Best Teen & Young Adult Occult Horror Fiction eBooks in 2022

Teen & Young Adult Occult Horror Fiction eBooks

If you love horror stories, you will love reading these Teen & Young Adult Occult Horror Fiction eBooks! You will be amazed at how realistic these stories can be! Many of these books feature spooky happenings from other dimensions, like furniture moving by itself and flashing lights. They are sure to leave a lasting impression on you. So, read on and experience the creepy thrill of a haunted house!

From Bad to Cursed

The acclaimed novel From Bad to Cursed by Sami Kivela and Saladin Ahmed is a compelling, occult horror tale focusing on teenagers. Set in 1926, an occult-based crime is being committed by a group of teenagers, including a lesbian witch. The victims are mostly teenagers, and the perpetrators are sex-monsters and demons. The characters are also surrounded by dark supernatural forces and fundamentalist witch hunters.

Haunting Blue

This book has a great blend of horror and fantasy elements, making it suitable for a variety of YA audiences. While this isn't exactly a textbook, it's not a permabound anthology either. It's a quick read with large print and minimal margins, but readers should be warned that this book contains live burials, alcoholic drinking, plague, and revenge.

The Night Circus is a short story that features an angsty heroine, mean cheerleaders, an evil step-father, and a sexy step-brother. It's also full of creepy things that go bump in the night, as well as a climactic scene with teen kissing. This is a good choice for young readers who want to experience something creepy without having to go to a movie or read a horror novel.

Demon Queen

As a teenager, you've probably been curious about what happens to teenage girls in occult horror novels. It's a fascinating genre to explore, and many of these books are available for free download! But what is a Demon Queen? This is an e-book series written by an author who has written several books. All of these series are written for teens, but they can be enjoyed by adult readers as well.

Book of Dead Days

In "The Book of Dead Days" by Daniel Jose Older, the New York Times bestselling author, introduces us to Carlos Delacruz, a partially resurrected man from the underworld who thinks he is one of a kind. However, he soon discovers that he is not alone. Other inbetweeners also appear in this novel. Older has also been nominated for the Kirkus Prize and the Mythopeic Award.

The premise of the story revolves around a mysterious and elusive book. The characters include the orphan Boy, an apprentice of a stage magician named Valerian, who has been on a quest to find the book. He has made an arrangement with the supernatural forces to gain wealth, but is unable to find it. Then an orphan named Willow joins them after the manager of the theater they perform at is killed. The story is based in a decrepit city, and Sedgwick paints a vivid picture of this bleak world.

In this highly rated novel, the protagonist is a sympathetic and likable protagonist. In addition, the characters are well-written and avoid the typical cliches of y/a fiction. It is an excellent choice for high school and middle school library media centers and young adult collections in public libraries. The protagonist, in particular, is well written and the plot is excellent. The characters are believable, and the story's climax is shocking and a bit creepy.

Connor Major's summer break turns into a nightmare

Connor Major knows that coming out to his mother will be a terrible mistake. However, he does not think he can find his mom's acceptance. His boyfriend thinks she will be more understanding, but she is completely captivated by the charismatic Reverend who steals gay boys and sends them to conversion therapy camp. In an effort to help Conor, the Reverend convinces Connor to go to the camp.

Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake is a critically acclaimed novel and one of the best young adult books of 2011. It was a Kirkus Best Teen Book of the Year and NPR's Top 5 Young Adult Novels of 2011. The book is available in several digital formats, and many ebooks are available without DRM. For your convenience, Kendare Blake has supplied the book in DRM-free PDF and EPUB formats.

The story revolves around a 14-year-old boy named Cas. Cas's father was a famous ghost hunter. He claims to be the best ghost hunter in town. But he is not alone. His father was killed by a demon, and he is now the ghost hunter of the town. Cas has to take revenge on the evil Obeahman, and this is a task he cannot accomplish alone. The book is an absorbing and compelling read for teens and young adults alike.

When a ghost kills his father, Cas inherits the family business and is determined to continue it. Together with his Wiccan mother and spirit-sniffing cat, Cas flies around the world to hunt the dead. The two of them follow a series of legends and work to annihilate murderous spirits. They also keep pesky things, like friends, at bay. As they search for the elusive Anna Dressed in Blood, Cas learns that the girl is entangled in a number of curses.

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