Best Teen & Young Adult Short Story Literature in 2022

Top 5 Teen & Young Adult Short Story Literature Collections

If you're looking for books that are sure to hook the teenage set, read these books: Unnatural Creatures, Hungry Hearts, ForeSHADOW, and Unbroken. They're sure to capture readers' attention and make them want to read more. Each of them is filled with internal and external conflict and the ultimate goal is to keep them reading and entertained. In addition, each book is a fun read for young readers, and the authors know how to make them happen.

Unnatural Creatures

This collection of sixteen tales from master storyteller Neil Gaiman introduces readers to unusual, mythical creatures. With stories by such authors as Neil Gaiman, Diana Wynne Jones, and E. Nesbit, Unnatural Creatures will intrigue readers and help them write their own stories. It will also benefit literacy nonprofit 826DC by providing resources to teachers that help young writers develop their skills and inspire imaginations.

This collection is not for the faint of heart, but there are plenty of stories to enjoy. While it may have a unique subject, this collection has plenty of praise and fame. That said, it lacks a few surprises and compelling tales. With that said, it does contain eight fabulous stories, and four really good ones. The best stories are written by authors who have won multiple awards for their work.

Some stories are fun, engaging, and sometimes terrifying. In this collection, fifteen authors bring their own spin on supernatural creatures. The story of a captured phoenix, a jaded group of epicures, and a mystical dragon all feature in one. The book also contains stories by several older authors, such as Peter S. Beagle and Avram Davidson.

YA Horror Anthology - An excellent collection of horror stories aimed at young readers and teens. The collection features the work of award-winning authors and rising talent. In a matter of minutes, you'll discover new stories to delight and scare your audience. Enjoy! You'll be glad you got this book! So get ready to become scared! Soak up the thrills, and enjoy this collection of short stories!

Hungry Hearts

The theme of this anthology is food. The themes of the stories vary widely, from mystery to thriller to romance to coming-of-age stories. Readers can choose their favorite story genre by voting in the reader polls. For more information on the collection, visit the publisher's website. You can also visit Amazon or Goodreads to find out more about the author or anthology.

Gimme Some Sugar is a quiet story that follows a Black teen named Leo. He is trying to decide what kind of film to make for a film festival, and he finds inspiration in his grandmother's Thursday Club. As he films, he discovers that a missing boy named Barnaby Bennett has been found. Leo's mother is in dire need of surgery, so the prize money will pay for her mother's treatment. The book is atmospheric, and explores the relationship between family expectations and food traditions.

Hungry Hearts Teen & Young-Adult Short Story Literature highlights the complexities of food. Food is a bridge that brings people together, but it can also be a weapon of revenge. It can be a symbol of love, hope, or even death. Some stories are darker than others, and these will stand out in the anthology. Fortunately, there are stories with a lighter tone that balance the dark stories.

For a diverse YA short story collection, look for anthologies. Anthologies are perfect for young readers who need variety in their reading material. Anthologies will help inspire writers and serve as examples for future authors. In addition to short stories, anthologies also contain essays by authors who are LGBTQ. These books feature both contemporary and speculative stories.


FORESHADOW Teen & Young Adult Short Stories is a fantastic collection of stories from established authors and new voices in the YA world. The anthology includes stories by established and emerging writers and is set to become a physical book in 2020. Foreshadow, a new literary journal, is being launched to promote young writers. In order to make this anthology more accessible and valuable to readers, the editors have assembled an all-star cast of authors and editors to create a literary magazine with a diverse selection of genres.

The editors of FORESHADOW have included essays and writing advice to help teens and writers explore the world of young adult fiction. Other contributions in the book include practical advice for writers and essays that discuss the topics that matter most to young people. This collection of YA fiction is a great resource for teens and young adults who are passionate about reading and writing. It is a great addition to any library.

Foreshadowing is the practice of leaving hints about upcoming events or themes. Authors choose titles that hint at what will happen in the stories. Titles are an essential part of foreshadowing, which means that a story can't be successful without a hint of what is coming next. Foreshadowing is a literary technique in which authors leave clues to readers in their stories. The FORESHADOW team strives to make FORESHADOW Teen & Young Adult Short Story Literature accessible to readers across the globe.

For young readers, this anthology is a must-have resource for short stories by Asian authors. It features award-winning titles as well as underappreciated gems. This anthology also contains discussions of Asian American literature and offers insights into the form. A must-read for any YA short story fan! This book is a must-have for readers of all genres.


If you've been searching for stories that feature disabled characters, Unbroken is a good place to start. This book features thirteen stories about teenage people with different disabilities and their experiences. Each story explores a different theme and offers insight into different aspects of life. Unbroken is a book for both teens and adults. Here are a few of the best ones. You'll be surprised to discover that some of them are even written by people with disabilities!

The stories in this book are set in twenty-first century worlds and are infused with science fiction, fantasy, and romance. They pay homage to literary achievements from the past while celebrating the unique perceptions and styles of the writers. A great collection of short stories will keep you entertained for days. The genre of YA fiction focuses on stories that appeal to a wide range of audiences. Here, you'll find short stories that deal with family, romance, and revenge.

The collection also features anthologies by some of the best YA authors. Among them are Samira Ahmed and Dhonielle Clayton. It also includes a graphic novel and an one-act play by Cecil Castellucci. A number of other best-selling authors are represented in this collection, including Yamile Mendez and Anna-Marie McLemore. Hopefully, this list of titles will inspire your teens to find the storytellers in themselves.

A great reading guide should contain the table of contents, suggested vocabulary, and reflection questions for each story. These can all be found online through sites such as Teachers Pay Teachers. Once you've found one you like, you can download it for free from Teachers Pay Teachers. But if you don't feel like writing your own, you can also purchase Unbroken on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can find many other resources on the market.

Black Enough

Black Enough is a collection of 17 short stories by writers of African descent. The stories address various experiences that many black teenagers may have, such as colorism, code-switching, and sexism. The collection is a must-read for young adults interested in the black experience. Ibi Zoboi, the editor of the collection, contributed several stories.

Some stories portray religion negatively, often at odds with how queer characters are treated. The only stories that portray religion in a positive light are "Kissing Sarah Smart" and "Whoa!", which feature a religious retreat as a background. While some stories portray religion in a negative light, others use it to highlight distinct writing styles. In "Kissing Sarah Smart," the two main characters do interact with religious characters, although they remain in the background of the story.

"Being Black is Hard Work" by Kekla Magoon is an excellent example of the power of art to overcome the pressures of the modern world. The story takes place in different environments, from a rural community to a wealthy neighborhood. It features characters of mixed race and immigrants. Overall, Black Enough is an inspiring collection of short stories about black youth. So, if you're an aspiring writer, consider checking it out!

A collection of fictional short stories featuring a variety of perspectives and themes is a powerful collection of stories about black characters. This collection will inspire readers to act as heroes and do the right thing, even when the odds are against them. It's an important collection for teens, and is one that will stay with them throughout their lives. This is a book that is worth checking out, and I recommend it for any young adult or teen.

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