Best Transgender Erotica in 2022

Transgender Erotica

Blake Worthington's TRANS-FIXED is an MTF Transgender Erotica that's sure to turn heads. Kirk, used to being the dominant one in the bedroom with Alexis, gets an invitation to a mysterious warehouse and must prepare to be dominated. Meanwhile, Toby, a young gay man, lusts after the hot lady barista Juanita. Whether they intend to pursue this relationship or not, these two characters are sure to make their way to your bedroom.

Nerve Endings

Although the title suggests it is all about sex, Nerve Endings in Transgendererotica actually explores the complexities of transgender erotica. The novel's storyteller, Morgan M Page, has firsthand experience with the mistreatment of transgender individuals by their partners. This novel is a compelling read if you enjoy erotica about transgender people.

This anthology of stories by and about trans people is a welcome addition to the genre. Trans people are often marginalized and their bodies are commodified, but Nerve Endings presents a range of trans narratives that address issues surrounding cisgender people's bodies and experiences. The stories are diverse and address a number of issues, including healing from trauma and maintaining healthy relationships.

The genre includes dark themes, such as misogyny and sexual assault. While the darker side of transsexuality is not typically explored in erotica, Nerve Endings is different in that it tackles these issues in varying levels of explicitness. For trans readers, the story "Death You Deserve" by Ryley Knowles is an excellent example. Other stories, however, may be too graphic for their tastes. To prepare trans readers for this material, Nerve Endings should provide short synopses of each story.

Your Average Tuesday

The title of the novel "Your Average Tuesday" may suggest that you're just reading an ordinary book, but in fact it's much hotter than that. In "Your Average Tuesday," a trans woman whose genitals look more like penetrative vessels is the protagonist of an intensely sensual romance novel. Transgender women have become a growing trend in erotica, with some of the stories focusing on their sexuality as well as their sex life.

Nerve Endings is an erotic collection by a trans author. The ten stories in the collection deal with the darker side of transsexuality, including abuse, violence, and sexual assault. Many erotica books do not address the trauma trans people have experienced, but Nerve Endings aims to make that change by including stories about the darker side of trans sexuality. The stories explore the issues of misogyny, racism, and transphobia, which are often ignored in erotica.

Hot Tub Surprise

The sexy story of Hot Tub Surprise features a cisgender man and his transgender partner. The cisgender man finds the transgender woman's genitals a surprise, and begins the tryst by examining her Adam's apple and chin stubble. Upon examining the transgender woman's junk, he realizes that her body is not as male-dominated as it looks. He sexily reaches inside her junk, but the transgender woman's junk is more of a penetrative vessel.

While Hot Tub Surprise features explicit sex, it's not all about sex. In Morgan M. Page's transgender memoir, a former domestic abuse survivor, the protagonist experiences mistreatment from her partner and the resultant trauma. The sex scenes are intense and realistic, while exploring the ways trans people are mistreated by their partners. Hot Tub Surprise is a must-read for trans erotica fans.

Although Hot Tub Surprise has a light-hearted tone, many stories depict darker themes. In "Death You Deserve," Ryley Knowles depicts a violent crime and is a good read for trans readers. Other stories in the collection might be too violent for transgender readers. It's best to read a synopsis of each story before diving into the more explicit stories.

Roger Cain

After twenty-five years as a pastor, Roger Cain is looking for a relationship to spice up his life. He meets Jenna Talia, a transgender woman, and soon finds a erotic relationship that he can't put down. Read this book to find out how Cain became so successful in the transgender genre and how his characters reacted to the book.

Cain's biography and personal background both inform and influence his fiction. His four grandparents immigrated from Ireland to the U.S., and his father was associated with higher education. The young Cain completed college at the age of twenty and aspired to become an opera singer. He wasn't particularly talented, so he turned to writing. In fact, he wrote short stories to pass the time.

Ana Valens

Ana Valens is a reporter for the Daily Dot who has written several articles on marginalized identities. She has also written for Fanbyte, The Toast, and the Daily Dot, and her work has been published in various outlets. In this article, she discusses the dangers of transgender erotica and her experiences with it. She also tells the story of the detransitioning Japanese schoolgirl who had vaginoplasty, another gender affirming surgery.

Valens's book is a history of the internet. She covers topics ranging from erotic gifs and hashtag fetish fan art to sex worker resource blogs and their impact on transgender erotica. She also tells the story of her own online sexual awakening and investigates how Tumblr's technical architecture created a convenient lab for the exploration of sexual freedom and social justice.

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