Best Teen & Young Adult Values & Virtues Fiction eBooks in 2022

Values & Virtues Fiction eBooks For Teens and Young Adults

As the standards for morality and ethics shift and conflict, it is hard to teach children good values in an environment where they are exposed to so many competing messages. Though parents try to instill moral values at home, great books can be the perfect counterbalance to the outside influences. A great book can teach a child valuable lessons as they grow - such as understanding others when they have seen someone who is different than them or demonstrating empathy after suffering.

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Today's children are inundated with ever-shifting and conflicting standards of ethics and morality. As a parent, you're trying to instill good values at home, but outside influences aren't always easy to avoid. Great books can help counterbalance these forces by teaching important lessons for your children as they mature. These books can help your child develop empathy for someone after witnessing cruelty or understanding the differences of others.

Character traits

If you're writing for a young adult audience, you'll want to use books that are written for them. These stories capture the essence of being a teen. Whether your book is a love story or a thriller, you'll want to make sure that the characters reflect the age group they're intended for. You'll want to choose books with content that's age appropriate, and conflict that your audience will understand.

If you're writing for a popular market, be prepared for a flood of genre-specific YA eBooks. Trends come and go. The last thing you want is to try and write for a market that doesn't exist. Young adults love to socialize, so they don't want to be restricted to an electronic story. However, many industry players say that sales of YA fiction are soaring, and Amazon and Barnes & Noble both reported sales that were five times higher than print titles online during the holiday season.

One thing to keep in mind when writing for this audience is that most YA books are filled with sex and profanity. Regardless of age, it's important to remember that readers of young adult fiction want instant gratification. They also want to have an opinion and relate to characters and events in the books. Young adults fiction is filled with these themes and others, and they will be more relatable to your audience.

Teens and young adults fiction eBooks should be realistic and reflect the challenges young adults face. It should not be about Disney teens, but should be about life as a teen. A good YA book should explore the realities of life and show us that the world is full of challenges and opportunities for growth. And it should be fun. After all, who doesn't want to escape the world every once in a while?

Social justice

Social justice is a pressing issue in today's society, and reading can help students process tough issues. The 30 social justice fiction eBooks listed below have engaging stories and compelling protagonists. Readers can feel empowered by reading about these young people, who often face adversity and struggle to overcome prejudice to make their communities better. There are even some books for middle-grade readers that are social justice-themed.

The book is written by an award-winning LGBTQI rights activist. In this YA novel, Lulu, who was born a boy, navigates eighth grade as a girl. She meets Dunkin Dorfman, a new student who struggles with bipolar disorder. A teacher in the school is surprised when Lulu decides to discuss her problems with a student. The book is also a great teaching tool, as it discusses the challenges faced by children in Central America as they flee to the U.S. on foot.

Another excellent social justice fiction eBook is such as "The Boy Who Was a Girl," which explores the history of the AIDS crisis and the rights of LGBTQIA people in New York City. The three main characters struggle with their identities, self-acceptance, and caring for their loved ones. The book also traces the history of the Civil Rights movement through the stories of four Civil Rights activists. It is an excellent read for young adults.

Another great eBook to help readers become more socially conscious is "United We Dream," by Kate Atkinson. It contains a selection of 13 books about diversity. The authors who contribute to this collection are diverse, with backgrounds that range from disability to sex identity. Some even explore religion and gender identity in the pages. In addition to stories based on social justice, these books also feature diverse characters.

Civic engagement

If you're looking for eBooks for tweens and young adults who are interested in civic engagement, there are several great options available. One of the most popular eBooks for tweens and young adults is "Declare Yourself," a collection of 55 books written by celebrities to encourage civic engagement and voting. While the book is intended for teens and young adults, it can also be used by older children.

One book in particular is especially inspiring. The Gutsy Girl explores the experience of a young activist and her activism. The book follows a child's perspective, describing how she marched in Birmingham to bring about desegregation. While the book portrays violence and injustice, it serves as an engaging introduction to a crucial topic. With its strong theme of social justice and the history of American democracy, it is a great choice for young adults.


If you're looking for an eBook that explores the concept of integrity, then you'll want to read these titles. While they're not specifically written for teens, they are ideal for adults who want to learn about this important concept. In this book, a former Nixon administration chief of staff talks about his time in the White House, and how he lost his moral compass along the way. Integrity can be a virtue, and it can also destroy your life if you abuse your power.

In today's world, we find examples of integrity everywhere we turn. In fact, you can find them in almost every human story. These stories can help us develop our own core values as we grow into adults. The following are some of the most compelling eBooks for young adults and teens that deal with the topic of integrity. Let's explore them together. And remember, reading can help you develop your own core values and build your own identity.

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