Best Teen & Young Adult Orphans & Foster Homes Fiction eBooks in 2022

Teen & Young Adult Orphans & Foster Homes Fiction eBooks

There are several Teen & Young Adult Orphans sagas available, so finding an eBook to read about them is simple. To subscribe to the eBooks, simply click the button below. These stories are written by young adults, so you can rest assured that you will always get the latest news about the stories in your mailbox. Here are some of the most popular stories about foster homes and orphans.

Beam's book

In Beam's novel, "Sweet Home," an unnamed foster home adopts a group of young transgender boys and girls in New York City. She follows the lives of these kids, who mostly resemble children of foster families. She also follows the foster mother, who has adopted eleven children from the system. These children are now nearly all adults, but they still long for a home and a feeling of belonging.

Beam's debut novel is a powerful memoir about her experiences as a foster child. She spends five years following the lives of foster children and their families. Her stories reveal the truth behind a broken system that is aimed at protecting children. This novel asks tough questions about parenting and the nature of unconditional love. However, Foster Child Mirror is definitely worth the read.

McLain's memoir

Paula McLain's new book, The Paris Wife, is a powerful debut novel from an author who has experience as a foster child. In this book, McLain creates strong female characters and uses her personal experiences to enhance the plot. In When the Stars Go Dark, McLain's character is inspired by a true story of foster care, while her husband accuses her of neglecting her family.

Growing up in a foster home in Fresno, California, McLain had few memories of her biological family. She was adopted by foster parents and later became a state ward. McLain and her sisters spent fourteen years in foster homes. In her memoir, McLain recounts her childhood, revealing her own feelings with humor, but also with a sense of sadness. Today, McLain lives in Wisconsin and teaches poetry at New England College. Perhaps the distance she has gained from her childhood is just enough to allow her to write about her experiences.

Hilde's adolescence was turbulent, and her unpredictable behavior only accentuated the drama. She was constantly threatened with being removed from one foster home to another. Despite this, she managed to stay with her sisters and eventually went on to study at college. In the process, she learned how to use her instincts to become a professional kidnapper and romantic rival to Kim Jong Il. Meanwhile, Molly Ayer, who is close to aging out of the foster care system, takes a job working with an elderly woman named Vivian and solve a mystery.

To the End of June

In her debut novel, To the End of June, Namina Forna challenges the broken system of foster care while humanizing the experiences of teens. The book features sweet, relatable characters, ranging from British-Chinese orphan Elsie to bisexual Ada. The two girls are friends since childhood and Elsie's crush on Ada is about to come out.

White Oleander

One of the best books in the genre of YA fiction about orphans and foster homes is White Oleander by Janet Fitch. Set in a foster home, the story follows the life of Astrid, a girl who is twelve years old when her mother murders her lover. The result is that Astrid is sent to a foster home in California. Ingrid is a sociopath and a narcissist, but she is not a total sociopath. The story is a powerful coming-of-age novel with strong themes and character development.

In 1999, Janet Fitch published her first novel, White Oleander, about a 12-year-old girl who is put into foster care after her mother is convicted of murder. In this coming-of-age novel, a girl is thrust into the American foster system, and she begins to explore the world around her. She finds the strength and courage to confront her circumstances and discover that she is worthy of love and family.

In the novel White Oleander, a famous poet in California drags her daughter, Astrid, everywhere she goes. In order to protect herself from men, she engraves her ideas and thoughts into Astrid's mind. Unfortunately, she is convicted of murdering her former lover, and Astrid is left to fend for herself. She ends up in foster homes and must learn how to survive in these situations.

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