Best William Shakespeare Teen & Young Adult Literature Classics in 2022

Teen Young Adult Literature Classics by William Shakespeare

For teens who are ready to embrace their Shakespearean roots, there are many ways to get started. Consider a few classics, such as Beatrice Shakespeare Smith's Lia, Hamlet, and Much Ado About Nothing. Each one offers a unique perspective on the human condition.

Beatrice Shakespeare Smith

Beatrice Shakespeare Smith is a young woman who lives in the Theatre Illuminata, a theater with characters from many different plays trapped within. To save them, she must use her wits and her courage. But she isn't the only one with a hidden agenda. The dashing pirate Nate also has some secrets of his own.

When she was a child, Beatrice Shakespeare Smith arrives at the Theatre Illuminata, which is no ordinary theater. In this place, Shakespeare's characters are brought to life magically. The author Lisa Klein also contributes a novel, Lady Macbeth's Daughter, a fictional account of the life of Susanna Shakespeare. Norma Howe's The Blue Avenger Cracks the Code, a literary detective novel, and Jennifer Lee Carrell's Interred with Their Bones are another two YA classics.

The characters in Shakespeare's Beatrice are witty, cunning, and full of personality. They're often full of sarcasm and bitterness. While their traits may not be as common today, they're likely to strike a chord with today's readers and playgoers. Besides, the play explores current social ideas that advocate equality and female empowerment. While the Hero is more traditionally portrayed as a quiet, naive, reserved woman, Beatrice is bold, cunning, and forward.

Beatrice Shakespeare Smith is a young woman who loves to travel. Despite her responsibilities as a daughter of a king, she is determined to pursue her dreams and travels around the world. She also encounters the enchanting garden of her mother. Her travels take her to Singapore, Japan, and Thailand, all the while showing her strength and courage as a woman of character.


Teen readers can enjoy Shakespeare's classic plays with a modern twist. The plays explore themes of teenage life, including frothy flirtation, tragic relationships, and parental power struggles. Many YA authors have taken inspiration from Shakespeare's works to create new works. These classics remain popular decades after they were written.

Some authors have taken the plays and turned them into YA books, setting them in modern settings. Others have set Shakespeare at the center of their works, setting the classics at the forefront. Whatever the genre, there is an appropriate Shakespeare book for every young adult. There are also plenty of retellings of Shakespeare's works that are suitable for teens.

One of Shakespeare's most well-known plays is Hamlet. This play focuses on the plight of the young prince, but it also features the angst-ridden life of a teenage girl, Ophelia. In this version, Lia and Hamlet are in love, but they aren't yet sexually involved. In the classic "nunnery scene," Hamlet doesn't reject her. He also collaborates with her to trap Claudius and Polonius. A famous scene where Hamlet winks at Lia during Ophelia's speech makes Lia marvel at his ability to act so convincingly.

Another play that makes the perfect choice for young adult readers is Romeo and Juliet. Both of these plays are accessible and address issues that teenagers are concerned with. This makes them a good choice for high school students. These plays are great for young readers, and they will help develop critical thinking skills.

The plot of this romantic comedy is a fascinating read for the young adult audience. The plot is full of twists and surprises. The plot has something for every age and reader. For instance, the protagonist, Mimi, is from a family of Shakespearean actors and wants to become a doctor. While she is studying, she accidentally transports herself into the world of Romeo and Juliet. This gives her a better chance of controlling her own destiny.


Among the most popular YA classics, Hamlet by William Shakespeare is both entertaining and challenging. This interactive retelling of the classic play is suitable for high school and middle school students, though its crude humor may not be for everyone. In fact, some people find Shakespeare's works dull and boring.

Set in 1601 London, this story follows the story of an actress named Emma Allen as she stage manages a school production of Hamlet. While her job is to keep the play running smoothly, she accidentally falls through a trap door. This causes her to end up in the Globe Theater's basement. Her pixie cut makes her look like a boy and confuses many people in her new world.

This story is an interesting retelling of Shakespeare's classic, incorporating modern social media and celebrity references. It tells the classic in the voice of the girl who loves Hamlet: Ophelia. This book will give you a deeper insight into the character of Hamlet and the play itself. If you're interested in Shakespeare, you'll love this book.

A Midsummer Night's Dream is another classic play, set during summer break. Geena thinks her summer break is going to be memorable, but it ends up being disastrous for her. This play is full of romance and wacky schemes. Teens and young adults alike will find this story entertaining and engaging.

Hamlet is a tragic character. Many people judge him for murder at the end of the play, but this is not what Hamlet did. He was not supposed to kill Polonius, trick Rosencrantz and Guildenstern into delivering their own death warrants, or make Claudius drink poison.

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing is a classic comedy that has been adapted for television. Although the play is performed according to Shakespeare's original text, the production is set in modern-day Los Angeles. The setting makes it more accessible to young people, though it does contain scenes of sexuality.

The play begins in the city of Messina, Sicily, when the country is ruled by the Aragon Empire. Hero and Beatrice live with their father, Leonato. They hear that their friend Duke Don Pedro is returning from war. While they are away, Claudio falls in love with Hero. Benedick, meanwhile, believes that Beatrice is his love. The lovers assume that each other is true and act accordingly, despite their misgivings.

William Shakespeare's plays deal with a wide variety of teenage and young adult issues, ranging from tragic love affairs to parental power struggles to frothy flirtation. His works are often adapted for young audiences and have an appropriate age range. A teacher can use these plays to introduce teenagers to Shakespeare.

Aside from Shakespeare's work, other Shakespeare novels are also adapted for young audiences. One of these is The Secret of Shakespeare, written by Avi. The main character, Hero, is a teenager who is fascinated by a hidden Elizabethan diamond in the house next door.

The relationship between Mimi and her parents isn't healthy in this novel. Mimi's mother, Lady Capulet, is very overbearing and dominating. The Lady Capulet, who is Juliet's mother, is similar to Mimi's. She forces Juliet to fight against her marriage to Paris and eat onions, among other things.

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is a classic tale of star-crossed lovers and a family feud. Many people are hesitant to read this play, but it's not as hard as it may seem. The story begins with a young Juliet who has been promised to marry another boy when she is old enough. However, fate intervenes and keeps the lovers apart.

Romeo and Juliet is part of a tradition of tragic romances. Shakespeare based his story on an Italian tale that was first translated into verse by Arthur Brooke in 1562 and adapted into prose by William Painter in 1567. Although Shakespeare borrowed heavily from the Italian story, he also expanded the plot by adding Mercutio and Paris. Shakespeare's first printing was a poor quarto version, but later editions corrected the text to make it more readable.

While the story is timeless, some aspects have been adapted for a contemporary audience. For example, in a new adaptation, "Still Star-Crossed" focuses on Rosaline, Romeo's love interest before marrying Juliet. She is the niece of Lord and Lady Capulet and the childhood playmate of Prince Escalus. In addition to the story's plot, the characters in Still Star-Crossed explore gender and cultural norms and arranged marriages.

Shakespeare's use of dramatic structure has been praised as a sign of his dramatic talent. The play switches between a tragedy and comedy, stretches out minor characters, and introduces several sub-plots. This poetic style is an important part of Shakespeare's work. It makes the characters feel real and relatable.

A young Romeo is struggling to overcome his depression. He has an unrequited love for Rosaline, the niece of Capulet. To make matters worse, he secretly attends a ball to meet her. However, the night he spends with her is not a happy one. In addition, his new love interest Juliet, played by Juliet's niece, is killed by the jealous Tybalt. This leaves Romeo facing the possibility of death.

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