Best Teen & Young Adult Social Issues eBooks in 2022

YA Fiction and YA E-Books on Social Issues

There are a lot of great YA Fiction and YA e-books out there! The question is: which ones should you check out? Hopefully this list will answer that question for you. If not, keep reading to learn more about YA books, movies, and review sites. Then, you can start making your own list of favorites. There are so many YA books to choose from, you won't have a hard time finding a new one.

YA Fiction

For those who enjoy reading fiction for young readers, the YA genre is a great place to start. The e-book format is an excellent way to introduce reluctant readers to the genre. The emotional stakes in many YA books make them appealing to a wide variety of readers. And because of the growing popularity of digital books, more young adults are buying YA titles. In fact, more than half of the books sold on Amazon in 2011 were YA titles.

When it comes to YA fiction, a growing number of writers have turned to this genre. For writers new to the genre, the SCBWI provides a wealth of resources, including peer support and grants. And with such a diverse selection, the possibilities are virtually endless. Whether you want to write a book about the social issues that affect teens, or explore the themes and styles of popular books, YA fiction is sure to please your reader.

Many YA readers today are interested in immigration stories. These books offer a different view of immigration, exploring the joys and heartbreaks of living in a foreign land. These YA fiction eBooks feature bestselling YA authors, including Isabel Quintero, Misa Sugiura, Justine Larbalestier, Lilliam Rivera, and Sara Farizan. Some of these books are aimed at helping immigrants adjust to life in the United States.

New Adult fiction often features characters who are young women, and is different from Chick Lit and Romance. These novels often involve adult situations, and often include sex. But sex is rarely the main plot. It is part of the protagonist's journey of self-discovery. Many New Adult novels feature deep-felt high drama. A happy ending is never a guaranteed outcome. A new beginning is often just the beginning.

YA e-books

YA is known for its ability to address major issues, including racism and police brutality. From issues such as gender identity to socioeconomic insecurity, to books on gun violence, the genre's socially conscious stories can help readers think and process the world around them. While some of these titles are fictional, others are factual and nonfiction, provoking readers to take action. If you're looking for YA e-books on social issues, you may want to start by browsing the book series listed below. You can also conduct a keyword search in the library catalog. And of course, you can ask librarians for help.

Using YA e-books on social issues may be especially effective when they address topics like the plight of LGBTQ people or the inequality of women and men. The authors have provided ample context for readers to discuss and think critically about these issues. And they can also be a springboard for class discussions, as the students in the group shared their reactions on blogs and in small groups. Whether or not a particular book is appropriate for classroom use depends on the teacher's inclination and knowledge.

In Black Lives Matter by Shelley Hundley, the story traces the history of Black lives in America. It ends with the tragic events surrounding Oscar Grant and Michael Brown, which highlighted the severity of law enforcement's treatment of African-Americans. It supports its case with statistics. It's a good book to introduce a child to race relations. While Black Lives Matter focuses on a historical issue, Citizen explores how increasing racial tensions affect people on a daily basis.

Throughout these YA e-books, the social issues are addressed in depth, with topics ranging from gender and sexual orientation to environmental activism. Despite the persistent nature of many of these issues, the stories and ideas in these books show the possibilities for change in the future. Besides the stories of the characters, YA e-books on social issues are also a great way to teach students about social justice and how to become a changemaker.

YA movies

Many children and young adults enjoy reading about social issues in today's YA fiction. These books generally feature main characters who are between 12 and 18 years old and focus on issues teens identify with. Often, they are also written with contemporary or dystopian themes that make them appealing to a variety of readers. Here are just some examples of YA fiction that tackle social issues. If you're looking for an engaging read that is suitable for a variety of readers, check out these eBooks!

These eBooks are appropriate for readers in the age range of 12-18. These titles typically focus on themes and topics that relate to young people, such as friendship and dating. Most YA fiction titles deal with sexuality, body image, sexuality, and relationships, as well as peer pressure. Some are even more mature and explore relationships and the development of sexual identity. These books are ideal for reluctant readers. Many YA titles also have movie and television tie-ins, which can help them reach new audiences.

Some YA fiction books are even available for adults who feel uncomfortable browsing the teen section. Most YA books have high emotional stakes, reflecting the intensity of their audience. While adults are reluctant to pick up YA fiction, many industry players say that digital sales of YA fiction are booming. According to a recent study, Barnes & Noble and Amazon both reported that YA e-books sold five times more than their print-only titles online.

In addition to YA novels, publishers are finding YA e-books easy to market. Using pre-publication teasers, digital samples, and giveaways, publishers are capitalizing on young adults' willingness to experiment with new promotional tactics. One publisher has even developed a free app based on How to Rock Braces and Glasses. This novel was also recently adapted into a Nickelodedictory, which will air in the spring.

YA book review sites

Among the many benefits of YA-focused book review sites is their cross-generational readership. While they're targeted towards teens, they also reach older YA fans in their 20s and 30s. Therefore, these sites are great for discussions across generations. Moreover, you'll get a chance to connect with like-minded people. In addition to reading YA books, you'll also get to interact with YA authors and their fans.

The Love Books Group offers book reviews. Affaire de Coeur, a literary magazine with an online community of authors, publishes reviews of a wide variety of books. ARCs can also be submitted to Crime Fiction Lover, which requires a press release three months before the book's publication date. Lastly, Book Smugglers is a highly popular book blog that requires an author to submit a press release before a book can be reviewed.

Another resource for book reviews is Kirkus Reviews. Founded in 1933, this site covers a variety of genres and publishers and publishes reviews and editorials from big publishers, small presses, and independent authors. Its staff reviews books for both adults and kids, and even includes social issues in their selection. They also accept manuscripts for eBook and print publications. They also offer a book giveaway program.

Another resource for finding a book reviewer is LinkedIn. Its business-like nature makes it easier to find a reviewer. Likewise, you can find book reviewers in Facebook groups, where writers and readers can promote their work and share their opinions. Also, Twitter is a great place to find potential reviewers. Search for specific hashtags on Twitter, then look at the people tab to see what kind of books they are reviewing.

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