Best Teen & Young Adult Time Travel Sci-Fi eBooks in 2022

Teen & Young Adult Time Travel Sci-Fi eBooks

Teen and young adult time travel sci-fi eBooks are a great way to experience this genre. These books are based on famous works, such as the classics. You can enjoy them at any time of day or night. These ebooks are full of excitement and action. The storyline is unique because it involves time travel. The protagonist, Nephele, is a math genius who finds herself stuck in a time loop. Her unique situation causes her to experience the difficulties of making friends.

Nephele is a math genius

A mathematical genius, Nephele Ann Weather, accidentally goes back to her freshman year and creates an app that allows her to travel in time. In the book, she redoes the whole year, with huge gaps in her memory. Now, she can go back in time and make amends for her mistakes. And she also discovers that her memories aren't entirely accurate.

After Nephele accidentally creates a time loop, she spends ten years alone in the past. She thought she knew what to expect from ninth grade, but she didn't expect to have a new teacher, Jazz. Jazz is an aspiring math genius with goofy magic tricks and a quiet, intense way of seeing Nephele.

She is stuck in a time loop

When a girl wakes up in her bed on New Year's Eve, she doesn't know that she is trapped in a time loop. She is stuck between years and has to figure out how to go back and change the past. Changing the timeline can have deadly consequences, and Elena has to figure out who to trust. Time travel sci-fi books for teens and young adults are perfect for this age group.

During the night before she goes to bed, a woman named Charlotte falls asleep and wakes up forty years earlier. The girl has gone back in time to 1918. Now, she has to adjust to a new school and a new time in history, and find out who she is as a young girl. In addition, her new schoolmates don't seem to want to help her, so she must make friends in the new time she is stuck in.

The story begins in the present day, where a man named Phillip is building a causality violation device. Philip is an engineer who is creating a device to disrupt time travel. When Em feels that something is not right with the present, she begins to time travel to fix it. Ultimately, she is stuck in a time loop. Despite her fear of the unknown, she is determined to make her future as bright as possible.

She is a math genius

If you're looking for a great read, try one of these time-traveling novels for teens and young adults. Set in the past, these books explore how humans can alter the course of history and save themselves or their loved ones. The stories range from family dramas to adventure, from romance to horror, and from sci-fi to fantasy. And with so many options, you're sure to find a book to suit your taste.

Prenna James comes from a world that is in ruins, but she has travelled back in time to save humanity. But she has to keep this secret from her future husband, Ethan Jarves, or risk alienating him and jeopardizing their mission. In this book, she discovers that time is changing. And in this novel, she's not the only one who thinks time travel is awesome.

The Arc of a Scythe series is a sci-fi series for teenagers. Set in a world without war or hunger, it follows the lives of two teenagers who travel to a new world. Arc of a Scythe is a series of books that includes the sequel Thunderhead. You'll want to check out all three of these time travel books if you're looking for something new.

She is trapped in a time loop

One day, a group of survivors leave the planet Earth on a spaceship. Years later, they send a team to the new planet to see if it is habitable. The team discovers that some of the survivors didn't leave the planet. The rest of society has crumbled in a week's time. Electronic communications have been down since the crash. Bombs have been heard in town. The survivors must brave the unknown to return home to their loved ones.

She is stuck in a time loop to free two prisoners

If you're looking for some exciting new books for your next summer read, look no further than the many Teen & Young Adult Time Travel Sci-FI eBooks available on the market today. From thrilling adventures to heart-wrenching family dramas, there's a time-traveling novel to suit everyone's taste. The genre is hugely popular and will never get old. And while you're reading it, why not consider downloading some free books?

The book begins with a time tornado ripping through London. In the meantime, a woolly mammoth lumbers down the River Thames. Two children, eleven-year-old Silver and her aunt, Mrs. Rokabye, are trapped in a time-traveling home. In this haunting tale, the teen protagonist is forced to hide a strange clock called the Timekeeper in order to save the world. Silver doesn't understand exactly what it does, but she knows that she must protect the Timekeeper with her life.

Another time-traveling adventure is called Echo of the alien. This book is a retelling of the Alien franchise, featuring a strong protagonist, creepy aliens, greedy people, and harrowing circumstances. Compared to the movie, this YA novel is more realistic than its predecessor. It retains the level of terror and mayhem of the original film while incorporating new technology and unique ideas.

She is trapped in a time loop to free two prisoners

In this series, a teenager who is obsessed with time travel meets a geologist who wants to change the past. The two become entangled in a secret historical war in a parallel world where time travel is possible. In this time travel adventure, Jake must reintegrate into 1960s culture while trying to save his girlfriend Holly. A research assistant at MIT, Matt fuller, is working on a project involving quantum forces and his calibrator turns into a time machine. This teen savior and a gifted engineering genius must work together to save the world.

If you are a YA reader who enjoys science fiction, check out these books by Octavia Butler. The novel is set in dystopian Los Angeles. Lauren Olemina, the main character, struggles to survive in a world plagued by war, drugs, and hyperempathy. Her harrowing story reveals the dangers and rewards of hyperempathy and sets her on a path to redemption.

The Girl With All the Gifts is a powerful novel that will keep readers turning the pages. It is a fast-paced thriller set in a dystopian world. It is a dystopian society where pain, strife, and emotional depth have been eliminated. The narrator, Jonas Prior, is a twelve-year-old who inherits the position of Receiver of Memory. He stores past memories of Sameness. But while he struggles with his new position, he discovers a secret about society. Ultimately, he must decide whether to stay with her family or move on.

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