Best Trinity Academy Kindle eBooks in 2022

Trinity Academy Kindle eBooks

If you love to read books, why not read a few of the most popular Trinity Academy Kindle eBooks? These books are written by the USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Michelle Heard. She lives in South Africa with her son, and is always planning her next book or trip. Read a sample of these books and choose your favorite one! There's something for every reader! Read Trinity Academy Kindle eBooks today!

Layla tries to lie low

Julian Reyes, the Chairman of CRC Holdings and the founder of Trinity Academy, is on the brink of losing his fiancee in a car accident. He has chosen to ignore his feelings and focus on his work. When he meets a mysterious stranger in a hotel restaurant, he assumes she'll never return. But when the mysterious stranger turns out to be Layla's sister-in-law, he's left wondering how he'll keep the secret.

As a student at Trinity Academy, Layla just wants to study and mind her own business. But her efforts are soon to make headlines. Although Layla's intentions are noble, her sudden popularity lands her on the front page. Although Layla is a popular student, Falcon isn't everyone's cup of tea. At first, Falcon comes off as conceited and overbearing, but he gradually shifts to his real self when Layla enters his life.

Kingsley's relationship with his business partner's sister-in-law

Zephaniah Kingsley's business partners were the same race as the actors in his movies. Zephaniah Kingsley snagged Anna Jai, a beautiful slave, at age 13 and sent her to Cuba, where she was sold to plantation owners. In 1811, Kingsley bought her from them and freed her, then employed her to manage a massive planting operation on his plantation. He had also purchased a grant from the Spanish to build the American Beach resort on Amelia Island, where African Americans were barred from the public beaches.

Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley was born in Senegal and sold to Cuba as a slave. She later married Zephaniah Kingsley Jr. and became a successful planter in early nineteenth-century Florida. However, it was her daughter Anna who was the subject of a scandal and ultimately killed her own sister, which led to the eventual fall of the slave trader.

After the United States took control of Florida, the Kingsley family moved to Haiti. Anna was a beneficiary of Kingsley's estate but had to fight his white relatives in order to get her share. Anna won the case in court and moved to Jacksonville, where she died at the age of 77. Anna Kingsley's former plantation is preserved as a National Park Service property as part of the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve.

Anta was a mixed-race slave. Kingsley was concerned about Anta's re-enslavement and bought 32,000 acres in Haiti, which is now in the northeastern Dominican Republic. He also sent 50 freed slaves to Haiti, where they became indentured servants. Anta later became a member of the first Haitian settlers. In 1843, he left Anta and 83 other slaves to her.

Falcon Reyes' fight for the title of Chairman

Falcon Reyes is in his final year of college, competing with his brother Julian for the title of Chairman of CRC holdings. Although cold and aloof, he is considered the school's god. The arrival of his father's assistant Layla, a freshman at Trinity, doesn't change this. The two are very different, but they all have very similar goals: finish school and become honorable businessmen.

Layla's sexual tension with Kingsley

Mason has always been attracted to Kingsley, but Mason has remained unconvinced that their attraction is a long-term relationship. He makes his feelings known to Kingsley, but Kingsley refuses to believe them. After a tragic accident, Kingsley comes to believe that Mason isn't being completely honest about his feelings. Now, Mason is determined to get to the bottom of Layla's disappearance and solve the mystery.

Falcon Reyes is a rich and powerful man, who is fighting his brother Julian for the title of Chairman of CRC Holdings. He has everything, but he lacks love and is frustrated by his lack of affection. But when he meets Layla, he sees a different side of herself and learns to love herself. Layla balances out his temper and gives him the opportunity to grow.

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