Best The Wicked Horse Vegas Kindle eBooks in 2022

Wicked Horse Vegas Kindle eBooks

If you love erotic romances and are eager to try out new stories, you'll enjoy the Off-Campus series. These stories revolve around new couples and old ones who spend some time at the Wicked Horse club in Las Vegas. In each book, the couples explore different levels of physical intimacy. If you're not sure which erotic romance to read first, you can get a free sample of the series by clicking the link below.

Wicked Favor

The first book in the Wicked Horse Vegas series is Wicked Favor. The story is set in Las Vegas, where the members of the club are a bunch of sex-mongers looking for a way to pay back the woman who burned his house down. Jerico Jameson runs the club, which he has gotten involved with from time to time. While he's done this before, he's learned that he's better off not getting involved with women outside the club. But when Trista Barnes walks into his club seeking assistance, Jerico agrees to help her - on the condition that she works for him in the club for a month.

The second book in the Wicked Horse Vegas series is Wicked Wish, which tells the story of two characters who meet in Las Vegas. Jorinda Pearce thought she had her life figured out, but her husband doesn't think the same. Her lack of bedroom skills has landed her a divorce, and Jorinda's confidence plummets. As a result, she becomes homeless, and she's left wondering if she ever had a chance to have a real relationship.

Wicked Wish

The Wicked Horse Vegas Kindle eBook series by Sawyer Bennett is a contemporary romance series of interconnected stand-alone novels. This series is based on the original Wicked Horse series set in Las Vegas. This book contains several steamy scenes and great characters. You'll find out what it's like to live in the wild west in Las Vegas! There are plenty of exciting adventures in the Las Vegas sex scene in this series!

In The Wicked Favor, Jorie Pearce is a member of the Wicked Horse club, part of the Jamison Group. The club's owner, Jerico Jameson, has sampled all kinds of women. But he's learned not to get too involved with women outside of his club. Until one day, he meets a girl named Trista Barnes. Jerico accepts her help on the condition that she works for the club for a month.

Walsh Brooks is a mega-millionaire with a nice body, longish hair, and piercing eyes. He doesn't want a serious relationship but the Wicked Horse takes care of him sexually. Jorie, meanwhile, is looking forward to a fun masquerade party, where she'll meet Jorie, a mysterious green-eyed beauty wearing a sapphire feather mask.

Wicked Wish by Jorinda Pearce

"Wicked Wish" by Jorinda Pearce is the second novel in The Wicked Horse Vegas series. It tells the story of a marriage and a forbidden love. Jorinda Pearce thought she had it all figured out, until her husband dumps her for her lack of bedroom skills. Her confidence plummets and she ends up homeless. What will happen next?

When Jorinda Pearce moves from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with her best friend Elena, her relationship with her sister, Jorie, is anything but perfect. She has a degree that she doesn't use, a job she hates, and an ex-husband who doesn't respect her. But that all changes when she decides to attend a masquerade ball at the Wicked Horse in Vegas.

Jorie, who's been abused by her husband and accused of being sexually inactive, needs a break from reality. Elena brings her to a sex club to experience the other side of herself. Jorie is eager to explore another side of herself. She desperately needs an escape from her reality and needs adventure. The moment Jorie locks eyes with a sexy masked man in black leather, she's enamored and smitten.

Wicked Wish by Jerico Jameson

The Wicked Wish by Jerico Jamesson is a very exciting novel. This book is not for the faint of heart, as it is about a sex club, but the sex scenes were hot and emotional. The desire for sex was also an effective way to portray the differences between Trista and the others. I also enjoyed the way the author added a little bit about Trista's family, which brought another layer to the story.

Trista Barnes is a woman in need of money. She is out of options and desperate to find someone to give her money. Jerico, who owes a favor to Trista's brother, agrees to give her the money, as well as wipe the slate clean. He sees this as an opportunity to exact revenge on the man who wronged her brother, and he is attracted to Trista.

The story is full of romance and forbidden love. Walsh must choose between friendship and love, but the love of his life will give him the confidence he's been missing. This book is perfect for those who want a steamy, hot story with fantastic characters and a lot of hot sex scenes. Jerico Jameson has a great writing style and the Wicked Wish is no exception.

If you enjoy erotic fiction, you'll love this book. The story is full of explicit sex scenes. Jerico Jameson is the owner of The Wicked Horse sex club in Vegas, and has sampled women from all walks of life. This is what made him so successful. However, when Trista Barnes shows up at his club, he's determined to get her and is determined to make her happy.

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