Best Teen & Young Adult Poetry eBooks in 2022

A Collection of Poems For Teens and Young Adults

If you are looking for a collection of poems for teens, consider reading a collection published by Bloomsbury Spark, Watershed Books, Tor/Forge, or Red Deer Press. These publishing companies offer a variety of poetry eBooks, and you're sure to find something that appeals to your tastes. If you are looking for something a bit more dark, though, you can look for a collection by Watershed Books.

Watershed Books

If you love poems and want to learn how to write them, you may be interested in checking out Watershed Books' Teen and Young Adult Poetry eBooks. These books feature poems that focus on different themes like violence against women and rebuilding after a traumatic experience. Some are even darker in content, such as those about sexual assault, and you'll enjoy reading them regardless of your mood. Watershed Books also offers writing exercises, so you can practice your skills before submitting your own poetry eBooks.

Poetry has become more popular in recent years thanks to the rise of social media and independent creators who can reach new audiences. While this uptick in poetry consumption is most obvious among adult readers, teens have long been fans of poetry. Poetry books for teens have existed for as long as young adult literature. But with the rise of the internet and the explosion of content available in the digital age, teen poetry eBooks are sure to be a hit.

Bloomsbury Spark

The publisher of Bloomsbury poetry collections is launching a new digital imprint, Bloomsbury Spark, that will publish fiction eBooks for teens, YA, and new adults. Its list will feature multiple genres and will debut in Autumn 2013.


Publisher Tor/Forge has announced that its e-book titles will no longer be protected by digital rights management software (DRM). DRM, or digital right management, prevents people from downloading and copying electronic content. In general, DRM is ineffective at deterring digital piracy and is a nuisance for legitimate consumers. Tor/Forge is the world's largest science fiction and fantasy publisher.

If you're looking for poetry for your teen or tween, consider these five titles. Enchanted Air by Margarita Engle was a YALSA Nonfiction Finalist and Walter Dean Myers Award Honoree. Bronx Masquerade by David Levithan explores the lives of 18 urban teens. This collection will leave you feeling touched and inspired. It is a must-read for teens!

Tor Books was established in 1980. Today, it is a premier publisher of quality science fiction and fantasy books. The company's writers include such names as Orson Scott Card, Charlie Jane Anders, Cory Doctorow, and Sherrilynne Kenyon. It also publishes popular authors as Brandon Sanderson, Sherrilynne Kenyon, and Beth C. Morrow.

Red Deer Press

For those of you who enjoy reading poetry, you may be interested in purchasing one or more of Red Deer Press Teen & Young Adult Literature eBooks. These eBooks are written by authors and are available in several formats, including electronic and print. Red Deer Press was established in 1971 as an in-house publisher and is now a leading Canadian children's publisher. Their diverse catalog includes children's books, young adult literature, and fiction. They are also committed to producing books for adults. The books published by Red Deer Press have won over 300 literary awards in Canada and abroad.

If you're interested in writing poetry, Red Deer Press is a great place to submit your manuscript. Its website features a list of YA poets and authors. In addition to their poetry eBooks, the company publishes a number of other genres, including young adult novels. These eBooks include short stories, poetry, and novels. The list of titles is constantly growing, so keep an eye out for new releases.

You can send your manuscript to Red Deer Press in the mail or submit it online. Their submission guidelines are aimed at helping those without agents submit. The publication will request a manuscript's first forty-to-60 pages by mail, and you will need to submit it twice or three times to receive a response. Red Deer Press is an independent Canadian publisher that publishes books across all genres, and they will publish works from all over the world. For fiction manuscripts, authors are asked to submit a query letter as well as the first three chapters.

For a more traditional book, you can also consider reading BLACK BEAUTY - Young Folks Edition by Kwame Alexander. The Newberry Award-winning novel has been adapted into an e-book format, and the e-book version maintains all of the book's pathos and tenderness. It is a great introduction to animal welfare, compassion, and kindness.

Allen & Unwin

The Allen & Unwin book publishing company is an independent Australian press that publishes a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles. The company's Friday Pitch contest has helped to discover several bestselling authors and has opened the door for many more. However, the publishing company does not evaluate poetry or the categories of romance, science fiction, or young adult literature. Authors interested in writing YA poetry should submit their manuscripts to Allen & Unwin through this contest.

The publication house offers a wide range of YA and teen poetry titles, so there's something for every taste. Allen & Unwin has an extensive list of titles, with around 80 titles published each year. For rookie writers, the Allen & Unwin site is an excellent resource. To submit your manuscript, visit the Allen & Unwin website or send it via email. They will reply within two weeks.

The poets featured in Allen & Unwin's ebooks include renowned writers such as David Levithan and Kathi Appelt. Enchanted Air, for instance, is a YALSA Nonfiction Finalist and Walter Dean Myers Award Honoree. Bronx Masquerade, written in the form of poetry slams, is an intriguing look at the lives of 18 urban teens.

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