Best Teen & Young Adult Paranormal & Urban Fantasy in 2022

Teen & Young Adult Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

If you're looking for a new genre to enjoy, you've probably already stumbled upon Teen & Young Adult Paranormal / Urban Fantasy. These types of fiction often feature female protagonists, Mythological creatures, and dystopian society, which makes for a unique combination of genres. There are many titles to choose from, with something for every taste. This article will cover some of the most popular genres, from dystopian society to a Mythological creature.

Female protagonists

As the focus of the genre shifts toward female readers, the number of female protagonists has increased. The trend in the genre is reflected in the number of books with female protagonists. Male protagonists are still on the charts, but the proportion of Female Villains is lower than one might expect. Here are some notable examples of female protagonists from popular fiction and nonfiction. These stories feature diverse female protagonists in diverse settings.

One popular example is the Cheshire Red series by Cherie Priest, which starts with Bloodshot, and features a mysterious vampire cat burglar. The series also features strong female characters, including a sympathetic female protagonist. In contrast, urban fantasy series such as The Rook by Daniel O'Malley have strong female characters, but no romance. Ultimately, the female protagonists are the protagonists, and they often face the most difficult challenges.

Another common trope is the love triangle. Love triangles are common in paranormal romances. The love interest is often a human, but sometimes a supernatural character is present. The main character could be human, a vampire, a werewolf, a fairy, a magician, a zombie, a psychic, or anything else. Often, these characters are attracted to each other, but their love isn't mutually exclusive.

Another example is the vampire-witch hybrid Alana Scott. Alana's mother had been searching for something when she moved in to her new home just in time for cheerleader tryouts. In the meantime, she learned that she was a vampire-witch hybrid, and that vampire-witch hybrids were illegal. She is forced to hide her secrets, and she must protect herself and tell the older version of her childhood playmate about her secret.

Mythological beings

YA novels about mythological beings are often fun to read. Nicole Cassidy discovers that she's part-witch and descended from the Greek gods, and she's determined to protect her town. When an Olympian Comet grants five people elemental powers and opens a portal to another realm, she must solve a prophecy to save her town.

Mythological beings are common themes in paranormal YA fiction. The genre is also widely popular among teens, as evidenced by the popularity of Twilight. The most popular urban fantasy novels, such as Darkest Powers, follow young paranormal teens on the run, while books like Gone follow an isolated town where adults mysteriously disappear. A lot of young adults today read these types of stories to escape reality, so you'll find many great choices for new readers.

For more mythological beings in paranormal YA fiction, read Firelight by Sophie Jordan. It blends dragon lore and romance. The book is available now for free, and includes a bonus chapter. A YA fantasy book featuring mythical creatures is not complete without a romance element. Firelight is a perfect example of this. It takes dragon lore and makes it relatable for young readers.

Another great YA fantasy novel featuring mythical beings is The Siren, by Sarah J. Maas. This novel has a heart-rending story about love between two girls. In a way, it shows the importance of self-love in relationships, and the complexities of a relationship. Young adult fiction should explore such themes and create the right balance of YA literature and fantasy.


Paranormal YA romance is often set in a world of magic or danger where humans can't exist. Paranormal romances can involve vampires, werewolves, ghosts, time travel, psychic abilities, or anything else that's not completely natural. If you're a fan of paranormal fiction, here are five tips for reading great books. First, pick the first book in a series, not the latest release.

Dark fantasy is more grim than epic fantasy, and modern teens find the notion of monsters and elves hiding in shadows exciting. Dark fantasy is also often characterized by love triangles, reverse harems, and enemies-to-lovers relationships. Dragons, dark elves, and demons are just some of the creatures that inhabit YA fantasy romance books.

Another new urban fantasy series is set in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. The first book in the series, Royal Street, is scheduled for release in April 2012. For more information on Suzanne Johnson, follow her on Twitter. These books are both fantastic reads! If you love paranormal fiction, be sure to check out her other books! You'll find many more titles in her Urban Fantasy category on Goodreads.

The world of Hex Hall has a familiar feel thanks to Rachel Hawkins' excellent world-building and dangerous characters. While the setting is somewhat reminiscent of the Harry Potter series, Hawkins' focus is more on a teen's fragile sense of self-identity. Sophie is neither the chosen nor the chosen, but a reckless teen in trouble, and she must decide whether to be a monster or a human.

Dystopian society

Whether you're a teenager or a young adult, dystopian fiction is a great way to explore the newest world-changing technologies. For young adults, dystopia is a perfect way to imagine what society will be like in 2045. With the rise of social media, we can imagine the world of our future. Often, dystopian novels focus on relationships and finding a mate. In these novels, we see strange artificial dating methods, such as swiping. The result is a culture of "hookups," but with still a set of rules for intimacy.

The rise of dystopian fiction has many reasons. The Internet has increased awareness of current global issues among young adults. Hunger Games series and global market crash have fueled the genre. Millennials, especially, are more sensitive to issues that are affecting our society. They often seek refuge in dystopian literature because it can be a great motivator. But it's not just the dystopian stories that inspire teens to become leaders.

For example, Laura Moriarty's novel "We, the People" shows an America with Muslim detention centers. It has received a lot of criticism, but the publisher has reportedly been sensitive to the book's content. The book's top comment, by an illiterate Iranian, is the most inflammatory and hurtful. As a result, we can't be certain how the future will turn out, but we can imagine the possibilities of dystopia.

Dystopian fiction is a powerful way to engage students while at the same time reinforcing the need for sacrifice in order for change to happen. Although dystopian novels have existed for decades, their rise to popularity is the result of the deep-seated anxieties and concerns of young adults. The 2008 recession and the fall of the Western empire have heightened the popularity of dystopian literature for young adults.

Characters battling evil lords

There are many books for teens and young adults that focus on characters battling evil lords and supernatural forces. There are books that focus on vampires, ghosts, and even zombies. The genres are often quite different in style and content. YA books are generally more dark, and paranormal stories tend to focus on more serious themes. Aside from paranormal tales, YA books can also focus on fantasy elements. Some authors use fantasy elements to create more suspense.

There are many urban fantasy books for teens, including Lucy Diver's Vamped, which combines fae and NYC in a romantic vampire tale. The Elves on the Road Trilogy by Susan Griffith and Clay Griffith is another urban fantasy novel for young adults. Beth Frasier, a high school girl turned vampire, would appeal to young female teen girls.

Young adults can also enjoy YA books that focus on battling evil lords in the real world. In the Devil's Isle series by Nalini Singh, characters fight evil lords in an alternate version of New Orleans. In addition, the series' spin-off, Immortally Sexy, is a funny take on female relationships. In the same vein, Tomislav Ivania's series of novels also has a paranormal romance centered around a witch named Jazz Tremaine and her co-witch friends.

Books about vampires and shapeshifters include Dirk 'n' Steele and the Dani O'Malley urban fantasy series. The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa and Andre Norton also features a variety of supernatural creatures in a gritty setting. L.A. Weatherly's Shadow Reader is another paranormal romance that features a half-blood elf.

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