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In 2008, the novelist Irvine Welsh released the sequel to his previous novel, Filth, titled Crime. Crime takes place in the early 1980s, and the story revolves around two sisters who go on the run. However, the story has an interesting twist in its ending and is one worth reading. For more information about Welsh Crime, read this article. Moreover, it features a new character: Yr Amgueddfa.

Y Golau

Y Golau, Welsh Crime, has been commissioned by S4C for six parts. It is produced by the same team as the critically acclaimed Keeping Faith. While it is filmed in Welsh, the English version will be broadcast on C4 later this year. Starring Joanna Scanlan and Iwan Rheon, Y Golau tells the story of the mysterious murder of a teenage girl.

Y Golau was created by Regina Moriarty, and directed by Andy Newbery and Chris Forster. Filming was done in Welsh and English, and the series is co-produced by S4C, independent producers Duchess Street Productions, APC Studios, and Triongl. It was also supported by the Welsh Government's Creative Wales scheme. The cast of Y Golau are described below:

Y Golau, Welsh Crime has a strong cast, and it's similar in pace to its predecessors, Y Gwyll and Craith. Although the Welsh language is not a strong point of the series, its rural setting and small-town setting make it more realistic. The actors portray gloomy figures and a haunted convict, so the audience can relate to the characters.

Scanlan is the only Welsh actor on the A-list, which elevates the drama. His role as the hero of the story is somewhat clichéd, and Scanlan is forced to make up for it with a strong performance. However, Scanlan's performance elevates Y Golau despite its shortcomings. However, the show's opening sequence is clunky, and trimmed with thumping metaphors.

Yr Amgueddfa

Nia Roberts stars in a new drama series for S4C, Yr Amgueddfa. The central storyline of the show has a similar feel to the popular Bregus, but the plot isn't as cliched as the latter's. Despite its similarities, Yr Amgueddfa stands out from the crowd.

The first episode of Yr Amgueddfa is a six-part art crime thriller that was shot on location in December 2020 during a lockdown at the National Museum of Wales. The drama features the entrance hall of a museum, as well as other locations including the galleries and works of art. Nia Roberts and Paul Jones lent their voices to the drama, which features a cast of talented actors.

Another excellent episode of the series follows the sleuth-hunting career of Dela, a museum curator. Dela is on secondment from the National Museum Cardiff to run a museum in a small rural town. She lives in an old rambling house with her partner Caleb. Fortunately, she's not the only one who's bitten by the crime, and she and her partner are able to come up with a brilliant plan to get her revenge.

Yr Amgueddfa is an interesting crime drama based on the Welsh version of the same name. The series is a collaboration of Fflur Dafydd and producer Paul Jones. Yr Amgueddfa has a strong cast, a compelling mystery, colourful characters, and well-written subplots. While not as high-octane as its predecessor, it is just as absorbing.

Anglesey Murders

The series follows the adventures of DI Alan Williams as he investigates crimes on the Isle of Anglesey, where gang wars are rampant. His investigation leads him to the Russian mafia and a deserted trawler near the crime scene. But there's more to the story than just this murder. The angle-shaped island has a complex and intriguing history, and this novel follows the lives of all involved.

The latest angle-shaped island is the scene of a shocking murder. A reader of the Daily Post alerted the newsdesk in Llandudno Junction to a possible death, so they travelled to Lon Pant, near Llanfairpwll, to get the latest scoop. A policeman guarding the gate told reporters the woman's body had been found. A senior detective also emerged from the house. Police chief Superintendent Keith Humphreys gave only limited details of what had happened, appealing to anyone who saw anything suspicious.

Sion Ifan

The last episode of Sion Ifan, Welsh crime drama is dark and dramatic, setting much of the episode at night. During house searches, DCI Cadi John orders everyone to turn off the lights, and even those who have them on have dim bulbs. In the final episode, Sion drags her little brother Glyn towards a derelict hospital. The DCI rushes to the scene with his torch, filled with compassion for Sion, who was Siwan's caretaker.

The series also features Sian Reese-Williams, who returns to her role as Cadi John. Sion Alun Davies also makes a welcome return in the role of DS Owen Vaughan. In addition to this role, Sion Ifan, who previously appeared in S4C dramas such as Enid a Lucy, Cara Fi, and Reit Tu Ol i Ti, joins the cast as Sion Thomas, a criminal who is investigating the murder of a man.

Cadi Evans, a police officer in North Wales, is a devout Christian. He is a true professional. He was a conscientious and ethical person, and a true Christian. His death has shocked his colleagues and left his family grieving. The North Wales Police have said the death was not suspicious, but have referred the case to the Health and Safety Executive. In the meantime, his family is mourning the loss of their dearest friend.

In addition to starring in the critically acclaimed series, Hidden returns to BBC One Wales. The first two seasons of the show were great, but the third season shifts the focus from crime to the personal and emotional aspects of the lead character Cadi John. This change in tone makes the show a must-watch for fans of Welsh television. With this shift in focus, Hidden becomes more personal and emotional, focusing on the emotional side of its lead character.


Sion Ifan plays the role of Sion Thomas in the crime drama Glyn. He is the caretaker of Glyn, a young boy with Down's syndrome, since his mother's death. He has had many experiences dealing with various agencies and is increasingly irritated with the process. Sion struggles with his anger, but Cadi takes an interest in him. The first season of Glyn aired in 2011.

This history of crime in Wales is rich in detail, and it reveals the complex relationship between the authority and the community. It tells a fascinating story of the evolution of the relationship between law enforcement and the community over the last thousand years. In the course of this history, Richard Ireland has examined the development of criminal justice in mid-Wales. His research has appeared in many popular media, including the BBC and PBS.

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