Best Warrior Druid of Britain Kindle eBooks in 2022

Warrior Druid of Britain Kindle eBooks

If you're looking for a great new series, Warrior Druid of Britain is the book for you. Author Steven A. McKay consistently delivers a powerful tale and creates unforgettable characters and villains. In The Druid, you'll discover a world filled with mystery, intrigue, and page-turning adventure. Read it today to learn more about this series and how to get your own copy.

Song of the Centurion

The Warrior Druid of Britain series includes The Druid, Song of the Centurion, and The northern throne. Each book vividly recreates the world of post-Roman Britain. If you love books like Simon Scarrow's The Druid or Bernard Cornwell's The Northern Throne, you'll love Song of the Centurion for warriordruid of Britain Kindle eBooks.

The sequel to The Druid, Song of the Centurion explores folklore, superstition, and the power of song. Readers will learn about a wondrous white stag, his mysterious past, and the ancient magic of the Celts. The story is gripping and involves an excellent sense of place and time. You will feel immersed in the world of the characters, and you will want to finish the series as soon as possible.

The Warrior Druid of Britain Chronicles are full of battles and intrigue. They will have you turning pages at the turn of every page. The author has an innate ability to make readers feel as if they are living the story. The author knows exactly what makes a good historical novel, and this one is no exception. You'll be hooked on this series from the first page!

The Northern Throne

The Druid series, by Steven A. McKay, is a thrilling series that will captivate readers. The first book, The Druid, followed the story of a rescue mission in Anglo-Saxon England. The second book, The Northern Throne, continues the adventure as Bellicus and Duro save the city of Alt Clota. But their mission turns personal as they have to deal with a dangerous and paranoid king.

The first two books in the series are available as standalone books, and Book 3 is available as a Kindle Unlimited omnibus. Book four is due out in summer 2021. For those who aren't yet familiar with the series, this is a must read! It will transport you to post-Roman Britain, where the Saxons are trying to shape the land to suit their own purposes.

The story also follows the son of a king and his quest to reclaim the north. Uhtred's father, Uther Pendragon, is dying, and the Britons are being surrounded on all sides. Lancelot is an unlikely hero, but he manages to find a way to be the hero they need. The worldbuilding is believable, and Kristian's talent for creating battle scenes is apparent.

Druid Bellicus

If you love fantasy novels, you will definitely enjoy the series of Warrior druids, Bellicus and Duro, available for Kindle. This new series of bestselling fantasy novels is sure to satisfy fans of historical fiction and fantasy novels. This book is set in the year 750, when Saxon hordes have invaded England and set up a base along the east coast, threatening to commit genocide against the natives. The hordes are on the march, and Bellicus and his mighty warrior druid, Duro, must stop them.

This book is full of action. The climax is the rescue of a princess by an ancient Druid and his quest to save her. The book begins at Stonehenge, an ancient site where strange rituals and the spirits of long-dead victims are performed. The action is exciting and the storyline is a page-turning adventure.

In this historical fiction novel, Bellicus is a mighty druid with legendary powers. His skills with a longsword and two war-dogs are unmatched. The plot takes him through lands still struggling to deal with the Roman legions, and he encounters a princess and her brutal captors. However, Bellicus might not be able to save her, and his mighty skills may not be enough to prevent the terrible fate of King Hengist.


"Catia, Warrior Druid of Britain" is the first book in a new series about the culture and folklore of post-Roman Britain. War and blood-sacrifice were part of daily life, and the Saxon invaders wanted to change the country for their own ends. Meanwhile, the new Christian religion sought to change the course of history.

The threat of Hengist

The threat of Hengist is one of the most intriguing elements of The Druid of Britain, the second book in Steven A. McKay's post-Roman dark-age series. Fans of Simon Scarrow, Bernard Cornwell, and Conn Iggulden will love this novel. McKay's writing style is evocative of the turbulent times of the ancient Celtic peoples and the invading folk.

In the Warrior Druid of Britain, McKay has developed his characters and the storyline. He has developed the character of Bellicus, a former Roman Centurion. Bellicus and Duro are both well-developed, with shades of Simon Scarrow and Macro. The plot of this novel is very intriguing, and you'll want to find out how it will end.

The Bear of Britain combines intrigue and battles with political in-fighting. Arthur is aided by Merlin and Bellicus, two druids who know how to influence the human mind. This is an epic historical novel, and will show the ins and outs of 6th century warfare. The story is also an exciting study of the forming and leading of an army.


Carys, a young druid acolyte, rebels against the High Priest's order to stay hidden in a safe enclave and escapes to help the oppressed. However, she soon finds herself captured by a dangerous battle-scarred centurion named Maximus, who is charged by the emperor with eliminating the Druids in Britain. Maximus, unaware of Carys' true heritage, reluctantly frees him.

The Saxons

The Saxons are coming to BRITAIN! As a warrior druid of the Saxons, Bellicus has made the journey south to join King Arthur's army of Britons. It is a fantastic fantasy adventure that takes place in ancient Stonehenge, a site filled with strange rituals and the spirits of long-dead victims. This fantasy is sure to keep you guessing until the very end!

The Saxons have invaded England, and Bellicus, a mighty warrior druid, is on the run. He has to fight off Saxon hordes, as well as save the young princess Catia from being kidnapped by Saxon raiders. As he tries to protect the princess and restore peace to his people, he must learn to deal with treachery and to survive in the Saxon world.

The Druid is a richly imagined novel, which is also gripping and confident. The protagonist is strong, confident, and big, but his character is also realistic. Dawson avoids using typical off-the-shelf characters, which makes this novel a must-read for history buffs. While it's true that the series is a bit long, the reader will be rewarded with a thrilling read and a memorable story.

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