Best Trivia Games in 2022

Fun Trivia Games to Play With Friends and Family

If you're looking for a fun game to play with friends or family, you've probably heard of Trivia Games. However, there are plenty of other fun options available as well. These include Anomia Trivia, Colourbrain, Family Feud Live, and Balderdash. Read on to find out more about each of these games. You might find one or more of these to be just right for you! We hope you enjoy these games as much as we did!

Anomia Trivia

In Anomia, you are a team of players who compete against each other in a game of word trivia. The game combines the fun of snap and trivia in a unique way. During the game, players are required to flip over two cards, each with a symbol and category. As the cards are revealed, players race to shout out the correct category example. The team that finishes answering the category correctly wins the card. But what makes Anomia so special?

The game is very easy to set up. You will need one coloured deck. The Anomia Draw Pile is in the middle of the table. The first player to flip over a card on the Draw Pile is rewarded with a card. The next player is then able to place their card on the Play Pile. The game continues this way in clockwise order until two cards are matched. A player wins the card when both of their cards match, unless they have an answer that ties.

Family Feud Live

The Family Feud Live trivia game is an online version of the famous TV show. It allows players to connect with other Facebook users to compete against each other. The game consists of four game modes, including Couch vs. Couch, Party Battle, and Live Show. Each mode provides a unique challenge, and all game modes include AI teams. In addition, players can broadcast the game to see how other players fare against their friends and family.

The game can be played with up to 100 players in a match. Each team should print out the correct answers to the questions they have to answer. The number of rounds each team will play will depend on the number of teams. In each round, the host will read out a survey question, and the team leader who chooses the highest scoring answer will either move on to the next survey question or pass it to the other team.


The Colourbrain Trivia Games are fun party games. They cover a wide variety of topics, including pop culture, history, and sports. Colourbrain is an easy way to keep the conversation flowing after Christmas dinner and it's an excellent way to keep the family entertained. This fun trivia game is made by Big Potato, the company behind dozens of other popular party games and trivia games. This game can be played with two or more players.

The colourful trivia board game requires 11 Colour Cards for each player. The first player to score 10 points wins the game! There are hundreds of questions to answer, and each one rewards you for answering correctly. The game will have you thinking quickly as the questions come up. You can also limit the options of your opponents to ensure that they get your answer right! The aim of Colourbrain is to make your team the champion! The colours in the cards represent various items, and you can play as a team or individually.


This popular trivia game features two decks of cards. Each player selects a playing piece, a vote chip, and a "start" space on the table. They then roll a die to determine who is the first player, and begin drawing cards based on the position of their playing pieces. The player whose definition is closest to the correct one is referred to as the "Upstream Balderdash," while those who get the most points are the "Downstream Balderdash."

The Balderdash trivia game is hilarious because it stretches the boundaries of the traditional definition of trivia. Each question asks players to define an obscure word, fill in an odd acronym, or guess a bizarre question. The cards are usually so absurd that even the most knowledgeable player might not know the answers. When a player calls out a phony answer, the others vote for it. The correct answer wins points, and the next player gets to read the next card.

HQ Trivia

While the concept of HQ Trivia Games is certainly not new, it's not as innovative as its competitors. While the game's frenzied reality show atmosphere is definitely appealing, HQ isn't without its flaws. The game pits thousands of users against one another for "table scraps" - and it's not just the prize money that's underwhelming. The minuscule award handouts are particularly off-putting.

HQ Trivia Games is an application that combines a trivia game with social networking site Vine. This site was founded by Colin Kroll and his friends in 2013, and has undergone many changes since then. In March of this year, the game was revived after Colin Kroll donated to a charity, but is not running games as regularly as before. HQ Words and Sports no longer run regularly, but only on special occasions. While it's hard to say how deep Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov's pockets are, it's safe to say that HQ Trivia Games is on the decline.

Players can buy extra lives, which give them the ability to continue playing in the game. These can be earned through gameplay or by inviting others to play with you. When you earn an extra life, you can use it to help you win the game. Each extra life will last for three rounds, so it's crucial to use it wisely. Luckily, this isn't as hard as it sounds. The app also allows players to receive gift drops, which will give them an extra life.


If you love trivia games, you've probably tried Quizup Trivia Games. These games are not only popular but also very social. Players compete to answer as many questions as possible in a limited amount of time. The more quickly you answer the questions, the more points you'll earn, and the victor is the player with the most points. This game comes in a variety of categories, including sports, movies, and even a few special categories. Quizup is more social than many other trivia games and has an above-average quality, though there are some annoying advertisements that you have to endure.

One of the best features of QuizUp is the fact that it's completely free. Instead of the typical freemium model, the company partners with companies that have content in their categories. For example, the HBO-sponsored Game of Thrones topic is exclusive to QuizUp. Besides being free, QuizUp allows you to play for free as long as you have an Internet connection. The game is also designed to be social, so it allows you to challenge friends and family.

Smart Ass

There are many different types of trivia games, but none puts smart asses in the spotlight like Smart Ass - The Ultimate Trivia Game. This game puts players in the spotlight as they try to guess the mystery topic of each question. To make sure everyone plays fairly, it provides 10 different clues for each question. Once they've solved the mystery, they win! The best part is, everyone has the same goal: to win the game!

The game is played in groups and can be played by people of all ages. The topic ranges from pop culture to food, and the game has a large enough variety to keep players interested. Players can also purchase expansion packs to boost their knowledge and win. Smart Ass is a fun way to spend an afternoon. No matter what your age, you're sure to find a category to enjoy! Listed below are a few of the most popular categories:

Virtual Team Trivia

You can host a virtual team trivia game by hosting it yourself, or hiring a professional. You'll want to choose the right format for your event, as there are several ways to host virtual team trivia games. Live-hosted games are the most popular. This ensures that no one is left out and the event runs smoothly. When planning your virtual team trivia event, be sure to consider these tips. Let's start with the most important point: make sure that your guests know what to expect.

Try Virtual Team Trivia to create a fun and comfortable working environment. It helps your teams build stronger relationships by developing teamwork skills such as problem-solving, communication, and cooperation. The program focuses on teamwork and the ability to answer questions quickly, which ultimately leads to increased employee morale and retention. During the game, a host checks in with all the teams to make sure that everyone is on the same page. This way, everyone gets a chance to participate and boost morale.

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