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The Differences Between the TOEFL and TOEIC

TOEFL & TOEIC are both required for international students, but the differences between them are not as stark as one might think. The TOEFL covers topics that are directly relevant to the workplace, while the TOEIC focuses on subjects that relate to university curriculum. The TOEIC requires students to write essays in English. To prepare for the TOEFL, students need to read a book called the Cambridge English Dictionary and take practice tests in the language.

Differences between TOEFL and TOEIC

The TOEFL and TOEIC tests are both used for determining a person's English language proficiency. The TOEFL tests an individual's ability to speak and understand English, while the TOEIC tests their English-language proficiency for everyday life and non-academic purposes. Both tests are highly technical and geared toward the academic needs of non-native English speakers. The TOEFL takes 4.5 hours, and both score a person on a scale from 0 to 120. Both tests are used by universities and colleges to determine a person's level of English-language proficiency.

The TOEFL is a four-hour exam designed to measure academic English skills. A score from 0 to 120 can determine whether a candidate is ready to take academic courses in English. Because the TOEFL is a test of basic English proficiency, it is difficult to compare it with the TOEIC, which is intended for academic purposes. The TOEFL is an academic test that evaluates students' English proficiency and can help people find jobs or colleges overseas. It is highly valued and accepted by most colleges and employers.

Although both tests are widely accepted, the TOEFL is considered more academic and employable. Choose the one you are most comfortable taking. You'll be more likely to score well if you are more comfortable with the test. The differences between TOEFL and TOEIC are mostly based on what institutions ask for test scores and who takes them. If you're taking one of these tests to secure a job, choose the TOEFL, which is more commonly used and has fewer requirements.

The TOEFL is more widely accepted, while the TOEIC is not. While the TOEFL is more widely accepted, the TOEIC is less specialized, and isn't as useful for professionals. Because of the differences between the TOEFL and TOEIC, you should be aware of the differences and compare both tests before applying to a university. You'll need to check with the university beforehand, though, to make sure you can actually get in.


The TOEFL / TOEIC cost varies depending on where you live and which country you are applying to. Applicants from Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria, and Togo should note that payment is not possible by e-check or American Express. The fee for retaking the test will be $60, and $20 for reinstatement of cancelled test scores. In the event that you fail the TOEFL, you can get a refund of the payment or request for your score to be reviewed.

The TOEIC exam is less time consuming and less expensive than the TOEFL. It is not as widely accepted as the TOEFL and can be used for work-based immigration applications. It is important to note, however, that many institutions still prefer applicants with TOEFL scores for admission purposes. This is because of the high demand for this test. However, you can find some institutions that accept the TOEIC instead of the TOEFL.

The TOEFL iBT exam costs about $85 USD, while the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test costs about $200. The fee for each component varies depending on where you take the test. The TOEFL iBT exam fee varies from 160 USD to 250 USD, with most candidates paying around $200. The fee depends on the country you live in and the availability of the test center.

The TOEFL iBT exam is the most expensive test, but it's still worth the price. The cost of the exam is about $45 if you buy it online. You will also get your results the same day you complete the test. The TOEFL iBT exam is widely accepted by employers, so it's worth the money. There are a few options for paying for the test, however.

The TOEFL test is more academic and employable than the TOEIC. You should choose whichever test you feel most comfortable with. You're more likely to score higher if you're comfortable with the format. The TOEFL and TOEIC tests differ mainly in who takes them. While the Cambridge exams award a pass or fail score, the TOEFL test has a graded scale.


While both the TOEFL and the TOEIC test are widely accepted, the latter is less widely administered. According to ETS' website, there are only 50 official TOEFL and TOEIC testing centers in the U.S., and international testing centers are not listed on it. However, the U.S. TOEFL office has indicated that speaking and writing test centers are relatively few, and the TOEIC Bridge is administered only by individual schools.

While the TOEFL is based on academic English, the TOEIC is designed for the workplace. It contains four tasks that simulate workplace scenarios and evaluate students' communication skills. The TOEFL iBT tests reading, listening, speaking, and writing, and evaluates the candidate's ability to apply that knowledge in different contexts. The scores for these tests range from 5 to 990, with five being the lowest score and 990 the highest.

The TOEFL IBT test differs slightly from the IELTS test in that it contains recorded monologues. In the TOEFL iBT, however, students speak in a classroom setting with teachers and classmates. The student's book contains seven practice tests in TOEFL-format, and the Teacher's Manual has an optional website for collecting scores from students. To prepare for both exams, students should practice with materials and learn strategies that help them improve their scores.

The TOEFL iBT is administered at thousands of locations worldwide. It includes reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections, and takes four and a half hours to complete. Note-taking is permitted on all parts of the test. The TOEFL iBT is widely accepted by US and Japanese companies and universities and is one of the most popular English language exams in the world. When you prepare for TOEFL and TOEIC, you will be confident and comfortable using English in the workplace.

The Academy of English Language Arts offers ESL test preparation courses that focus on improving your proficiency in reading and writing. Practicing this type of course is the most effective way to prepare for the TOEFL and TOEIC tests. It will give you practice in all traditional areas of the exam, including vocabulary and grammar. Learning English phrases and reading materials daily will help you prepare for the TOEFL and TOEIC test.


When you take the TOEFL or TOEIC test, you are able to see your score and see how well you did on each section. The scores you receive are a great indicator of your overall proficiency and will help you decide if you are ready to enroll in a college program. The test will give you a score between 10 and 990, which corresponds to Common European Framework standards for English language proficiency. The TOEFL iBT, on the other hand, measures your Speaking and Writing skills.

The TOEFL and TOEIC are the two most commonly taken English language tests, and they measure your ability to communicate in English, both in writing and speaking. It's important to note that the tests measure different skills, so even though you may have the same TOEFL score, you might not be as good at speaking and writing the language as you think. In addition, people with high TOEFL scores may not do well at universities with a high English requirement.

The TOEFL is the more popular of the two tests, with over 4 million test takers worldwide. The TOEIC measures your ability to speak and understand business-related English. Its scoring system is based on a numerical scale of five to four95 and a total score between ten and 990. The TOEIC test has four sections - Listening, Reading, and Writing - and a biographical question at the end.

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is the most common English-language test taken in the United States. Many universities require applicants to take the TOEFL to be admitted to their university. Those who score low on the TOEFL will be turned down for admission, while those with high scores will be considered strong candidates for graduate and professional schooling. The TOEFL is widely accepted, and scores can stay valid for up to two years.

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