Jack and has a daughter, Florence. Her job isn't easy, but she is very capable of tackling any case. Her relationship with Jack and Florence is not easy, but she is loyal to Jack and is willing to put up with his misbehaviors if it means he can solve the case. In the first book, Jill discovers that she is a witch.

Her new life as a witch

The first book in the Her new life as a witch P.I. Mystery series is about a witch named Jill Gooder who discovers she is a witch, which leads her to become a P.I. in a murder investigation. She tries to stop a serial killer, but the case is much more complex than that. She also has to deal with her sister Kathy, and her children. Luckily, she has her cat Winky, who keeps her company and is quite mischievous. Her first case begins with three women dead, and she has cause to believe that a serial killer is on the loose. Sadly, Jill's mother dies before she can focus on the case, and she discovers that her mother had been literal when she called her witch.

While Jill is getting used to her newfound powers and learning the spells in her book, she also has to deal with murders and thefts. Her job is to solve mysteries, and while this is a challenge, she doesn't know how to prepare for her date with Detective Jack Maxwell. In the end, she is left with a job that she can't give up.

The witch murder mystery series is a fun series to read if you like mysteries. The main character, Jill Gooder, is a private investigator and she has a crazy one-eyed cat and a secretary who knits all day. However, her new life as a witch is about to take a new turn. This series is filled with magic, mystery, and laughter.

Her adventures as a private investigator

The Witch P.I. Mystery Kindle eBook series follows private investigator Jill Gooder as she solves a variety of cases in her hometown of Chicago. While most of the books are stand-alone, they feature new mysteries and personal and professional challenges for the private investigator. Each book follows a different story and theme in the series. The central theme is a dark one, and Adele only gives readers enough to make the storyline interesting.

The first book in the series introduces the main character, Jill Gooder. This small-time PI in Chicago would go to the people who might have information. Instead of digging up the bodies of strangers, he would talk to people who could help him solve the crime. The series has many mysteries and intrigues, and is a good choice for fans of cozy mystery fiction. There is also a series of novels featuring a female PI.

As she acclimates to life as a witch, Jill uses her magical powers to solve a variety of cases. Her newfound expertise in solving murders and mysteries makes her a valuable private investigator. She has a hard time preparing for her first date with Detective Jack Maxwell, but she is determined to use her powers for the good. The Dark One isn't satisfied with Jill's efforts to use her powers for good.

Susan Hall

Whether you're a fan of mysteries or are interested in reading more of them, you'll enjoy these books by Susan Hall. The series starts with Whoops! Our New Flatmate is a Human. You'll love learning about her adventures as she solves murders, sleuths, and other supernatural crimes. You'll also find out what happens to her friends and family after she solves each case.

Jill Gooder is a private investigator who also happens to be a witch. Her life is complicated by a falling-out-of-love relationship, her one-eyed cat, and a murderous serial killer. With a private eye and an evil eye in her eye, Jill Good has to solve every case that comes her way. The series features characters who are both charming and mysterious, which makes it impossible to put a finger on their identity.

Adele Abbott

The Witch P.I. Mystery eBooks by Adele Abbott are a great way to introduce yourself to this bestselling series. The series is comprised of 42 books. In the first book, Jill Gooder discovers that she's a witch. This discovery is the catalyst for a number of supernatural happenings in Jill's life. The series continues in the second book, Witch Hunter, which revolves around Jill's encounter with a serial killer.

Although the Witch P.I. Mystery eBooks by Adele Abbott are very short, they are not a waste of time. The mysteries are often simple and fillers. The series is also self-published, and is available exclusively on Amazon. Some books are free, so it's worth checking out a few. These books are intended to serve as palette cleansers, providing just enough entertainment to tide you over until you are ready for more.

If you're looking for a new series to read, you've come to the right place! The Witch P.I. Mystery eBooks by Adele Abbott feature private investigator Jill Gooder, and are a great way to get introduced to her bestselling series. The series starts out with a client's confession that they've been the victim of a serial killer. The series concludes with Jill learning something that will change the way she lives.

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