Best The Wiltshire Girls Kindle eBooks in 2022

The Wiltshire Girls Kindle eBooks

The Greyladies manor house, built in the 16th century, is a place of sanctuary and mystery. As the first settlement in the area, it has its own secrets. Its purpose is to aid the women of Wiltshire in times of trouble. It was the Greyladies Trust that assisted women in the early 20th century, especially after the Great War. After the war, these women needed help to adjust to a new life. However, things are not quite as rosy as they appear. Infected with Discord madness, Raiders are attacking new settlements, killing and destroying new settlements.

Ghost stories in the Wiltshire Girls Kindle eBooks

There are many ghost stories about the countryside of the West Country, and this book will not disappoint. With more than one hundred photos and postcards, this book is sure to make your blood run cold! If you are a fan of horror movies, you will also enjoy this collection of ghost stories. However, be warned: this book is very graphic and may not be suitable for young readers. You may want to read it after you have finished reading The Wiltshire Girls Series.

Available as MOBI, EPUB, or PDF

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