Best Westerly Billionaire Series Kindle eBooks in 2022

The Westerly Billionaire Series Kindle eBooks by Ruth Cardello

If you enjoy reading sexy romance novels with a rich, powerful premise, you will love Ruth Cardello's dazzling Westerly Billionaire Series Kindle Books. Ruth Cardello's bestselling series is filled with sexy billionaires and the strong-willed women who tame them. Brett Westerly is the golden child of a wealthy family, but he hides in his office and avoids his reality: a broken family. Luckily for him, he has a good friend in his sister Alisha Coventry.

Ruth Cardello's dazzling romance

New York Times bestselling author Ruth Cardello has created another dazzling romance, Nicolette's Story. Set during a family wedding, Nicolette Westerly is the youngest of the clan, but she feels like an outsider and runs away from her family to a small town in Iowa. Then she meets the handsome and mysterious James Westerly, and their passion and desire for each other ignites.

The Westerly Billionaire Series is Ruth Cardello's most acclaimed series. Set in a wealthy family in small town New England, the books feature dazzling love stories between a billionaire and his or her heir. A rich family is a family with many secrets and Ruth Cardello uncovers the secrets of their scheming ways with her characters. The Westerly Billionaire Series is the perfect blend of realism and escapism.

In her native northern Rhode Island, Ruth Cardello was the youngest of eleven children. She spent her early adulthood far from her large extended family, living in New York, Paris, and Orlando. After losing her teaching job, Ruth decided to turn her passion for writing into a full-time career. Ruth's husband and brother have been supportive throughout her writing career. In her free time, Ruth enjoys chasing after her young daughter, riding horses, and interacting with her fans online.

In Ruth Cardello's second novel in her popular Westerly Billionaire Series, a Boston billionaire finds his love for his granddaughter. The attraction between the two women is undeniable. Both characters will leave you wanting more. They'll become best friends and fall in love. The Westerly Billionaire Series is a must-read for any romance fan!

Alisha Coventry's relationship with Spencer

Despite the secrets that haunt their family, Alisha Coventry's relationship to Spencer Westerly is a passionate one. Although Spencer has been able to build a successful tech company without his father's money, he doesn't want to return to his old ways. Luckily, his grandmother has found the perfect lure to tempt Spencer back into the family fold: her daughter.

Before she met Spencer, Alisha Coventry had considered him her family. Now she is Spencer's fake fiancee, and he has a sexy brother, Brett. Brett is determined to take Alisha. Alisha is fascinated by the sexy older brother and wants him to be his fiancee. While Spencer and Rachelle have no plans to marry, Alisha and Spencer's families are now forced to deal with their strained relationship.

Spencer's inheritance

Spencer Westerly has a successful tech company that he built without his father's money. His grandmother is determined to bring him back into the family business and she has discovered the perfect lure to tempt Spencer back into the fold. But can she get her way? The secrets that have plagued him for so long are about to unravel, and his heart hasn't yet accepted her.

Alisha's grandmother appeared at the door, but Spencer didn't acknowledge her. Spencer acted like a petulant child at times, and Alisha was no exception. But, she wasn't as tough as she thought, and Brett had to intervene to keep her from causing trouble. He had been meant to be at the library before the younger siblings arrived, but he was too busy on a business call to wait for them. As Alisha walked into the house, she shook her head with sadness.

As Alisha was surprised to find herself surrounded by members of the Westerly family, she was tempted to give up on Spencer. But after all, he had been close to half of the Westerly clan for so long, she would have been willing to help him. It was only when she realized that she was betraying one half of the family that she finally decided to take a chance. And as she began to fall for Alisha, secrets began to come out of the woodwork.

Alisha's relationship with Alisha's brother

The third installment in the Westerly Billionaire Series follows the lives of two brothers, Brett and Spenser. Brett is following in his father's footsteps, but had little outside of work. When he meets Alisha, he accepts her proposal and gets involved. However, his relationship with Alisha causes many complications for him.

Spencer is in need of a bride, and he asks Alisha to marry him. Alisha falls hard for Brett, but she cannot break her engagement to Spencer. The Westerly Billionaire series follows the life of Spencer, Brett, and Alisha. A romance between Alisha and Brett is the plot of the first book in the series.

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