Best United States Historical Biographies in 2022

United States Historical Biographies

If you're looking for United States Historical Biographies, you can find some great choices on the shelves of your local library. From Sarah Vowell's humorous take on history to the Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of George Washington, you can find a good book for any occasion. Below, I have listed five titles worth reading. The books I've chosen are listed in no particular order. I highly recommend reading at least one of these works.

Coe's biography explores lesser-known aspects of Washington's life

This short, comprehensive biography traces Washington's life from birth to death and includes details about many of the major events. Although Washington is a widely known figure, Coe explores some lesser-known aspects of his life. In particular, his time as a spy, where he ran a successful operation during the Revolutionary War, is largely overlooked. Though the book has been highly praised, some critics have called it irreverent.

As a former slave and former secretary of state, William McKinley had conflicting relationships with the president. Coe's biography explores these relationships, which led to tensions and mistrust. Coe also delves into Washington's political life, including his struggle to accept the presidency and the challenges he faced as a young man. A fascinating look into Washington's life and character can be found in "Presidents Are People Too!"

Although Coe's biography has a strong focus on the history of the first president of the United States, readers will want to know more about the man himself, not just the history of the Revolutionary Era. Many Washington biographies have been written, but few have explored the less-known aspects of the man's life. It's not uncommon for people to worry that a book about Washington will be cancelled, but Coe's compelling book offers a more complete picture of the man.

The first book to address the role of slavery in Washington's life, "Mount Vernon," Coe was the first biographer to use this term. The term has gained popularity in recent years. Despite the fact that Washington lived in a time where slavery was illegal, the President was often pressured to free the slaves. In response, Washington said that he did not have the money to do so.

Another book that explores less-known aspects of Washington's life is a fascinating study of his relationship with his wife, Edith Rockefeller McCormick. She was the daughter of an oil magnate who was left to fend for herself. Washington was entitled to be president, but he had numerous defeats in war and his cabinet was riddled with partisan nightmares.

Morris' Pulitzer Prize-winning biography

While the title may sound like a classic, the book is anything but. Morris spends less time describing the man's life than he does on dinner with distinguished historians. Instead, his book focuses on the Reagan campaign for President, Governor, and even 1980. It is, however, an admirable book. Despite the praise, the book is not for everyone. In fact, it may not be for anyone who wants to learn about the man.

Since Morris' biography of Theodore Roosevelt won the Pulitzer Prize, it has also been adapted into a movie. His wife, Selwa Roosevelt, has written a biography of Edith Roosevelt and is working on a biography of Clare Boothe Luce. Her husband, the grandson of Theodore Roosevelt, has forwarded the book to the White House, where President Reagan is a fan.

During the Kennedy administration, Morris' biographers met the Reagans to discuss his biography. The Reagans, meanwhile, invited historians to dinner, including Morris. They even organized a dinner at the presidential residence for Morris and Deaver. Although Morris will not be performing any official duties, he has said that writing an ordinary biography would be too boring. Morris' Pulitzer Prize-winning biography is the best book about the American president.

The book will be delivered in early 1991, and the author met with the president during the president's visit to the White House in 1981. He gave the book the green light in mid-October. After reading it, Reagan even showed Morris a volume of his diary, the first time the former president has read an autobiography. Morris' non-fiction style and use of the present tense is masterful.

Michener's North Pole story

Arthur Michener was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and was raised in the Quaker faith. He joined the Navy in 1943 and was sent to the South Pacific, where he became a naval historian. In the South Pacific, Michener wrote early fiction, and after he returned home, he penned Tales of the South Pacific, which was published in 1947. He later adapted the book into a Broadway musical and won a Pulitzer Prize. He also turned the book into a film adaptation, South Pacific, in 1958.

The success of Michener's books has made Michener a popular author. His books, like "James Michener's North Pole" and "The Longest Day," have sold more than 75 million copies worldwide. Michener was also a philanthropist, donating more than $100 million to charities. This makes Michener's story of survival a difficult story to tell - but one that can be shared by many.

Despite his difficulties, Michener was able to overcome his challenges, overcoming adversity and enduring the elements. His lifelong interest in travel began when he hitchhiked through 45 states in search of a better life. He attended high school in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and was active in sports. He earned a scholarship to Swarthmore College, graduating in 1929. While teaching at the Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Michener also traveled throughout Europe.

This novel is a perfect example of what a United States historical biographer can do with this kind of material. In addition to telling the story of an adventure, this book also provides a fascinating view of America. After the Civil War, the United States was becoming a leader in technological advancement and scientific advancement, and the US Navy had the means to do so. It became a national aspiration and a landmark, and Michener's efforts made the US proud.

As a renowned author, Michener was able to travel widely. He visited the majority of countries in the world and spent enough time in each to learn the customs and history. Throughout his life, he wrote many books on his native country. In the late eighties, he turned his interest to the United States. The author of this book had his own PBS series, The World of James A. Michener, which explores the areas where his novels were set.

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