Best The Witches of Doyle Kindle eBooks in 2022

The Witches of Doyle Kindle eBooks

If you love fantasy and a little bit of magic, you'll love The Witches of Doyle. In Book 1, Jayce Bonheim has packed away her magical items to have a normal life with her boyfriend. However, trouble is brewing in Doyle, and she is determined to find a way to get back to her normal life. But in order to do so, she must fight against the troublemaking gnomes.

The Witches of Doyle

The Witches of Doyle is a series of cozy mysteries featuring dark magic and a group of young witches. This paranormal series is perfect for fans of Heather Blake, Amanda M. Lee, and Amy Boyles. These books are divided into three parts: Stone, Stream, and Oak. Each book also features a spell that the characters must use to defeat the sleazy killer.

This second book in the series is set after the first, "Down," and features a complete paranormal romance. A werewolf named Christy Pavenic, a San Francisco homicide detective, is entrusted to solve a string of savage murders. Meanwhile, her big sister, Jayce, is on the sheriff's radar. The pair must figure out who's behind the murders and find the killer before it's too late.

Book 1

The Witches of Doyle book one follows young Lacey Doyle as she returns to her childhood town in Wilfordshire. Having recently divorced her husband, she realizes that she needs a drastic change, and she decides to leave the big city to enjoy her life in Wilfordshire. She feels her life is moving in the right direction, until a new customer turns up dead and she must clear her name and put the case behind her.

Book 2

The second book in The Witches of Doyle cozy mystery series will have readers spellbound with its magic and murder. Jayce Bonheim has just rebuilt her coffee shop and has a new boyfriend, but her life is threatened by the evil magic that has overtaken the town. While investigating the case of the missing Karin Bonheim and an animal attack, Jayce finds herself confronted with trouble much closer to home.

The Bonheim sisters live unremarkable lives despite their magical abilities. Until someone kills one of them, they hide their magic from neighbors. Then, a body is discovered in their coffee shop. Karin must prove her innocence before the sheriff catches up to Jayce and her other sisters. She must solve the case and save her sisters from the killer. Book 2 of The Witches of Doyle Kindle eBooks

Book 3

The Witches of Doyle is a series of cozy mystery novels. Book three begins with the death of a witch, who is murdered. The murder is a horrific mistake that leaves her with a very bad memory. But the bad memories can't keep her from solving the murder, so she must find the murderer before the sheriff can call off the witch hunt. The witches have been preparing for this moment for years, but their plans for Doyle have changed and they must find their way out of the twilight zone.

The second book in the series, Doyle Witch Mystery, takes place in the real world. The heroine is an FBI agent on a surreal quest to restore her kingdom, while she and her werewolf partner have to work together to solve the crime. While chasing the murderer, desire and distrust clash with one another. Book three of the Doyle Witch cozy mystery series, "Lone Wolf" is set between the two previous novels, Down and Shaman's Bane.

Book 4

The first book in the series begins with a cozy mystery in which the titular heroine, Jayce Bonheim, is determined to put a murder case to rest. She has a perfect boyfriend, but that doesn't stop trouble from creeping into her life. She's forced to investigate a bizarre animal attack and a murder case involving her new love interest. As she races against time to save her love interest, desire and distrust clash.

This cozy mystery series features an array of characters who are able to overcome challenges and live seemingly normal lives, hiding their special powers from everyone. One of the sisters, Jayce, is a woman who wants to change her life and is determined to do so. Her best friend, no-nonsense Karin, meanwhile, is trying to keep her sister and town safe. Jayce is also on the sheriff's radar, and Karin must prove her sister's innocence in order to save her own life.

Book 5

Book five in the popular cozy mystery series features an even more dangerous horde of dark magicians. They're embedded in a traveling circus, and they're wreaking havoc and causing a lot of trouble. Jayce Bonheim is determined to find the killer before the sheriff does. But she's in for a shock! In this thrilling fifth book of the series, she must stop a murderer before she can be arrested and face her demise.

Throughout the series, the characters are able to keep their power hidden. While the scheming isn't always entirely straightforward, readers can expect to be thoroughly entertained. The characters in The Witches of Doyle series are often quite different from one another. The sexy ladies are more believable than they seem, and the worldviews of both characters is refreshingly diverse.

Book 6

The second book in the Doyle Witch cozy mystery series takes place between the first and second books. A fledgling witch, Karin Bonheim, has no idea that her fantasy world would bleed into the real world. Now, the dangerous world she's created is encroaching on her own. The newest novel, Shaman's Bane, is a complete paranormal romance and a must-read for any fan of this fantasy series.

Jayce Bonheim is a coffee shop owner and has just rebuilt her shop after her sister's murder. Her perfect boyfriend has suddenly disappeared, and a killer has been stalking her. Besides investigating the murder case of her sister, she's also investigating the death of her friend, Karin Bonheim. Moreover, she's now on the sheriff's radar! Jayce's case, meanwhile, is making her life a living hell, and she must use all of her skills to find the murderer.

Book 7

The seventh book in the cozy mystery series, Book 7 of The Witches of Doyle, is a thrilling read that features spells, shamans, and a dangerous fire demon. In this tale, a fledgling witch must stop a murderer before he kills another innocent person. In this book, Jayce finds herself on the run from a murderous horde in Doyle and must use spells to stop them.

In the seventh novel in the series, a murder is committed, and everyone in the town is suspect. The witches, who live in a small town, hide their powers from the neighborhood. Jayce's big sister Karin is determined to prove her sister's innocence, but she isn't going to let the murder go unpunished. When a body is discovered in her coffee shop, the no-nonsense Karin has no choice but to work to get her sister out of jail. Meanwhile, Jayce Bonheim is on the radar of the sheriff.

Book 8

In Book 8 of The Witches of Doyle cozy mystery series, the main character, witch Karin Bonheim, is thrown into a dangerous situation when she comes across a murder victim who has possessed a werewolf. While she is pursuing the perpetrator, she is confronted with her own set of problems. A shaman who is in love with her and a fire demon who has been causing havoc in Doyle have both been left on her trail.

When her big sister's body is found, Karin must prove her innocence. But Jayce Bonheim is on the sheriff's radar. In this chilling mystery, Karin must prove her sister's innocence before she is convicted of murder. With the help of her witchy sisters, she will uncover the killer. The witches in Doyle town are more dangerous than ever, and their quest for justice is far from over.

Book 9

Book nine of The Witches of Doyle cozy mystery series is the most suspenseful yet. The mysterious shaman, fire demon, and sailor who make up the supernatural world bring danger to the streets of Doyle, where werewolves live. But the werewolves have their own problems, and the only way to stop them is to stop the werewolf from spreading his evil spells.

In Book nine of the series, the slew of witchy crimes rages through the town of Doyle. Lenore, a sexy, but irresponsible sister, has been trying to turn a new leaf and start anew. She is on the case when someone leaves her sister's body in her pick-up truck. It is up to Lenore to use all of her witchy skills to find the killer and save her sisters.

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