Best Thomas Berrington Historical Mystery Kindle eBooks in 2022

Thomas Berrington Historical Mystery Kindle eBooks

If you're looking for a historical mystery that's fun and full of action, you can't go wrong with the Thomas Berrington series. The series' first novel, The Sin Eater, was the most popular in the series. But if you're a fan of historical mystery novels, you'll probably love the rest of the series, too. These Kindle eBooks feature Thomas Berrington as the detective in the lead role.

David Penny

David Penny is a renowned author who specialises in writing historical mysteries. Born in London in 1950, he started writing as a child. During his early years, he was obsessed with science fiction. His first story was in the science fiction genre, and he went on to write several more stories in that genre. His first novel, Red Hill, was published at the age of 17, and he's since gone on to publish a number of other novels.

The Thomas Berrington series has 5 novels in total. The first book in the series, Breaker of Bones, was released in 2015. In this book, Berrington meets the prince of Qurtuba and is asked to perform an operation on him. The two men become entangled in a mystery and learn that the killer has killed several young women. The series ends with the death of a young girl, and the investigation of the murderer reveals that many other young women are also killed.

Thomas Berrington

The Thomas Berrington Historical Mystery Kindle eBooks are a series of novels written by British author David Penny. The books are set during the late fifteenth century in Spain, during the last days of Moorish rule. The books focus on the main character, a physician who takes an interest in solving mysteries. In the series, he solves crimes that involve young women. Throughout the books, Berrington and his assistant Jorge encounter a variety of different characters and situations.

The series opens with A Death of Innocence, the first of three prequel novels. Berrington leaves England for Moorish al-Andalus, where he must face the consequences of a terrible tragedy. He finds himself at the center of a murder. However, his investigation is complicated by his growing attraction to his new love interest, Bel Brickenden. In the course of the investigation, Thomas and Bel discover a web of lies and deceit, exposing the sad truth behind the crime. But as they uncover the truth, they uncover another kind of death in Lemster.

When English surgeon Thomas Berrington travels to Moorish Spain at the request of his master, he expects to perform a simple operation and return home to his home in England. But things go awry. There is a warped killer in the kingdom, killing young women and forming twisted creatures from their bodies. Queen Isabel entrusts Berrington with hunting down the killer before he becomes the next victim. As he learns more about his new enemies and allies, he realizes that not everything is what it seems to be.

The Sin Eater

The Sin Eater is the second book in the Thomas Berrington historical mystery series and was published by River Tree publishers in 2016. It is set in 1484 Moorish Spain and features the characters Thomas Berrington, Jorge, and the eunuch Jorge. Thomas Berrington has just moved to the city of Garnatah and is trying to figure out what is going on. Jorge helps him out but soon he finds that someone is trying to keep him from finding out the truth.

The first book in the Thomas Berrington series was Breaker of Bones, which was released in 2015. It portrays Thomas Berrington and Jorge as the main characters. They have been asked by the prince to perform an operation on him, but end up entangled in a mystery that involves a group of young women. Eventually, they discover that the killer is targeting a young girl, but they cannot reveal his identity because they have been spotted.

A Death of Innocence

In A Death of Innocence, Thomas Berrington is the main character. A teenage boy accused of murder, Berrington is distracted by his love interest, Bel Brickenden. As Thomas and Bel work together to solve the crime, they unearth a web of deceit and lies. Through their investigation, they come to understand the shocking truth behind the murder and uncover a different kind of death in the village of Lemster.

Breaker of Bones is the third book of the series, written by David Penny. In this book, Thomas Berrington and Jorge are stuck in a mystery that engulfs the entire town. They discover that the mysterious murderer has killed many young women and is intent on retribution. This mystery also focuses on the fate of one of the city's princes.

Breaker of Bones

In Breaker of Bones, Thomas Berrington is thrust into the middle of a religious mania while trying to find the true killer behind the string of murders. His personal life is quickly turned into a total mess as he continues to pursue the truth. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Jorge, tries to find his family after being abandoned 20 years ago. Now, Thomas and Jorge must race against time to find the killer before another life is lost.

In Breaker of Bones by Thomas Beyland, a medieval mystery that is set in Moorish Spain, the main character is placed in extreme danger. Unlike the first book in the series, Breaker of Bones follows the story of Thomas Berrington, an English physician who is in Spain as part of a medical mission to treat the royal family. Throughout the story, the two men uncover a mysterious past and solve crimes in the Moorish kingdom.

As the series progresses, the two men get involved with other murder cases, and as the series continues, they become more adept at solving cases. Thomas's sharp mind and wit are put to good use as they unravel the secrets of the Red Hill. As a result, he earns the respect of the Sultan, while gaining enemies throughout the kingdom. If you enjoy historical mystery thrillers, this is a great book to start with! If you've never read one of his books, you should definitely give this a try! And if you love historical fiction, you will love Breaker of Bones by Thomas Berrington.

In the novel Breaker of Bones, Thomas Berrington is a physician who works for the Sultan of Granada. The last kingdom of Moorish Spain, Granada, is about to be conquered by King Fernando of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile. The story is set in Cordoba, where Isabella's court is located. However, nothing is quite as it seems.

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