Best Teen & Young Adult Social & Family Issues Fiction eBooks in 2022

Popular Teen and Young Adult Fiction eBooks on Social and Family Issues

If you are looking for books about teen and young adult social and family issues, you will have many options to choose from. This genre covers topics such as coming of age, loss, and building relationships. These books can be read to learn about different worlds and different issues. Here is a list of the most popular YA eBooks on social and family issues. You'll find books on these topics for every age group and every subject.

Building relationships

Teenagers and young adults go through many changes as their body develops, and this can be reflected in their social relationships. Families may change during puberty as a child begins to demand more independence and emotional distance from their parents. Instead, the focus of adolescence turns to friendships and social interactions. Often, teens have both same-gender and cross-gender groups of friends. Sexual maturity also triggers a child's interest in dating.

Coming of age

This novel focuses on a young girl named Jess, who is attempting to come of age. At the age of eleven, she is sent away from her family and lives in a new town with her nanny. Here, she meets and befriends the mysterious Calendar Sisters, an eccentric trio of beekeepers. During her stay in their community, Jess learns about love, relationships, and the Black Madonna, a symbol of freedom. The novel is set against the backdrop of racial tensions in the 1960s, making it an ideal choice for book club nights.

Among the best-selling middle-grade novels of all time, Where the Red Fern Grows by Beverly Cleary is based on the author's childhood. It is a story about an unorthodox family, with a half-White mother and a half-Black father. Jojo meets a young black boy named Old Dan, who becomes the best hunting team in the Ozarks, only to face tragedy. Every girl should read Anne Shirley. It features a narrator who uses her imagination to win over her enemies and win hearts. It is one of the most popular novels of the past decade.

Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is another classic coming of age novel. This novel follows the young boy Huck as he makes his way down the Mississippi river with his runaway slave, Jim. Huck's loyalty to Jim tests his maturity. While the book deals with social and family issues, it's not without controversy. The novel features racial stereotypes and is often criticized for its inappropriate use of the n-word.


For teenagers and young adults, a good list of books about death should include a few novels about the process of grieving. This list includes books about death and grief, coming of age stories, and dystopian novels. The first two listed books have a strong emotional appeal, while the third is a more serious book. Teens and young adults may also be affected by death if someone close to them dies.

Coming of age themes

Many fiction authors have tried to explore the complex relationships between race, religion, and sex in their stories. While many stories omit religion or spin it negatively, some readers will find it necessary for a coming-of-age story to take place. Coming-of-age stories should explore characters' faith and their reactions to it. There is no right or wrong way to explore this theme, and many writers have succeeded.

As an author, you can use this theme to create a compelling story that will resonate with your readers. A coming-of-age story should portray the struggle of a teenager as he or she attempts to figure out the world around them. It can be a central feature of a story, or can be an integral part of the plot. Regardless of the genre, you should explore themes of growth, sacrifice, and faith.

Romantic relationships

The role of teenage 'falling in love' in developing adolescent identity has been argued by developmental theorist Erik Erikson. Teenagers use romantic relationships to experiment with new forms of self-expression, such as feelings and behaviors, and to gain an understanding of themselves and others. The process of endless talking and communicating can serve to refine one's own self-image and help form new relationships.

Modern pop songs continue to talk about first loves, crushes, and romantic break-ups. Today's sexual culture, however, seems to be at odds with the soft feelings of first love. Increasing numbers of adolescents are exposed to online pornography and use social networking sites to meet potential partners. Even when they aren't romantically active, they may post about their success online.

As adolescents, it's important to keep in mind that "normal" can mean a variety of things, and it is important to educate them on the wide range of "normal" that exists. Although some relationships involve sexual intimacy, others don't. Teens should learn about all possible forms of relationships and develop a healthy self-image and relationship skills. Reading romance eBooks for young readers can be an excellent way to learn about the issues related to these relationships.

Teenage romance is a common occurrence, but not all adolescent relationships last long. Some relationships last just a few weeks. In fact, 80 percent of young people in their twenties have experienced a break-up at some point in their lives. Although the impact may not be profound or lasting, some teenagers may suffer more than others. Studies show that adolescent relationships are associated with an increased risk of depression and mood disorders.

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