Best Vittorio Sgarbi Museums & Collections in 2022

The Secret Rooms of Vittorio Sgarbi

The enigmatic world of collecting is unveiled in this project by Sgarbi, a well-known art historian and media hog. He has used the hidden treasure of Naples, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore alla Pietrasanta, as a canvas for the project. The Basilica is the home of an important art museum. Among its collections, Sgarbi's collection of art includes the world's most famous paintings.

Art historian

Art collector Vittorio Sgarbi has a great reputation, and his passion for collecting is well documented. Recently, his art collection was showcased in the ancient town of Osimo on the Adriatic Sea in an exhibition titled "The Secret Rooms of Vittorio Sgarbi." The exhibit included works by artists from the 16th to 18th centuries. Tens of thousands of people came to see his collection.

The project is a rich source of information for art lovers. The project reveals the inscrutable world of collecting and demonstrates the vast Italian artistic heritage. The museum is housed in a church that was once a secret and is now a museum. Taking this idea further, Sgarbi shows the vast beauty of the art collections of the past and present, using an enigmatic, multifaceted man as his platform.

Sgarbi's art collection was so extensive that it toured Spain and Mexico City. The Nacional Museum of San Carlos in Mexico City has considered the collection a reference to the best knowledge of universal art. This exhibition, however, was criticized by the chief art critic of The Australian. The scathing review is part of a wider discourse surrounding the museum's history.

As a member of the Italian Parliament, Vittorio Sgarbi has a distinguished background in art and politics. A graduate of the Classical Lyceum "Ludovico Ariosto" in Ferrara, he went on to study philosophy at the University of Bologna, where he specialized in the history of art. His younger sister Elisabetta Sgarbi is also an art historian.

Throughout the years, the Vittorio Sgarbi Museums and Collections has expanded to include collections of Carlo Belli, Luciano Baldessari, 1930 rationalist architecture, visual poetry, and books. In addition to the museum's collection, Vittorio Sgarbi Museums & Collections has expanded its education department to reach a wider audience.

The "Museum of Madness" features works by Goya and Maradona. It's a fantastic way to discover the art of Vittorio Sgarbi and his contemporaries. A visit to the Vittorio Sgarbi Museums & Collections is highly recommended. There are plenty of free events at the museum, and admission is free.

The exhibition also features works by Italian artists like Mattia Preti, Luca Giordano, Francesco Solimena, and Gemito. Other artists in the museum include the Venetian artist Tiziano and the Lombard artist Bernardino Luini. The exhibition also features the works of the legendary Caravaggio. The artist's work is an outstanding example of a trustee's work.

Political brawler

It is no secret that the city of Salemi has been devastated by an earthquake in 1968, leaving it in a slumber for decades. In the midst of this devastation, art historian Vittorio Sgarbi is doing everything possible to bring this town back to life. The mayor, a political brawler, television maniac, and media hog, was elected last year and has been whipping up ideas and putting Salemi on the map ever since.

His decision to sell off abandoned houses has been a public relations coup. In exchange for purchasing the property, the buyer must agree to restore the properties and turn them into a museum. But the city of Palermo is receiving calls and e-mails from eager buyers. Officials say that the first sales will go to prominent citizens, including Italian rocker Gabriel and the owner of Palermo's soccer team. On the other hand, Sgarbi recently visited the municipal museum to talk about his plans for expansion. He was highly critical of the museum's use of metal frames.

Media hog

The city of Salemi was struck by an earthquake in 1968 and left in a slumber for decades. Sgarbi, a renowned art historian, political brawler, media madman, and media hog, came out of this slumber in a different way. Last year, he was elected mayor, whipping up ideas to put the town on the map.

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