Best True Crime Series Kindle eBooks in 2022

True Crime Series Kindle eBooks

If you love a good mystery, then a True Crime Series Kindle eBook is something that you'll enjoy. In this article, we'll look at some of the best sellers in this genre. For example, you can read The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream if you like a twisted twist. Another great choice is A Target on My Back, which is a modern retelling of a classic mystery. You'll also find plenty of other great crime series to enjoy.

The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream

The murder mystery "The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream" is the true story of a serial killer who poisoned and murdered more than a dozen women over 15 years in the U.S. and the U.K. He was finally brought to justice in a London murder trial, but not before killing at least half a dozen more. In fact, the book is a fascinating read for fans of true crime novels.

If you are a fan of the Victorian era, you may be interested in reading about the notorious serial killer Thomas Neill Cream. He murdered prostitutes and women of no means across the United States, Canada, and England, but managed to avoid detection by simply leaving town. While many people are horrified by this story, "The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream" is a riveting read about this infamous serial killer.

The case is a fascinating one, with the reader traveling across the U.S. and Canada in search of the killer. The case was solved by two men who were trained in criminal forensics: Frederick Smith Jarvis, a British inspector who traveled to the US and Canada to link the dots between the past and present. In addition to tracing the killer's identity, "Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream" is also a great true crime thriller.

A Target on My Back

A Target on My Back is the latest true crime thriller from the author of "A Woman's Life." The book is based on the murder case of a woman who stabbed and killed her lover, and the documentary looks into the circumstances surrounding her confession. The truth behind her confession is often difficult to find, but she proves that her persistence paid off. The book is a gripping, well-written thriller with a surprising twist.

In A Target on My Back, author Erleigh Wiley takes the reader on a journey to discover what drove her to murder her ex-husband, his new wife, and the killer himself. Her own life is put in danger as she investigates the case and discovers the truth about the killer's motives. Despite her declining mental health, she manages to solve the case and secure the killer's fate on death row.

The show features a variety of interviews with witnesses and victims of crimes. The episodes include interviews with police, forensic experts, and crime-watchers. The true crime podcast, Crime Junkie, explores 15 high-profile crimes from across the world, bringing the stories to life with the cultural details that are rarely discussed. Episodes range from the nineteenth century in London to the present day in Mexico City, and break down the twists that lie at the heart of each case. A Target on My Back in the True Crime Series

Missy's Murder

If you're a fan of mystery thrillers, you'll enjoy Missy's Murder, an intriguing premise. A wealthy socialite is killed during a wedding reception, and Missy DuBois, the bride's designer, is accused of the crime. While she's determined to prove her innocence, she finds herself suspecting her own bridesmaids. Luckily, she's not the only suspect in the crime!

This startling debut novel by New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury is sure to grab your attention. This psychological thriller will keep you guessing as you learn how Missy's killer was able to escape from jail. It is a crime that spans across the United States, with over 25 million copies sold worldwide. You can read Missy's Murder online, in a web browser. The files are encrypted, and you'll need free software to read them.

Though Irene was hesitant to allow Missy to experiment with drugs, she wasn't worried. The two loved each other more than most teenagers do. The two didn't have to have explicit talks or probe too deep into each other's lives. Despite their differences, their bond was undeniably strong, and it's hard to imagine a mother disapproving of her daughter's experiments.

I'll Be Gone in the Dark

I'll Be Gone in the Dark is a compelling, chilling true crime novel by award-winning journalist Michelle McNamara. The novel tells the story of the Golden State Killer, also known as the "Original Night Stalker" and the "East Area Rapist." The murderer escaped justice for decades, and now McNamara is determined to bring him to justice.

The Golden State Killer case is shocking and deserves an HBO docuseries. Lack of communication between police departments in the two cities, and callous treatment of the sexual assault survivors, all hamper the investigation. I'll Be Gone in the Dark covers many angles of the case without sacrificing the story's importance. It's a compelling read that will keep you turning pages to find out what happened next.

In this first book in the series, a murder took place in Victorian England. A child was murdered and its family suspected foul play. A local detective, Jonathan Whicher, tried to solve the case. This book traces his journey from writing about unsolved cases to solving the crimes. The authors provide tips, tools, and rules for solving murder cases. Hopefully, you'll enjoy reading the series as much as we did!

The second book in the series follows a famous case. The author of Goodfellas, Nicholas Pileggi, takes readers back to the era when he was a young man. This book chronicles his life from childhood to his eventual conviction as a mob boss. He ultimately ended up in the Witness Protection Program, helping to convict other mobsters.

Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer

This new e-book is about a notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy, and his victims, Elizabeth Kendall and Molly. This gripping, true story is set 40 years after the killer's first attack, and promises to shed light on new details and never-before-seen family photographs. While the murders of Bundy's victims are still unsolved, the book promises to leave readers wanting more.

The acclaimed five-part docuseries is now available on Amazon Prime Video, and the first season includes a documentary centered on Bundy's crimes. Falling for a Killer features Elizabeth Kendall, Bundy's former girlfriend, who opened up about their relationship and the serial killer after forty years. Several interviews with Bundy's victims are included in Falling for a Killer, including those with victims' daughters.

This true story is made even more compelling by the perspective of Ted Bundy's long-time girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall, as well as his daughter, Molly. The series will debut on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, January 31. The book features many interviews with survivors and rarely-seen family photos. It's a must-read for anyone interested in Ted Bundy's crimes.

If you love true crime, you'll enjoy this new biography of the infamous serial killer. Falling for a Killer focuses on the life and crimes of Ted Bundy, who kidnapped and murdered more than thirty women. He escaped prison twice and was sentenced to death both times. Falling for a Killer is available in various formats for Kindle eBooks.


This New York Times bestselling author offers readers more than just a few absorbing true crime stories. With the Crime Files series, readers can discover the stories of the crimes committed by a group of trusting people. This book series reveals the motives and motivations of sociopaths who kill for a variety of reasons, including greed, jealousy, passion, and rage. One of the first books in the series, "Gypsy Rose," follows the case of a middle school counselor named Chuck Leonard, who was found dead outside his home.

In this book, we are transported back to the turbulent late 1960s, where a notorious serial killer is on the loose. As readers turn pages, they unravel the threads connecting Vonnegut, Mailer, and Costa. The crime is set in a fictional seaside town, but the true story reveals the human side of these people. A page-turner by New York Times bestselling author Casey Sherman, Helltown is sure to leave readers breathless.

The Deadly Soap-Maker of Corregio is the sixth book in the Unbelievable True Crime Series eBooks. This book explores the crime accounts of the notorious Italian serial killer Leonarda Cianciulli. She systematically murdered women and then used their bodies to make soap and teacakes. Despite her ruthless acts, Cianciulli was superstitious and believed that marrying Pansardi would break her family's curse.

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