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Free Teen & Young Adult Visionary & Metaphysical Fiction eBooks

If you're looking for free VF eBooks, there are a few things that you should know first. This article will cover the Genre, Characters, and Description of VF eBooks. After that, we'll discuss the Best Free VF eBooks. Hopefully, this will help you find the right books for your reading tastes! Also, remember that there are many different types of VF eBooks, so you don't have to buy them all.


In the field of literature, metaphysical fiction was originally categorized as philosophical fiction. It's a genre devoted to philosophical questions, such as the nature of reality, the purpose of society, and the role of art and reason in human life. Authors whose works are classified in this category include Albert Camus, Herman Hesse, Philip K. Dick, and Umberto Eco.

A common feature of visionary fiction is the all-encompassing spiritual element that drives the plot. The genre often incorporates paranormal modes of perception and other story elements to draw the reader into the story. These books are not meant to preach or promote specific religious beliefs. Instead, they are meant to inspire the reader to expand his or her own consciousness. However, some titles may fall into more than one category.

Although many authors consider themselves VF, there are some differences between it and VF. VF contains more elements of the supernatural, while metaphysical fiction incorporates elements from other genres. Metaphysical fiction tends to cross genres. The classical term "metaphysical" has evolved to describe a larger world. Instead of focusing solely on nature, metaphysical fiction is characterized by the use of crystals, faith healing, and other paranormal elements. The genre of VF has expanded, and many authors are exploring the field of VF.


The rapid change in the book publishing and distribution industries has led many writers to experiment with their voice, style, and format. This literary exploration stems both from the author's own creative impulses and from market trends. The resulting shift in genres and book categories has led to the emergence of new literary genres and a dramatic shift in marketing and distribution practices. Here are some ways to distinguish YA visionary fiction from other genres:

Spiritual YA novels, also known as new age literature, are often about the supernatural. They are stories that use spirituality as a central theme to drive the plot. While BISAC group them under the main category of fiction, spiritual and visionary are not interchangeable genres. A common misinterpretation of these genres is the tendency for authors to combine elements of both genres.

The concept of metaphysical fiction includes many different topics, including intuition and energy healing. Although these concepts are not fully explained or measured, they are integral to the story, creating conflict for the main characters. By including these elements in the story, readers will get a glimpse into what it means to be human. If this sounds like the type of fiction you are looking for, then this eBook is perfect for you!


The term "metaphysical" originally referred to the literary genre of philosophical fiction. This style of fiction explores philosophical questions, including how society should function, what is the purpose of life, and how art and reason should play a role in our lives. Its authors include Albert Camus, Herman Hesse, Philip K. Dick, and Umberto Eco.

The genre is defined by the author's point of view, the subject matter, and the tone of the book. Visionary fiction can be classified as spiritual, visionary, metaphysical, or science fiction. Despite their differences, these genres often have some common traits. The genre of "new age" is a subset of metaphysical fiction. It contains themes and characters that appeal to teens and young adults who are interested in exploring their spirituality.

The most common element of a fantasy novel is love, which is a main part of the genre. While many books of this genre follow a love story, romance stories are primarily focused on getting two people together. For example, a paranormal romance eBook will focus on a love story and explore how love affects human relationships. Likewise, a science fiction thriller will deal with the mystery of how a man or woman becomes a monster.

The genre of visionary fiction is a growing area of interest on the web. It has received multiple articles since 2000, and has seen a significant rise in activity since 2012. Some of the most influential authors in this genre, including Dean Koontz and Hal Zinn Bennett, have weighed in. Other authors have also weighed in with articles and book reviews. Many studies have been conducted on the internet about visionary writing and its significance in the literature of medieval and romantic poetry.

Free VF eBooks

If you're looking for free eBooks to read, look no further. You can find an extensive list of these titles on the internet. Visionary and metaphysical fiction was originally identified as philosophical fiction. This type of fiction focuses on philosophical topics, such as the function of society, the purpose of life, ethics, morals, the role of art in human existence, and the development of reason. Some notable authors in this genre include Albert Camus, Philip K. Dick, and Umberto Eco.

The genre of visionary fiction has expanded to encompass the realm of the paranormal and spiritual. Once confined to nature and purpose, VF has expanded to include the world of spirits, crystals, and faith healing. The genre has become more diverse than ever, and there is no limit to the topics it can explore. You can even find an eBook that includes both VF and MF, or a combination of the two.

The popularity of the genre has led to several articles and studies on the internet, including those by Dean Koontz, Hal Zinn Bennett, and Peggy Payne. While many writers and critics are still unfamiliar with visionary fiction, many prominent authors have weighed in on the subject. In addition, studies of medieval epics, new age literature, and romantic poetry have all helped to highlight the importance of reading visionary fiction.


There are many books that fall under the category of visionary fiction, including spiritual novels and personal growth stories. The HarperLegend imprint publishes novel manuscripts with messages about personal growth, transformation, and wisdom. Authors who submit manuscripts for consideration should have fresh voices, compelling storylines, and unique ideas. For example, if you're looking for a book about the reincarnation of a human soul, visionary fiction could be just what you're looking for.

While the classical term "metaphysical" was originally used to define the realm of nature and purpose, modern usage has expanded its meaning to encompass a wider realm of faith healing, crystals, and paranormal elements. These newer concepts have broadened the scope of VF. In addition to these traditional elements, visionary fiction eBooks are becoming increasingly popular with readers and publishers alike.

While visionary fiction has become a recognizable genre in the past few decades, defining it has proven to be problematic. Various systems of classification — especially those pertaining to fiction - fail to capture the breadth of visionary literature. Historically, the library profession has regarded fiction with disdain, assigning all forms of fiction to a limited number of categories. As a result, ad hoc systems of genre classification emerged during the twentieth century, although many of these remained duplicative or only loosely defined.


While there is a distinct difference between metaphysical and visionary fiction, they are both characterized by their interest in metaphysics and spirituality. Metaphysical fiction focuses on themes related to spirituality and the role of religion in human life. The genre is categorized as a part of the larger category of fiction by BISAC. The genres are not synonymous, but they are closely related.

Defining visionary fiction is a complicated task. It suffers from all the faults of conventional genre classification systems. It has long been held in skepticism by the library profession, which has used the Dewey Decimal Classification system to assign all fiction to a small range of numbers. As a result, an ad hoc system was born during the 20th century, with some categories remaining vague and duplicative.

While there are many similarities between VF and metaphysical fiction, the distinctions between them are sometimes blurred. For example, metaphysical fiction has a strong sense of spirit and often crosses genres. The genres can overlap and be categorized accordingly. Some of these eBooks are available for download from a variety of sites. To get started, check out the categories below!

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