Best Westcott Kindle eBooks in 2022

Someone to Hold by Mary Balogh

The first book in the Westcott series, Someone to love, introduces a diverse cast of characters who are believable and well-developed. The unlikely hero, Avery, is a sophisticated young man who looks past the upbringing of Anna and recognizes her good qualities. She carries herself with grace and is patient with people who misunderstand her. This book is a perfect start to the series. If you're looking for a swoon-worthy romance, look no further.

Someone to Love

The first book in the Westcott series, Someone to Love features the main character, Anna Snow, as a young girl growing up in an orphanage. She has no idea who her parents are, so she does not know anything about them. However, when the Earl of Riverdale dies, she learns the truth about her past. He was a bigamist, and his second wife had children.

Unlike other earls, Harry Westcott is not related to the family he was born into. While his father was an earl, his mother never married. As a result, he never received the title of earl. After the marriage was found to be unofficial, he went abroad to fight in the Napoleonic Wars. Now, he is back in his hometown, but he feels like he's missing something. He wants to be passionate, like his family.

Kindle eBooks: Westcott Kindle eBooks: Someone to Hold by Mary Balogh is a charming Regency romance that will hook you from the first page. Camille's charm is apparent as she begins to fall in love with the hero. This e-book also features the long-awaited hero who resurfaces from the depths of her past. Until she meets this man, she will continue to dream of a better life for herself.

Another bestselling novel by Mary Balogh, "Someone to Love" reveals how a new love can bring a family together. It's a story about a dashing man who comes back to haunt his former home. Those who have been a part of this story will understand that the adversity can be very rewarding. So, while you're reading Someone to Love, try to get the best version of it today.

Some people are not born perfect. It is hard for a person to find true love without a partner. This is where Anna comes in. She is damaged and sexy in her own way, but she is determined to make her life as fulfilling as possible. When her father's bigamy was discovered, Harry lost his title as Earl of Riverdale and was shipped off to fight in the Napoleonic Wars. The man who had once been her best friend and confidante soon finds himself in the same position as Wren.

The novel starts with the titular character meeting a young woman who has to enter a new marriage. She is incredibly grateful to meet Colin Handrich, the charming, and wealthy Lord Hodges. Together, they walk home from church on Christmas Eve and engage in a snowball fight in the afternoon. After a spirited snowball battle, they share an unexpected kiss when a sled crashes into them. Even though the two are nine years apart, their connection is so strong that it will make the readers fall in love with both of them.

Someone to Hold

If you've read Mary Balogh's previous novel, Someone to Love, you know that the story is centered around an earl's family and the consequences of discovering he's been living a double life. In the previous book, Camille was a high-stickler, and she settled for nothing less than perfection. However, now that she's grown up, Camille considers herself to be a flawed woman, and she expects perfection when it is no longer possible. This second book, Someone to Hold, looks at the aftermath of the earl's ill-tempered behavior and the ways in which his family and his daughter, Anna, will rebuild their lives after the shocking revelation.

The premise of the book is that a single man can change a family in a heartbeat. But in the case of Camille and Anna, love can't be forced, and the author makes sure that her characters grow as a result. This is one of the main reasons I think Westcott's books never really seem to end. This series is well worth reading. I have already purchased the first two books in the series.

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