Best White Haven Witches Kindle eBooks in 2022

White Haven Witches Kindle eBooks

If you're looking for a great read that will keep you engaged, White Haven is a perfect place to start. The town is full of witches, all trying to keep their secrets close. As they search for the truth about the town's dark history, they come across five mysterious grimoires. As they uncover the truth, life in White Haven will become even more exciting. Book one, Book 2, and Book 3 will all have something for you to look forward to.

Book 1

The first book in the series of witchy fiction is the first in the White Haven Witches series. Featuring five real witches and their strange lore, this action-packed story takes place in a town with a history of witchcraft. Unbeknownst to the locals, the town has been home to five real witches. As the five witches investigate the town's dark history, they discover a mysterious legacy. As their investigations uncover a series of mysteries, they must find the missing grimoires and strike back at their attackers.

The witches of White Haven have to choose who to trust in their quest to protect the town from danger. With a mysterious betrayer stalking the town, they need to trust and work together with each other to save their city from destruction. Fortunately, the witches are not alone, and their friendships are forged in a dangerous and perilous journey.

Book 2

You will enjoy the thrilling occult mysteries in Book 2 of the White Haven Witches series on Kindle. This series is set in a small Cornish town where witches have lived for years. However, their dark history is now threatening the town. The witches must use their magical power to defend the town against the powerful Faversham family, unknown entities, and the Daughters of Llyr.

In Book 2, the witches have discovered ancient magic families and must find their grimoires, which can be deadly. The characters are lively and entertaining, and romance blooms between some of them. The friendships among the witches are an added bonus when lives are on the line. And, of course, the romances between the characters will leave you cheering for more! The characters in Book 2 of White Haven Witches Kindle eBooks are highly recommended!

Book 3

If you love witchy fiction, you'll love the action-packed Book 3 of the White Haven Witches series. The town of White Haven, New Hampshire, has a long history of witchcraft, but the locals have no idea that there are five real witches living amongst them. As they explore the town's dark past and discover the town's hidden magic, the witches are forced to question everything they've known. Their lives will be forever changed when they learn the truth behind the grimoires.

In Book 3, Avery relives the past and discovers his own family's secret. He also discovers his own missing family and the history of his own ancestry. He joins with his best friend, the annoying Alex Bonneville, to help him uncover the truth behind the mysterious omen. The storyline is gripping and you won't want to put it down.

Book 4

In Book 4 of the White Haven Witches series, the supernatural forces of Samhain, vampires, and the earthly wonder of the Green Man collide with the realities of everyday life. The characters of the series scramble to save their friends and family while facing their own fears. But there are more secrets in the house than anyone could have imagined, and the fates of all involved are unsure.

Avery lives in a town called White Haven, which is steeped in a history of witchcraft. But she's never wanted to join a coven, and instead, works on her own. As she sifts through the town's past, she finds clues that might suggest the existence of an ancient spell that limits the witches' power. But her investigation uncovers a dangerous secret. Someone is determined to keep the town's dark secret hidden forever.

Book 5

The fourth book of the White Haven Witches series is a magical occult mystery highlighting the nuances of witchcraft. Set in Cornwall, White Haven is a town where witches have lived for centuries. Though many of them have tried to keep their secrets hidden, a few have been left to discover their secret magic and dark history. Now, these witches are on the hunt for the truth in the town's past and find themselves in greater danger than they imagined.

When Mari saves a man after a shipwreck, she accidentally admits that she is a mermaid, which ruins the spell that keeps her from passing on to the next world. This is the moment when she must work to restore her life and find the sea witch who can help her. In order to find the sea witch and the lost souls, Mari must leave the sea to go on land.

Book 6

The mysterious stranger has come to town with a shady proposition. With the Raven King and Green Man on their side, they may have a chance. But without them, Avery will lose everything--including her life. In Book 6 of the White Haven Witches series, you'll get an epic adventure full of mystery and magic! Read Book 6 now to discover a new story about a town surrounded by witches!

This sixth and final book in the White Haven Witches series is as spellbinding as the previous books in the series. The characters are all incredibly well-developed, and a little romance blossoms between some of them. And as their lives are threatened, they rely on one another. If you love witchy mysteries, you'll love this series! Book 6 of White Haven Witches Kindle eBooks

Book 7

The Seventh book in the White Haven Witches series will leave readers breathless. In this book, a witch searches for her betrayer and must use her resources and skills to find her. The search will test the witches' strength and abilities, and it will tear apart any alliances that might be made. The witches must draw on their friends and allies in order to survive, but the road they choose to take is dark and twisted.

The author has written seven books in the series, spanning seven different settings. She has a knack for blending genres. Her main characters touch part of the plot, while her witch detective characters are a perfect blend of fantasy and mystery. This is a very enjoyable series, and she is sure to create a sequel. This is a must-read for fans of the modern witchcraft genre.

Book 8

Whether you enjoy dark fantasy, occult mysteries, or a combination of both, Book 8 of the White Haven Witches series will be sure to thrill you. The town of White Haven is steeped in witchcraft and the local residents have no idea that real witches are hiding in plain sight. But the mysterious town's dark history is just waiting to be explored in this spellbinding new installment.

The story continues in Book 8, "Miracle on the Sea" by Sarah Connolly. Mari and her friends try to help the man in a shipwreck, but Mari accidentally gives away her soul and loses it to a curse. This means that she will never be able to pass on to the next realm. Now she must seek the aid of the sea witch and venture on land to find the missing souls.

Book 9

The tenth and final book in the award-winning White Haven Witches series is set in a town where witches have long been suspected of crimes. They've retreated to the town's hidden covens, but now the town's history has turned dark. The town's witches are facing threats from unknown entities and the powerful Faversham family. But they're not alone; there are other witches in town as well, and their world is about to change forever.

The world of the witches is a frightening one, and the Witches of White Haven are no exception. As they investigate the mysterious specter of a vampire on the outskirts of town, they discover a mysterious, ancient magic family. But the storyline is dark, with deadly vampires, blood-drinking organisms, and emotional history to match. Thankfully, the author hasn't strayed from his original vision for this series.

Book 10

In the second book of the White Haven Witches series, Avery finds herself in a strange and dangerous situation. The witches of White Haven have long been known for their magic and the town has its fair share of secrets. But now, things are much more dangerous than ever, and they must protect their home from the powerful Faversham family and mysterious entities known as the Daughters of Llyr.

This historical fantasy takes place in 1687 in New England, and is a Newbery Medal-winning book. Younger readers will appreciate the storyline, where the Montrose family has fled to a country estate after the witch trials in Salem. They are faced with many dangers, and the Montroses must fight for their lives. To get an early access to the book, join Amazon Prime, and you can get the first chapter of Book 10 on Kindle.

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