Best Teen & Young Adult Substance Abuse Fiction eBooks in 2022

Teen and Young Adult Substance Abuse Fiction eBooks

Although the issue of substance abuse isn't often present in YA and middle grade fiction, it is a real one. Alcohol and drug abuse are prevalent in our society, and over 20% of youths report having used alcohol in the past year. Most teenagers know someone who drinks or does drugs, and anywhere from two to six percent have tried marijuana. In fiction, other substances include prescription pain meds, cocaine, heroin, and cigarettes. While there are many books about substance abuse, most don't address this reality.

Go Ask Alice

"Go Ask Alice" by Beatrice Sparks is one of the most famous first-person accounts of teenage drug use and addiction. This book has made a lasting impression on generations of teen readers and has remained one of the most important books on the subject. Written in diary format, it captures the confusions and feelings that accompany adolescence. It is a timely novel that's been hailed as a classic of youth drug addiction literature.

While this novel is intended to be an engaging, gripping story about addiction, it comes across as an overly simplistic piece of fiction. As its title suggests, the story is a fictional account of an adolescent girl who gets addicted to drugs in the 1960s. While the plot of Go Ask Alice is based on a real diary, the protagonist is robotic and idiotic and rings hollow at every turn.

The Girl on the Train

This YA novel explores the complexities of addiction and the consequences of taking control of one's life. Marcelle, a formerly troubled teen, has gone to tough-love rehab and barely hangs out with her drug-using friends. One day, she receives a text from her best friend asking for help. As Marcelle covers for her friend, Hannah goes missing. While she's unable to find Hannah, she has to deal with the consequences of her actions.

The Ultimate Teen Guide

Substance abuse among teenagers continues to be a major concern. It not only affects the addicted individual, but their friends and family as well. This eBook addresses the emotional and physical aspects of addiction, recovery, relapse, and prevention. The book also contains advice from professionals and offers readers practical advice for dealing with the problem. If your child is suffering from substance abuse, you will find this eBook useful.

The book is aimed at teenagers, young adults, parents, teachers, community leaders, and governments, and provides comprehensive information about teenage drug abuse. It also provides information on how to deal with the problem if you suspect your child is at risk for developing a drug or alcohol addiction. Teens are an important demographic in society, and making mistakes can have costly consequences. These eBooks aim to help parents and teachers prevent their children from developing these problems by educating them about the consequences of substance abuse.

The Ultimate Teen Guide to substance abuse offers helpful tips and information for young people to deal with this epidemic. With realistic stories and insights from experts in the field, this eBook will give teens hope and a better understanding of this devastating condition. These eBooks can also help parents and other family members cope with the situation. Whether you're a teen or a young adult, The Ultimate Teen Guide to substance abuse fiction eBooks will help them learn how to deal with this difficult situation and live a healthy life afterward.

Claire Needell's novel

This novel for teenagers and young adults explores the dangers of drug and alcohol use and how to take control of your life. Marcelle is sixteen and attends a tough-love rehab, but barely hangs out with her drug and alcohol-using friends. One day, she receives a text message from her best friend asking for help. Marcelle covers for Hannah, but things start to fall apart after she receives a message from Hannah asking her to help her.

Clare is in love with her older brother, Luke. But his life is far from easy. He has a troubled past. He's always in the wrong place at the wrong time. His community hasn't been as forgiving of his transgressions as Clare's parents were. He has been in prison. Now he's on his way home, and Clare can't believe it will be any different this time. However, a new incident in his life exposes shocking truths.

Abby Hussein

As a single mother, career for my own mother, working full time, while trying to set up a business, no-one knows better than I do how important finding and maintaining the right balance in life is. During this rollercoaster of a journey, I lost myself, lost my passion, lost my drive and turned into an automated machine, who's sole purpose is cater and serve others. Needless to say, I became very disillusioned with life, my mental health became compromised and I just didn't have anything to give anymore. My work suffered, my family suffered, and most of all, I suffered. It took all the courage and strength that I could muster to turn this around and find an equilibrium that serves me first, allowing me to achieve all of my goals and reams while doing all the things that were required of me and those that I required of myself.

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