Best Tribute Brides of the Drexian Warriors Kindle eBooks in 2022

Tribute Brides of the Drexians Kindle eBooks

For fans of the series, there are several ways to get more information about the characters. The first three tribute brides to Drexians are Mandy, Trista, and Vox. These women are all great heroines and will leave you satisfied. In the second book, Tamed, the main character, you will meet the enigmatic Mandy. Lastly, in the third book, Tamed falls in love with the powerful and sexy Trista.


In the sci-fi alien warrior romance Tamed, Ella is a spoiled socialite who has been kidnapped from Earth and brought to a high-tech space station manned by Drexian warriors. She doesn't want to marry a playboy from another planet, but her father has made her a Drexian commander. What's next?


If you're a fan of sci-fi romance, you'll love the Tribute Brides of the Drexians series by Tana Stone. Her first book was released in July, and you can already pre-order it today! This sci-fi series features three main female characters: Ossia, the head of the Drexian Warriors, and her mate, Dakar. Each of these characters is a master of their own history and a strong leader.

The first book in the series, Ransomed, is an action-romance novel with steamy scenes on a barren ice planet. You'll also find deadly aliens, space battles, and smoking hot Drexian warriors. Both of these species have extra erogenous zones, and they're equally determined to defend Earth. In this exciting space-romance novel, Tana Stone brings her trademark romance to space-opera and fantasy readers alike.


The bestselling Sci Fi Alien Warrior romance series, Trista Brides of the Drexians, is back with a new book: Ransomed. This standalone novel features steamy scenes on a barren ice planet, space battles, and deadly aliens. In addition, the action is amplified by smoking hot Drexian warriors, who have extra erogenous zones and are just as determined to protect Earth. Whether it is love at first sight or lust, the story will leave readers wanting more.


Vox is a Drexian who barely remembers her past, but that doesn't matter. Her goal is to complete her mission. She will keep a female Drexian captive in an alien pleasure palace. Vox has a complex personality, dealing with her Drexian nature as well as her Kronock identity. Vox is not the kind of character to be ignored by others.

The feisty human women and the hot Drexian warriors are not the kind of romance Drexians are used to. The Tribute Brides of the Drexian Warriors Collection contains three full-length novels ranging from a steamy abduction to seduction romance to galactic action. Each novel is guaranteed to satisfy the desires of a Drexian warrior and a human woman.


If you are looking for a sexy sci-fi romance novel, Shreya Tribute Brides is a great option. In this book, Shreya rejects the offer to marry a Drexian warrior in exchange for an alien mate. The alien then takes Shreya as his mate, and the two are soon swept away by the lusty awe-inspiring romance.

Mandy's wedding to a brawny alien warrior

It's been almost three years since the shocking events that led to the abduction of Katie and her daughter. They were dumped and broke, and now the aliens have abducted them. They've taken her to a high-tech space station that's designed to attract human women. But LA socialite Mandy isn't falling for the gimmicks of the high-tech space station or the hot alien warrior commander. She has her own reason for not falling for the alien warrior.

Mandy's reaction to Vox

The Christmas celebration at the Drexian space station is a festive occasion. Guests are welcomed with colorful decorations, including colorful wedding planners and stylists. Six steamy Drexian-human couples are present. Matchmaking may be involved! You won't want to miss this story! Find out why Mandy and Vox became so involved in the Drexian-human love triangle in Tribute Brides of the Drexian Warriors!

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