Best The Justice Series Crime, Thriller & Mystery in Italian in 2022

Crime Thriller Mystery in Italian

The Justice Series is a police procedural written in Italian by British expat Magdalen Nabb, set in Florence. The books revolve around Marshal Guarnaccia, an unambitious police officer who works for the Carabinieri, an arm of the Italian military which reports directly to the head of state. The Carabinieri was created after Italian unification and is modeled after the French Gendarmerie.

River of Shadows

If you're looking for a good crime thriller mystery in Italian, consider reading the Guido Guerrieri Series. This seven-book series is written by former police commissioner Michele Giuttari and translated by Howard Curtis. It is set in the city of Bari, on the southern Adriatic. The protagonist, attorney Gianrico Carofiglio, is a former prosecutor and has extensive knowledge of the Italian legal system. This series features gruesome crimes and violent events.

Tori's obsession with her missing teenage brother forces her to risk her own life and the lives of others to find the truth. Their investigation leads them to Bologna, Italy, during Benito Mussolini's dictatorship. When they arrive, they find a drifting barge, with no sign of the boatman. The boatman's brother has been murdered. The two brothers had served in the fascist militia fifty years ago.

Death of a Showgirl

Simona Biondi, a young showgirl, has vanished from Rome and her parents have hired a private detective, Castagnetti, to trace her whereabouts. This hard-boiled private investigator novel explores the price of fame for young women in the Italian showbiz industry. With a male host doing most of the talking, Death of a Showgirl is an ideal read for fans of crime thrillers set in Italy.

Commissario Soneri's secondary release

River of Shadows is the first book in the police procedural series, and it is set in the Po River Valley in Northern Italy. Although slow-moving, the book is atmospheric and has a historical focus. The protagonists are a family, and the story is tense and dark.

This crime thriller mystery in Italian features a fictional, stern and dour detective in a small city in the Po Valley. His only satisfying relationships are with his colleagues, but an unsolved case of kidnapping in the town presents a large challenge. The debut novel by CWA Award winner Timothy Williams is set against the rich backdrop of a provincial Italian city.

Flavia is the special assistant to General Taddeo Bottando, head of Rome's art theft squad. She's sent to gather information on a murder, but ends up becoming a dangerous investigator in her own right, pursuing a missing painting by the artist Titian. As a result of her investigations, she enlists the help of art dealer Jonathan Argyll. They become friends, but the investigation reveals a connection to the Mafia.

The Justice Series crime thriller mystery in Italian has a strong Italian tradition. The authors of this series reimagined and elevated crime fiction to literary status. Several Italian authors have rewritten the conventions of crime novels, including Umberto Eco, Antonio Tabucchi, and Carlo Emili Gadda.

In the Justice Series crime thriller mystery in Italian, Commissario Soneri gives readers a glimpse of life in the country of stark contrasts. The main characters in this novel have a long history of murder and mayhem.

Urbino MacIntyre's biographies of ex-pat Italophiles

Urbino MacIntyre is an American ex-pat who lives in Venice. He has written several biographies of Italianophiles who have left their mark in the Venetian community. His partner in sleuthing is an Italian Countess, and he often works with Venice residents.

Readers will enjoy the contrasts of Italy and her colorful ex-pat community. The landscape is patchwork, and the characters' lives are often filled with danger. One character, Inspector Achille Peroni, aka the "Rudolph Valentino of the Italian police," is a veteran of World War II.

MacIntyre also sprinkles her books with historical and literary references. These extras do not distract the reader from the main plot of the story, but they do add to the intellectual entertainment value.

Urbino MacIntyre' sleuth Jonathan Argyll has been working with the Italian National Art Theft Squad as a freelance investigator. However, while he is investigating the murder of his friend, Jonathan finds himself targeted by a killer. Meanwhile, his relationship with Flavia di Stefano is threatened by her new friend.

Urbino MacIntyre' sleuth has a distinct Italian flavor. His wit, knowledge, and keen ear for detail make him an appealing and engaging character. His characters are a compelling cast, with an underlying theme of justice. A sense of place is a powerful part of the book. However, the editing in this novel is inconsistent. Several pages contain missing words, commas, and extra words. Having an Italian-speaking editor proofread the book is essential.

The author does a great job of bringing Italian culture to a crime thriller mystery. Her writing style reflects the idiosyncrasy of the Italian-American community. She also draws on macho creepiness in the Italian male elite, with easy excuses for infidelity. Her writing makes the reader feel like she's part of an exclusive club.

Too abrupt ending

This is an excellent debut novel by Camilla Trinchieri. Her protagonist, retired NYPD homicide detective Nico Doyle, is a charming, likable character. He lost his wife to cancer and now works in his family's restaurant and helps his friend Salvatore Perillo solve crimes. But it isn't all roses for Doyle. The ending of this first novel is a bit too abrupt, and I wish there was more in the series.

The Justice Series crime thriller mystery in Italian opens with a seemingly suicide by a young cadet at a prestigious military academy. While all clues point to a violent mugging, the robbery doesn't seem to be the likely motive, as a high-level cabal seems to be responsible. As Brunetti continues his investigation, he becomes convinced that someone is taking pains to prevent him from finding the true killer.

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