Best Tony Hill and Carol Jordan Kindle eBooks in 2022

Tony Hill and Carol Jordan Kindle eBooks

There are a number of Tony Hill and Carol Jordan Kindle eBooks to choose from, but which ones should you pick? This article will discuss some of the best-selling novels by this author, as well as how to download them for free. You might also be interested in The Retribution, Splinter the Silence, or Cross and Burn, to name a few. All are worth reading, and will have you hooked on crime fiction like never before.

Splinter the Silence

In Tony Hill and Carol Jordan's Splendor the Silence, you'll discover the conflicting relationship between the two main characters. After the murder of her brother, Carol Jordan withdrew from the world, content to live alone, but a chance comes her way. Now she's getting a second chance to get back with her ex-husband, but must be careful not to screw anything up in the process.

The ninth Tony Hill novel, Splinter the Silence explores the world of vicious cyberbullying and the disturbing power of the internet. It's a gripping novel with a rousing, satisfying ending, and it's a refreshing change of pace for the authors. The series--which has spanned five books now--is a great place for a new book.

This psychological profiler, who has shaped the career of crime fiction writers like Ian McDermid--is a master of human behavior. As he investigates a series of mysterious suicides among women, Tony begins to wonder if each of them is a murder. Then, Tony and Carol discover that the perpetrator is a serial killer intent on keeping his crimes secret. Their quest to solve the mystery of a serial killer will force them to confront their own demons as they hunt for the most horrifying, dangerous, and elusive serial killer yet.

Cross and Burn

If you're looking for a gripping psychological suspense novel, then Cross and Burn by Val McDermid is for you. Introducing Tony Hill and Carol Jordan, two fictional characters that will leave you breathless, you'll be taken on an unforgettable journey. This psychological thriller is one of Val McDermid's most anticipated releases. Read on for a sneak peek at this novel and learn more about the characters.

In the new book, McDermid picks up where the first book, The Retribution, left off. The plot continues to revolve around the best crime-fighting duo in the UK, Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. Both have their fair share of guilt and grief. Their relationship is tested as their worlds collide in the aftermath of a tragic incident. But their passion and commitment to solving crimes will ensure their success.

While the novel is heavy on violence, it's also a study of human nature, highlighting the complexity of human relationships. Aside from the murder of Carol's brother, this novel also examines the shattered relationship between Tony and Carol. In the aftermath of his death, Carol is furious at Tony for failing to catch the murderer. The twisted relationships between Carol and Tony are a compelling part of this novel.

In this thrilling thriller, the main characters are Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. As bagmen for Carol Jordan, Paula McIntyre now has a new boss, Alex Fielding, and is struggling to get along with her new boss. The two struggle to adjust to the new team dynamic. Paula is also faced with a new case involving a murdered woman. She's also asked about her missing mother by a young acquaintance.

The Retribution

"The Retribution" is a taut and well-textured crime novel, as gripping as any crime thriller since Thomas Harris' The Silence of the Lambs. It also offers a compelling tale of a complicated relationship, with the complexities of office politics and the press, as well as a psychologically complex serial killer. McDermid's characterization is eloquent, and her dialogue is frighteningly real. The suspense and emotional pacing of the novel are sure to satisfy even the most jaded thriller reader.

"The Retribution" combines the detective work of Carol Jordan and a crime-fiction writer. Carol and Tony are not yet lovers, but hope to be soon. Their chemistry is believable, and you will cheer for them as they battle for survival. The plot is based around a series of intense standoffs, in which neither Tony nor Carol step out of character. When Vance shatters the lives of Carol and her sister-in-law, she blames Tony for her brother's and sister-in-law's deaths, and he lambastes Carol for failing to recognize that the psychopath would seek vengeance on Tony.

If you like thrillers, you'll love this series by Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. Carol Jordan has been the main character in the Carol Jordan series, and the second book in the series is equally as thrilling. The series is also a good fit for fans of McDermid's writing. If you haven't read any of her work, I recommend starting from the beginning. In any case, The Retribution is a great read for fans of these two authors.

There's a pattern in the disappearance of teenage girls. As a doctor, Tony Hill believes there's more going on than meets the eye. Together with Detective Carol Jordan, they must track down the killer and bring him to justice. Their motivations are as varied as their work, but they'll need to work together to find the truth. Whether or not Tony Hill's motivation is purely professional, his own personal reasons will be explored in this book.

The Mermaids Singing

This psychological thriller is a gripping read, and will have you turning the pages of your Kindle as fast as possible. Carol Jordan and Tony Hill are two of the best-known authors of mystery novels and have each written more than one. The Mermaids Singing is McDermid's debut novel, and she deservedly won a Gold Dagger for Best Novel for it.

While it may sound fun, this novel is a letdown. Carol Jordan's prose is terrible, and her reasoning for leaving Tony is laughable. Although they've grown closer over the years, Tony isn't psychic or omniscient, and Carol is almost pitiful in comparison. It's not a particularly well-written book, but it is an enjoyable read nonetheless.

Fans of the Carol Jordan series will be interested in this novel, which continues the story of two lesbians. Both authors are out lesbians, and treat sexual preference as a common work environment. While this novel will appeal to readers who like thrillers, those new to McDermid's work may want to start with the first book in the series. Fans of her other books won't be disappointed.

Psychologist Dr. Tony Hill and his assistant Carol Jordan are unlikely to find romance in this novel. The two were previously separated and their relationship is far from perfect. But their new relationship changes after the killer releases Jacko Vance from prison. Their relationship was strained by the prison, and now they're working together to avenge him. Although their relationship was once strained, the relationship is able to overcome the difficulties it faces in the new house.

Jacko Vance is first introduced in the second novel. Jacko is a former television presenter and almost Olympian. Throughout the story, Val McDermid's protagonists are flawed, but this doesn't deter readers. Despite their flaws, the characters are sympathetic and endearing. Ultimately, their relationship is tested when Vance tries to bring them to justice.

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