Best Teen & Young Adult Runaways Fiction eBooks in 2022

Teen & Young Adult Runaways Fiction eBooks

Are you looking for a Teen & Young Adult Runaways Fiction Book? If so, read this article to find out more about some great options. We will cover books like The Lost, Runaway Silver, and Elatsoe. We'll also discuss mental health, relationships, and family drama. We'll talk about some of our favorites! Hopefully, you'll find a book you'll enjoy!

Runaway Silver

Running away from home is a common theme in YA and adult literature. While the idea of leaving home can be traumatic for many people, it can also be an opportunity to explore the concept through literature. As you read about Runaway Silver, you'll gain empathy for this young girl and her story. But what is the truth behind these stories? How can we prevent ourselves from going through the same experiences?

One eBook offers a new perspective on the lives of teenage runaways: Broken Hearts and Bad Attitudes. This book is a great resource for professionals to better understand this last-resort behavior. The voices of real teenage runaways will help dispel the popular myth that only "bad kids" run away. It will give you the insight you need to intervene when your child becomes a runaway.

The Lost

The Lost Runaway fiction eBooks for teens and young adults feature a series of six different characters and their traumatic pasts. The first novel, What My Mother Doesn't Know, follows a girl named Sophie as she experiences firsts at school: being a too-tall freshman, experiencing crushes, and finding her best friend. The second novel, What My Mother Doesn't Know 2, focuses on Robin and the story of his mother. Both books are fast-paced and emotional, and they are perfect for reluctant readers or bibliophiles.

The Lost Runaway Fiction eBooks for teens are based on classic stories and are sure to keep readers turning pages. They're full of fun and adventure, and you can't go wrong with these titles. If you're looking for classic books for teens, consider The Outsiders and The Hunger Games. These books focus on orphans growing up on New York City's Lower East Side. Little Women and Romeo & Juliet are also fantastic books that aren't too heavy for your teenage readers.


Elatsoe's Teen / Young Adult Runaways Fiction eBooks by Darcie Little Badger is a fantasy novel featuring a teenage Apache girl named Elatsoe. The story is a combination of noir, horror, and ancestral knowledge, as well as fantasy elements. Elatsoe is an excellent choice for a young adult audience looking for a unique and original story.

Set in an alternate contemporary America, this novel follows teenage girl Elatsoe, a young woman who is gifted with the ability to raise the spirits of animals. She has a ghost dog named Kirby, and she uses these abilities to track down her cousin's killer. Elatsoe is determined to solve the mystery surrounding the death of her cousin, and she must do it while battling a creepy town and nefarious townsfolk.

Elatsoe by Darcie Little Badger

Featuring a teenage Apache girl with the ability to raise the ghosts of animals, Elatsoe is an excellent choice for young readers interested in myths and magic. The novel's magical world is full of monsters, ghosts, and a plethora of abilities. While her circumstances are very similar to our own, it is still a fantastical tale that will capture your heart.

This graphic novel explores the feelings of middle school boys who don't belong in the group they belong in. The story opens with a boy's accidental penis-bursting, and the two characters are now at summer camp. While at camp, a boy has a crush on another boy. This causes a rift between the two boys, and their worlds begin to collide.

The novel begins in a city in 2032 where people have chipped identification. In this dystopian future, people are chipped with biometric data, but the chips fail to protect them from danger. Vali and her brother must make their way to California. Their journey is heartbreaking, visceral, and all-too-real.

This YA novel is a must-read for young adult readers interested in runaways. Its plot revolves around a foster teen who falls for a clever con-man. A teenage boy uses his unnatural powers of suggestion to lure bullies into a quarry. A teenage queer artist creates a new identity. Teen and young adult readers will enjoy this bestselling novel.

Not Here to Be Liked by Michelle Quach

Not Here to Be Liked is a fantastic young adult novel that explores the intersectional feminism of Asian-American teens. It takes on weighty issues like the role of race in feminism, and how being liked is valued more than being smart and good. The book also looks at the difficulties that young Asian-Americans face in their communities. In addition, Quach explores how social media can affect the lives of Asian-American girls.

Not Here to Be Liked is the debut novel by Vietnamese-American author Michelle Quach. It's a funny, sharp, and smart novel about a teen's search for love and acceptance. While it's not the be-all and end-all of feminist fiction, Not Here to Be Liked is an admirable addition to the growing field. The novel focuses on a teen named Eliza Quan, who is rejected for her position as editor-in-chief of her school's paper. Eliza's struggle to be accepted by her classmates is a complicated one, but she finds herself falling for the boy she's asking to step down. The characters are strong and believable and Michelle Quach skillfully crafted them to support the plot.

Not Here to Be Liked is an important book for young women who are experiencing the pressures and complexities of navigating the world. It explores how bullying affects teenage girls, and how it impacts relationships. While Eliza is aware of how much her own incidents affect her, she is still unable to explore her feelings for Len, for fear of the backlash. The novel will make you think.

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