Best The Sydney Quartet Crime, Thriller & Mystery in Italian in 2022

The Sydney Quartet Crime Thriller Mystery in Italian

The Sydney Quartet is a series of crime novels set in Sydney's Kings Cross. Although the books share some main characters, they are all stand-alone novels and can be read in any order. The series has a variety of mysteries and suspense to keep readers guessing throughout the course of the series.

Alan Bradley

"The Sydney Quartet" is an internationally bestselling crime thriller mystery in Italian. The story revolves around the characters of Flavia de Luce, a young girl who loves chemistry. She calls her bike Gladys and works as a detective when she comes across a murder case. Her father is wrongly accused of murder, and she is determined to solve it.

Dick Francis

The Sydney Quartet is a series of crime thrillers set in Sydney, Australia. They share many of the same characters, but each novel also contains a different main character. Each story is stand-alone, so readers don't need to read the others in order. While the books are set in the same city, you can read them in any order you choose.

Matt Rees

If you're looking for a crime thriller set in Italy, you might want to check out The Sydney Quartet. Written by Paul McMillan, this series takes you to the streets of the Italian capital and includes two crime thrillers set in the Cremona region. Although the four novels share a central character, each is standalone. That means you can read them in any order.

Like Jack Klugman's Dr. Quincy, this series features medical examiner Kay Scarpetta, a former journalist with a past in crime. She spends years studying the life and crimes of the notorious Jack the Ripper, and her name reflects this. The series also features an intriguing private life for Scarpetta, which means little shoe in Italian. Whether you're a mystery fan or an Italian-speaking reader, you'll be able to enjoy this series.

Jane Lawless

In this crime thriller mystery in Italian, award-winning author Jane Lawless takes the role of an FBI profiler who must unravel a mysterious family mystery. She also faces challenges as she navigates the mind of a murderous serial killer. In this thriller, the FBI profiler focuses on the case of a wealthy tech billionaire's daughter who mysteriously disappears.

Jane Lawless in The Sydney Quartet is the sister of a famous Australian author, Phryne Fisher. She is her sister's faithful maid and a good friend of her mother. She tries to keep her sisters, Ruth and Jane, safe, and she investigates a mummified body in "Ghost Train." In "Castlemaine's Long Mystery," she faces an unknown assailant and must uncover the truth.

Crispin Crispin

In the first book of the Sydney Quartet Crime Thriller Mystery series, Claire Danner Crispin, a national glassblower, accepts a co-chair position at the Nantucket Children Summer Gala. She is invited to make a special glass item for an auction in order to raise money for the charity. In her role, Claire comes into contact with charity director Lock Dixon, who is troubled with his own mental impairment.


If you are a fan of crime and thriller novels, you'll surely enjoy John Nesbo's novels. His series The Sydney Quartet is a great choice for fans of mystery and suspense. "The Son" is a stand-alone mystery with a new cast of characters. It features a serial killer in Oslo, an international photographer, and a maverick police detective. The story is a complex psychological thriller. The protagonist, Sonny Lofthus, is incarcerated for crimes he didn't commit, and has to deal with the knowledge that his father was a dirty cop.

Harry Hole

If you love crime novels, then you will surely enjoy reading The Sydney Quartet, a new crime thriller novel set in Italy. The author, Alan Bradley, spent his teenage years reading mystery novels in a cemetery. Flavia de Luce is an 11-year-old child detective who loves chemistry and her bike Gladys. When her father is accused of murder, she decides to investigate the case.

The story revolves around turf, although it often delves into other interesting fields. Photography and transcontinental trains are also central to the story. Francis's wife Mary is also involved in the investigation, and the two work together to solve a crime.


Magdalene in The Sydney Quartet is the first in a series of crime thrillers by Italian author Paola Antonelli. The novel takes place in a small town in Sicily where the local Mafia and chancers run rampant. This is a classic mystery story with a twist. The story is based on true events, and the reader will be hooked from the beginning.

Foyle's War

Foyle's War is a crime thriller mystery set during World War II. The main character, Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, is a widower and a methodical investigator. His cases typically involve black market activity, profiteering, and murder. His cases often require him to confront high-level officials. In this crime thriller mystery in Italian, Foyle is assisted by Detective Sergeant Paul Milner and Samantha Stewart.

Series 1-8 of Foyle's War were originally broadcast on PBS. They are still available on Acorn TV, and are sometimes available on Netflix with a paid subscription. In 2010, Acorn Media contracted with Cre-a-TV to repackage the series for television to air during prime time on PBS. These episodes were fed from the former PBS affiliate KCET in Los Angeles. In 2011, rebroadcasters began airing Foyle's War. Each episode lasted 50 minutes and was aired in two parts.

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