Best Vespasian Kindle eBooks in 2022

Vespasian Kindle eBooks

When you're sixteen, you're leaving the farm to go to Rome. You plan to get a patron and join the army. But what you don't expect is to find a city in turmoil and an Empire on the brink of collapse. Vespasian has a lot of things on his mind. From finding a patron to leading an army, these Kindle eBooks will help you learn more about this legendary character.

Rome's Executioner

If you haven't read the Executioner books, it's time to get started! There are four complete books in this series, each over 464 pages long. The series is set in ancient Rome and was complemented by the release of Super Bolan every other month, which were longer than a standard Executioner novel. This series is highly recommended, and fans of historical fiction will not be disappointed.

In this historical thriller, author Catherine Nixey takes on a myth that has long been a staple of the history books. The Darkening Age is a controversial thesis, but the author is well-versed in Roman history. Several popular bestselling authors have written about this period, and Nixey's book is no exception. It has received great reviews, and it's one of the most popular Kindle eBooks about ancient Rome.

The plot is a bit stretched, and there are some moments where the story feels rushed. The character development is thin, and there are too few details. The story is heavy with fighting and little else. Moreover, the story takes an alternate perspective on early Christian history. If you're a fan of historical fiction, you'll be pleased to know that the first two installments in the series are both excellent and highly rated.

The series has been a hit with readers since its launch. The second novel, The Executioner, is no exception. It is an action-packed historical novel set during the last days of the Roman Republic. It follows several important figures from that time, from Gaius Marius to Lucius Cornelius Sulla. The storyline revolves around their relationship. This is a fascinating book to read, and will have you hooked on the series.

The Eagle's Prophecy

If you've read the previous novels in The Vespasian Chronicles, you'll recognize many of the characters. Among these characters are Macro and Cato. They are the main characters in this sixth novel. They both live in the city of Vespasian and serve as a source of inspiration and strength for the story. This is the sixth book in the series, and will make an excellent choice for lovers of history.

Rome's False God of Rome

The first book in the Vespasian series was published in May 2012. It was followed by The False God of Rome on 1st January 2013. Vespasian has just started on book four, which has the working title of Rome's Fallen Eagle. He intends to write seven books, but will also write short stories starring Magnus, Vespasian's best friend. Vespasian's False God of Rome is available in Kindle format.

In the end, Vespasian finds himself in an even greater dilemma than before. His quest to retrieve Alexander's ring is not only complicated but also deadly. The ring was buried in Egypt and he must bring it back to Rome. The journey, however, will be fraught with violence, mayhem, theft, and betrayal. But how will he accomplish his mission?

Vespasian is a military officer on the edge of the Roman Empire, suppressing local troubles and defending the Roman way of life. However, when Tiberius becomes Emperor, Vespasian returns to his home city. There, he sees his beloved Rome turn into a nightmare. Vespasian is forced to watch as the shining star of Rome, Caligula, degrades into a blood-crazed madman who plots to destroy the city and bury its heir.

Vespasian's false god of Rome was a brigand who had never served summary justice. As a tribune, he was the lowest officer rank among the military. Vespasian and Sabinus had never been friendly in Pannonia, and they kept their dealings frosty in public. Vespasian soon learned to avoid Sabinus, and became extremely suspicious of him.

Day of the Caesars

In the first two books, Julii Caesares traced his lineage to the goddess Venus. The family was not conservative, snobbish, or rich. In the third book, the lineage is revealed to Cato and his wife, Domitia. Despite their differences, the two are essentially the same, and they share the same love of Rome. Nevertheless, Julii Caesares is not the same man as the other members of the family.

Caligula's plan to bridge Neapolis's bay in Alexander's breastplate

The construction of the bridge began in 39 AD, and the Roman emperor hoped to ride his carriage across it in style. However, many believe Caligula was simply mad. The bridge, which spans three miles, was constructed using a series of pontoons that were salvaged from the area. Sand was poured over the pontoons to stabilize them.

Vespasian, a military officer on the outskirts of the Roman Empire, suppressed local troubles and defended the Roman way. When Tiberius became Emperor, he returned to Rome, hoping that the situation would improve in the capital. Vespasian watched Caligula's deterioration from the brilliant leader of Rome to a blood-crazed madman. His endless games, obsession with his sister Drusilla, and plans to bridge Neapolis's bay scare the senate. The Roman army fought back, but they were unable to reach the emperor.

The surviving sources describe Caligula as mad, except for Pliny the Elder, who describes him as "sane" and "crazed". Many historians attribute his behavior to an illness that caused him to become insane. One theory suggests that Caligula suffered from hyperthyroidism, which could explain his uncontrolled behavior and "stare".

The emperor's father had been a general and had many enemies. His uncle Germanicus was also a common Roman general, but Tiberius's son, Gaius, acquired the nickname "Caligula" from soldiers. Tiberius's son became the emperor of Rome and had many followers, but he was largely overshadowed by his alleged madness.

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