Best Violet Darger FBI Thriller Kindle eBooks in 2022

Violet Darger FBI Thriller Kindle eBooks

If you love to read tense and exciting crime fiction, Violet Darger is the perfect book series to get you hooked. This private investigator, also known as VD, is on the trail of a notorious hit man. While the hit man's job is to kill people for money, his personal life is complicated, and he has many secrets. Darger has many questions and wants to find out the truth about this elusive man. Read the series now!

Dead End Girl

If you're looking for a thrilling FBI Thriller for your Kindle, you'll love the Violet Darger series! These series of novels are written by Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus, who hails from Michigan. Dead End Girl is the first book in the series, and it's packed with heart-pounding suspense! It's similar to the Jeffrey Deaver, Lisa Gardner, and Karin Slaughter series, and a bit like The Silence of the Lambs.

The first novel in the series, Dead End Girl, is available in eBook, audiobook, and paperback. This book is also free for Kindle Unlimited. In this book, Special Agent Violet Darger tries to unravel the savagery that's taking place in rural Michigan. The victim had it all: a small business, a family, and even a youth hockey coach. It seemed like the perfect life.

While Violet is an expert profiler, she's also a human being, and she makes mistakes. Her keen sense of smell and ability to analyze situations result in her making the wrong decisions and saying the wrong things. It's no wonder that her job is a tough one. You'll never know who can be trusted and who won't. The Violet Darger series is a great way to find the perfect Thriller for your Kindle.

Fans of Karin Slaughter, John Sandford, and Lisa Gardner will enjoy the Violet Darger FBI Thriller series. These books will give readers a thrill of mystery and suspense, and keep them glued to the pages! There's something for everyone in this series, and it won't disappoint. It's a must-read for any fan of thrillers.

"Night on Fire" marks Violet Darger's return to the FBI, as well as her return to her darkest fear. This page-turner is sure to make you want to read the next one right away! Currently available as an eBook, paperback, and audiobook, Night on Fire is an exceptional addition to your Kindle collection. Kindle Unlimited members can read Night on Fire for free!

Book 2.5 in the series is now available for free in the Kindle Unlimited program. Book 2.5 is the penultimate installment in the series. Book 2.6 in the series is also free to read in the Kindle Unlimited program. Unlike previous books, this eBook is now available in a paperback and audiobook format. You can download it for free with the Kindle Unlimited program. You can get your hands on this FBI Thriller on Kindle Unlimited today!

L.T. Vargus

L.T. Vargus has given the FBI series its most acclaimed heroine with his latest book, Night on Fire. Violet Darger is a newly minted special agent who works with the FBI's Victim's Unit. While the world of organized crime is a brutal place, her relationship with her partner Victor Loshak is more like that of a big brother and small sister. And while she may have her share of demons, Violet still remains the same person at heart. Despite the difficulties she faces, Violet is always true to herself and is the protagonist of every novel.

If you love crime fiction, you'll love L.T. Vargus' Violet Darger FBI Thrillers Kindle eBooks. Whether you're looking for a fast-paced thriller, a thrilling mystery, or something a little more literary, there's something for you. Vargus and Tim McBain have written several series and a number of standalone novels. The Scattered and Dead, Violet Darger, and Awake in the Dark are all very good reads.

The first book in the Violet Darger FBI Thriller series, Dead End Girl, is an excellent read that is filled with suspense and action. This series has many similarities to the Tim McBain, Lisa Gardner, and Karin Slaughter series. Dead End Girl is an excellent example of a fast-paced thriller. It's an excellent addition to any thriller library.

Night on Fire is the second book in the series. It marks the return of Violet Darger to the FBI and to her deepest fears. She's not one to take anything lying down. She's pursuing a serial arsonist in the rural Midwest. And while she builds a relationship with local law enforcement, she begins to wonder if the killer is closer than she thinks.

Image in a Cracked Mirror is the second book in the Violet Darger FBI Thriller Kindle series. This thriller is about a family massacre, and it details shattered mirrors and unusual killings. It is a thrilling read and will have readers pacing their pages until the very end. It's a series that will leave you begging for more.

The third book in the series, Five Days Post Mortem, is also an FBI Thriller. Violet Darger, a profiler, heads to rural Oregon to search for a serial killer. The case is her third in the region, and she discovers secrets in the woods. There is a third case nearby, and this one marks the third girl in the water. The other victims all had superficial stab wounds and Darger believes that the serial killer is still at large. Five Days Post Mortem is available in eBook, paperback, and audiobook formats. Also, Kindle Unlimited subscribers can enjoy it for free.

Tim McBain

In the latest installment of the Violet Darger FBI Thriller series, an elusive serial killer stalks his victims in grocery store parking lots and is eluding authorities. Darger is tasked with solving the crime and navigating an incompetent administration, a volatile campus, and a dangerous killer. She is forced to go deep into the mind of the murderer in order to catch him.

The FBI agent Violet Darger is searching for her big assignment. But when she stumbles upon a dismembered corpse in a grease dumpster in rural Michigan, she is shocked and determined to solve the crime. The case quickly turns deadly, and the investigation is underway to uncover the killer. Violet Darger's relentless pursuit of the killer will leave her breathless and determined to solve the case.

Dead End Girl, the first novel in the Violet Darger series, is a heart-pounding mystery. The series is similar to the Jeffrey Deaver, Lisa Gardner, and John Sandford series. And if you haven't read Dead End Girl, you're missing a lot of suspense! The plot is fast-paced and full of secrets. Despite its high level of violence, readers will still be intrigued by the series.

The Violet Darger FBI Thriller series is a co-written series with L.T. Vargus. This duo has written more than 20 books. They have co-authored three series. In this series, they tackle a case involving a corrupt government agency, which leads to a deadly fallout. The Scattered and the Dead and Beyond Good & Evil are also co-written by Tim McBain.

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