Best The Wormwood Trilogy Kindle eBooks in 2022

The Wormwood Trilogy Kindle eBooks

The Wormwood Trilogy is the first of two books in the series and is written by Tade Thompson. His debut novel, "The Inferno," was named a Locus recommended read. Tade Thompson is also an avid reader and enjoys jazz, comic books, and baking bread. He has received many awards for his writing and has a growing fan base. In this article, we'll explore the first two books and discuss their characters and how they interact with readers.

Tade Thompson

The Wormwood Trilogy is a series of novels written by Tade Thompson. It is a combination of science fiction, philosophy, and mystery. A mysterious alien race has been invading Earth. It has been causing havoc for people on both sides of the line, and a government-contracted sensitive, Kaaro, is among the survivors. In this series, Kaaro must decide whether to follow the rules of society or break free. In The Wormwood Trilogy, Kaaro must make the choice between following the rules and figuring out the mystery. The dark haze of Thompson's alternate world is fun to read and it raises several open questions.

The Wormwood Trilogy has been a hit on Amazon and is a series of three books by the same author. The first book in the trilogy, Rosewater, was published on November 15th, 2016. It is a wildly popular book that has gained critical acclaim. Tade Thompson is a popular author of fiction and fantasy books, and is the recipient of many awards including the Arthur C. Clarke Award (2019).

The Wormwood Trilogy is set in a futuristic version of our world. Aliens, psychic powers, mutants, and futuristic surveillance technology are part of the story. There are even cults that follow the human race. As the series moves forward, the reader will be left wondering who is the real enemy. However, Thompson does provide ample background information on all the concepts, making the Wormwood Trilogy an excellent choice for fans of Afrofuturism.

The plot is complex and sometimes difficult to follow. Thompson does not always remind the reader of the character's motivations. Readers will have to use their memory, concentration, and wits to figure out the mysteries. The Wormwood Trilogy Kindle eBooks by Tade Thompson and Michael J. McElroy cover the same topics. However, The Wormwood Trilogy is an excellent pick for fans of horror and SF.

Tony Forder

The first book in the Royston series, Bad to the Bone, is a gripping thriller and a great introduction to the series. Combining past wrongdoing with danger, this thriller is sure to leave the reader sucked in. Tony J. Forder has created many likeable characters and a society that is surprisingly real. With so many characters to get involved with, The Wormwood Trilogy is a great pick for any crime fan.

The series builds on its predecessors and improves as the story progresses. With each book, Bliss faces a series of new challenges and opportunities. The series' cast of readers keeps growing stronger and more engrossed. It's also filled with intrigue and unanswered questions. Even if the protagonist is a flawed character, the book's plot turns and transfers keep the reader reading.

Bliss is an excellent detective. Her work is accompanied by an intriguing plot and many memorable moments. While Bliss was often the focus of the plot, the Wormwood Trilogy follows the same pattern with an equally intriguing cast of characters. Readers can look forward to the next installment of this series, especially since DI Jimmy Bliss makes a return appearance. And, if you haven't yet discovered the Bliss series, it's not too late to check out his latest work.

Readers will also enjoy the novels written by Royston Persecution. This is a detective series that features a sidekick detective, Royston. The series also features a detective called Claire Lainey. For more exciting and gripping crime fiction, try out the Bliss/Chandler series! There's something for everyone in this series! When you're looking for a gripping thriller, give these three books a try. You'll be glad you did!

John I Coby

WORMWOOD by John I Coby is the first novel in a series of three. The series revolves around an extinction-level event that occurs on Earth and is the direct result of a comet impact. Aliens have been warning Earthlings about this event for over six thousand years, and their grand plan includes re-creating Adam in order to save the human species from extinction.

David Accampo

If you love horror, then you may enjoy David Accampo's Wormwood Trilogy Kindle eBooks. This series is full-cast audio drama that has won awards and been hailed as creepy, witty, and a delicious vacation destination. The third novel, The Witch of Wormwood, is set in the city of Los Angeles, where an evil cult ruled the streets. The writer and producer is also an accomplished comic book writer. His work has won him several awards, including the 2007 Uni Awards.

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