Best Tremarnock Kindle eBooks in 2022

Tremarnock Kindle eBooks

If you enjoy thrillers, you'll love the Tremarnock series. This series follows the story of Bramble Challoner, a girl who finds a mysterious bottle with a message from a German POW. Her journey to find this German POW will set off a chain of events that threatens to tear her family apart. Read on to discover the mystery of the series. It's the perfect read for fans of thrillers and mystery novels.

Bramble Challoner

This romantic feel-good novel is set in Cornwall. Liz has just relocated to the small town of Tremarnock after a relationship has ended. As her financial situation deteriorates, she finds herself in a worse situation than before. However, her friends and family will be more than happy to help her get back on her feet. You'll love the characters and their witty banter.

Esme Posorsky

In the third novel in the Tremarnock series, teenager Rosie finds a mysterious message in a bottle in the village's memorial square. Determined to find the mysterious man, Rosie sets out on a journey that will throw her family into chaos. Fortunately, she is accompanied on her journey by Caroline, an old school friend. But her holiday turns out to be anything but idyllic when Rosie discovers a message in a bottle, which will affect her family and her community. The prospect of a housing estate in the village brings the entire community together, with some laughs along the way.

For those who love feel-good romances, Tremarnock is the perfect read. The series follows the lives of three women who come together to find love. The series is divided into four parts, each with a unique plot line. Summer in a Cornish Cove is the perfect beach read during the summer. If you're looking for a feel-good romance set in Cornwall, this series is perfect for you!

Bramble's father

The first book in the Tremarnock series focuses on a teenage girl named Bramble. Her parents, Robert and Liz, run a local restaurant, and their concern for the starving family's well-being is evident. Their teenage daughter, Bramble, must care for her brothers and younger sister, while their father is away working in the city. However, Bramble must learn to cope with her responsibilities and overcome obstacles that threaten her happiness and the future of her family.

Bramble is an eager, curious, and charming protagonist. She has a love of adventure and is determined to follow it. Though she makes a few predictable mistakes, these do not detract from the charm of the novel. Although there are some misunderstandings throughout the book, Bramble is a well-rounded heroine who earns the trust of her friends and family.

Bramble's inheritance

In the bestselling Polgarry series, the titular character, Bramble, inherits a Cornish country estate. In the village of Tremarnock, Polgarry Manor is home to the family of Lord Penrose. Sadly, the Lord has passed away and left the estate to Bramble. However, Bramble lives in London's suburbs and is in love with Matt, the handsome boy she met in London. Unfortunately, her father is horrified by the inheritance and he's determined to get rid of Bramble and his father, so the family squabbles over who is entitled to inherit the estate.

The town of Tremarnock is a picturesque setting with a charming village pub. Liz, the wife of Robert, worries about their motherless children. She's worried that her teenage daughter will take care of her little brothers and a strange artist. But despite the difficulties, she is determined to make the best of the situation. Bramble's inheritance isn't an easy thing to handle, but she'll learn how to get it handled.

Life in Tremarnock

The setting of Life in Tremarnock is a traditional Cornish seaside village, complete with a sought-after little restaurant and a pub. Liz, a mother-of-three, and her teenage daughter Rosie have escaped a cheating father to seek refuge in this charming town. This novel will explore the lives of this village and the bond that binds the two women.

The book begins in the small Cornish seaside village of Tremarnock, where Bramble is about to inherit a country estate. The estate, Polgarry Manor, was left to her by her late father, Lord Penrose. Despite her upbringing in London suburbs, Bramble's father hates the land, and his eldest son has no interest in moving there. The book explores the conflict between these two women as their love lives are threatened by the fates of their families.

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