Best Torpedo Ink Kindle eBooks in 2022

Torpedo Ink Kindle eBooks

If you are an avid reader of YA fiction, you may want to read Torpedo Ink Kindle eBooks. These books have a diverse range of content and characters. For example, you may enjoy the books about the mysterious Savage. Others may enjoy books about the mysterious Deputy Jackson Deveau and the beautiful Ossia Rid. Whatever your tastes, you're sure to find a book that appeals to you!

Desolation Road (Torpedo Ink Book 4) by Christine Feehan

If you're a fan of #1 New York Times bestselling novels and motorcycle clubs, you'll love Desolation Road, the fourth novel in the Torpedo Ink series. The plot revolves around motorcycle club member Aleksei Solokov and the people he loves. But what if a single motorcycle accident turns his whole life upside down? Will he ever be able to move on from the past and find happiness?

In this fourth installment of her bestselling Torpedo Ink series, Christine Feehan takes the character of Aleksei Solokov to the next level. This story follows Aleksei Solokov, an attorney and member of the Torpedo Ink Motor Cycle Club, and librarian Scarlet Foley. Desolation Road picks up a few months after the events in Vendetta Road. Both protagonists and antagonists are incredibly interesting and engaging.

In Desolation Road, Viktor Prakenskii adopts several orphans in the series. Twenty-five members of Gavriil's school join the Torpedo Ink Motorcycle Club chapter. Meanwhile, another motorcycle club wants to join as well. Ultimately, a violent war breaks out, resulting in a deadly confrontation between the two motorcycle clubs.

In Desolation Road, Absinthe and Scarlet have a sexy relationship, and both characters are deeply attracted to each other. Absinthe, a librarian at the Torpedo Ink, is attracted to Scarlet, who is a local librarian. Absinthe's family secretly watches Absinthe and tries to protect him. The two develop a bond over dinner and learn about each other's lives and motives.

Ossia Rid 2 of a series of Ink of the Torpedo

Ossia Rid is the second book in the Ink of the Torpedo series, by Christine Feehan. This book tells the story of a VP at a secret club and the girl who grew up being the daughter of a club. The main characters in this book are both strong and flawed, and their relationships are based on loyalty, honor, and grit.

The history of the Ink of the Torpedo series is a fascinating blend of bikers and women. There is a good balance of historical detail and character development. But the series does have some erotic content that may not be suitable for everyone. It also contains some fetishes and sexual abuse. While the author has a history of writing erotic books, she has a strong reservation about sexual content.

Ossia Rid 2 of the Ink of the Torpedo Kindle Books by Christine Feehan is an enchanting and compelling historical romance. The premise is that the two sisters are sisters who become lovers. Unfortunately, Gel is not the only one to find true love in this world. But, he has some other options.


Christine Feehan continues the Torpedo Ink series with Savage Road, a standalone book that picks up the story after the events of Torpedo Ink: book one. The book takes the relationship to new heights, with more intense sexual content and training a woman to be a good partner. Savage is taken on an emotional roller coaster as he confronts danger and trust issues to find a partner.

Whether you enjoy reading a thrilling action novel or just want a good laugh, you'll find something for everyone in the Savage Torpedo Ink Kindle Edition. Christine Feehan's books are No. 1 New York Times bestselling, so you're sure to enjoy Savage Torpedo Ink. Besides her books about motorcycle clubs and romance, Savage Torpedo Ink covers the topics of sexual assault, love, and lust.

The story begins with the introduction of a new character, Seychelle. She quickly realizes that she'll never fit in with the group, and she doubts her abilities. Seychelle is not the best candidate for Torpedo Ink, and the members of the group disagree with her, but eventually find out why they don't like her. Savage is shocked when she finally agrees to his desires and he accepts her.

The character of Savage is quite complex. While he's not always willing to tell his secrets, he's protective of those he loves. Seychelle is forced to make an uncomfortable decision between a man who is abusive to a woman who doesn't deserve him. In fact, Savage has many dark sides, and Seychelle's sex life is far from over.

Deputy Jackson Deveau

In Deputy Jackson Deveau: Torpedo Ink, Christine Feehan continues the Torpedo Ink series. This eBook picks up right where the series left off in book one, taking the relationship to new heights. Savage Road contains more sexual content and involves training the woman to be his wife. Readers are taken on an emotional roller coaster with the characters as they face danger and work through trust issues.

There is a vast cast of characters in this series, including gangsters, drug runners, and the infamous motor cycle club. The series also includes two female members who give them voting rights, making them unique and not stereotypically portraying women as weak. Torpedo Ink eBooks will satisfy readers who love thrilling, action-packed books with a twist. You can download Torpedo Ink eBooks for free by visiting Torpedo Ink's website.

Torpedo Ink is set in the world of the BDSM, which sets a stipulation for the members. The two love interests are constantly in conflict, and the two must learn to find a middle ground in their relationship. But as they develop their relationship, Seychelle realizes that she can't live without Torpedo Ink. In fact, she feels as if she's missing out because Savage doesn't trust her.

Sheriff Jonas Harrington

The first of the Sheriff Jonas Harrington Torpedo ink Kindle eBooks focuses on the titular sheriff, who was shot in the line of duty by the evil Czar. Harrington was wounded in the line of duty, and he was determined to bring the killer to justice. But the fates had other plans for him. He was going to fall for a psychic gifted model named Hannah Dawson, and her life would be turned upside down when he messed up his first kiss.

When a wind roared in protest, hurling everything in its path into the air, he stood on the captain's walk. His anger and fear combined with the wind's power, channeling it to Jonas Harrington. Sea spray rose from the rocks below and twin columns of whirling water roared along with her. The winds whipped through the town like crazy, and Hannah had to decide how to channel them and use them to his advantage.

The mobsters had a plan, and Jonas and Jackson had just witnessed it. They were trying to stop the murder, but the Russians were fast. They wanted their daughter, Hannah. But Jackson was on the way to the station. He had to hurry to save Hannah. Jackson needed her gun, so Jonas had to hide in the retainer. He needed his partner, as he had a gun.

Libby Drake

If you're looking for a book full of breath-taking suspense and paranormal romance, you've come to the right place. Christine Feehan is a bestselling author of paranormal romance and breathless suspense. Her books feature the magical Drake sisters, Libby and Ty, who have a secret that might cost them their lives. Unlike their sisters, Libby is practical, not adventurous, and definitely not very attractive. Her relationship with Ty Derrick, a handsome biochemist, changes everything.

Breezy is a very awkward girl with horrible origins. Her "father" and "brother" were murderers. Her past is disgusting. Torpedo Ink is more positive in how it views women, but Breezy is still a terrible person. Despite her sex problems, Libby Drake proves to be a great protagonist. If you love books with strong female characters, you'll enjoy Libby Drake Torpedo Ink Kindle eBooks.

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