Best True Crime True Accounts of Organised Crime in 2022

True Accounts of Organised Crime

Some of the most engrossing true crime books are about real crimes. For example, "The Devil in the White City" by Erik Larsen or "The Lazarus Files" by Matthew McGough are fascinating tales of crime and corruption. David Stout's "The Kidnap Years" is an incredible book about the history of organised crime in Italy. And of course, the bestselling True Crime series by Michael Crichton is a good one, too.

The Lazarus Files by Matthew McGough

The Lazarus Files by Matthew McGrough is a compelling true crime account of the murder of Sherri Rasmussen in 1986. The case went unsolved until 2009, when DNA evidence from a bite mark on Rasmussen's arm led to the arrest of Stephanie Lazarus, an LAPD detective and the former girlfriend of Rasmussen's husband. In order to solve the crime, Michael McGough interviewed retired police detectives, crime lab analysts, and even Lazarus's friends.

The story starts with a murder case that involves a gang of criminals in Los Angeles. In a bizarre twist, the murderer is not John Ruetten. He is married to Sherri Rasmussen, who was actually an LA police officer. In the first book of the series, the murder was a cover-up. In the second book, McGough follows Lazarus's trial and the investigation into her murder.

The Lazarus Files by Matthew McGugh is a gripping true crime account of an infamous bank robbery that took place forty years ago. The murders were so brutal that there were very few viable clues to follow. The case remained unsolved for decades. However, one detective's revelation helped authorities crack the case and narrate the story of the killer. He is currently in jail on other charges and the investigation is underway.

The Devil in the White City by Erik Larsen

The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson is one of the best novels of the decade. It is a gripping tale about the eerie city of New York. Erik Larson has a great way of drawing us into his world, and he manages to make this tale a page-turner. Read on to discover more. We've compiled a list of the book's most memorable quotes, as well as the reasons why it's such a good read.

While reading The Devil in the White City, we can't help but think about the World's Fair of 1893 in Chicago. Despite the fact that it's a fiction, Larson does a great job of creating a vivid world through his writing. He has a gift for surprising language, and an admirable impulse to show. This book whips from character to character, building momentum along the way. The author manages to strike a balance between genius and squalor of the modern city.

The Kidnap Years by David Stout

This book by Edgar Award-winning journalist David Stout explores the history of kidnappings during the Great Depression. Some of the stories are famous, and others are largely unknown. The book describes a sweeping era of abductions, which saw desperate people turn to increasingly dangerous means. Kidnappings quickly became a lucrative source of income for small time criminals and organised crime gangs.

Although many of the crimes portrayed in Stout's work are not widely known, his personal experiences and insights into the lives of those who were victimised are fascinating. Although the author is a journalist, he's also a writer, and has penned other novels. The Devil in the White City is based on a true story about the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. Another novel, Tombstone, details a wild west shootout. Stout's latest book, The Kidnap Years, is an account of an outbreak of kidnappings during the Great Depression. The Lindbergh baby and other innocent victims were among the victims.

Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi

Helter Skelter by Vincent Buglosi is a captivating true crime account written by a prosecutor in the Charles Manson case. It focuses on the trial of the notorious cult leader, who was accused of the brutal Tate-LaBianca murders. Bugliosi's book is one of the most popular true crime books in history, and it's a must-read for readers looking for a gripping story of a dark moment in American history.

While he was prosecuting this case, Bugliosi was also a trial lawyer. He clocked 14-hour days and did the leg work himself, but lost the case when the LAPD did it. This kind of seat-of-the-pants lawyering isn't practical today. It has also made US life much worse.

Helter Skelter by Vincent Buglosi, True Crime: Organized Crime - The Inside Story

The Brothers Bulger by Vincent Bugliosi

The Brothers Bulger by Vincent Buglioshi is a gripping account of a crime family from the Boston area. The book's parallel stories of two brothers are full of shocking revelations and rich with anecdotes. It reads like an unholy cross between All the King's Men and The Godfather. It's a thriller that will be a must-read for anyone who enjoys crime fiction.

Whitey Bulger was a reputed gangster who was convicted of strangling two young women. The victims were teenagers, Deborah Hussey and Debra Davis. They both worked for the FBI and were sheltered from prosecution as a result of providing them with confidential law enforcement information. In 1987, Whitey Bulger's son Junior was sent on the run when he received a similar tip.

"The Brothers Bulger" is a fictionalized account of the real life story of the Bulger brothers. Both were feared mobsters in Boston. James, better known as 'Whitey', is still one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. Despite his crimes, Whitey's family was well-connected. He was also a president of the University of Massachusetts and the State Senate.

The Journalist and the Murderer by Janet Malcolm

The Journalist and the Murderer by Janice Malcolm was first published as a New Yorker article in 1989 and published as a book in 1990. It deals with issues of journalistic ethics and how reporters relate to their subjects. Although Malcolm portrays the murder as a tragic incident that affects a family, she makes astute observations about how journalists operate and how the media can be deceptive. There are no moral lessons in the book, but it does raise questions about the role of the press and the ethics of the profession.

Originally from Czechoslovakia, Malcolm was born in the 1930s. Her parents were doctors and her father was a psychiatrist. The family moved to the United States during the Second World War and settled in New York. Malcolm attended the High School of Music and Art in Manhattan and later went to the University of Michigan. While studying there, she wrote for student papers and later became the editor of a humor magazine.

Blood Brothers by John Dicky

Blood Brotherhoods is a work of astounding ambition, tracing the interlocking stories of three Italian mafias. John Dickie, a leading historian of organized crime, blends archival detective work with a passionate narrative to present a vivid account of a unique criminal ecosystem. This is one of the most important books on the subject and will intrigue readers with its sweeping scope.

In this anthology of true stories, we meet conmen, bootleggers, and fraudsters. We learn about the Depression-era gangster John Dillinger and the fearsome female pirate Ching Shih. But our stories don't stop there. The book also explores corrupt activities of the Italian-American Mafia, the Black Market Mafia, and other gangs and oligarchs in the United States and elsewhere.

Saviano's book is the first history of the Sicilian mafia and is the first to deal with this complex topic in a way that is genuinely human. The author's persona makes the book come alive, allowing readers to feel the same disgust and horror that Saviano does. Saviano's book will move you. The underlying rage at organised crime is palpable.

El Sicario by John Dicky

This gripping story of Mexico's drug cartels is based on the true story of a contract killer who escaped the life of a hit man and later became a fugitive in the US. El Sicario tells his story to journalist Charles Bowden in a clear and lucid monologue. El Sicario reveals the horrific torture he endured as a drug runner for Mexican government agents and narcos, and how he came to repent and become a fugitive in the US.

Organized crime is a worldwide phenomenon. Not only does the Sicilian mafia exist in a country where organised crime is rampant, but there are also the Camorra mafia in Naples, and the Ndrangheta mafia in Calabria. Dicky's book is an in-depth look at these three powerful mafias and how they came to be so powerful.

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