Best Teen & Young Adult North American History eBooks in 2022

LB Teen & Young Adult North American History eBooks

If you want to learn more about early North American history, consider reading a YA historical novel. Young readers tend to enjoy historical fiction, which is set in the 1500s and 1600s, during the early colonial period. These books offer an accessible way to learn more about this historical period and are a fun way to teach kids about the past. There are many YA historical novels on the market, and finding one that meets your needs can be a breeze.


There are many eBooks about history for teens and young adults, but how can you choose the best ones? The first thing you should know is that not all books about history are about the Civil War. There are also historical fiction books, including novels set in the 1500s or 1600s. These books are written by renowned authors who have taken their time to adapt historical fiction for middle-grade readers. You can also find books about the Old West, pirates, and Shakers.

Teen and young adult North American history can be taught through books and DVDs. Some great books for this age group include The River Between Us by Richard Peck, which is about a girl who escapes from a slave-owning family and is forced into a military draft. Other books for teens and young adults about this period include Behind the Lines by Isabelle Holland, which is a biography of a young Irish immigrant who works as a kitchen maid in New York during the Civil War. In Listen for Rachel by Lou Kassem, a thirteen-year-old girl becomes the enemy and must take charge.

LB Teen

The LB Teen & Young Adult North American history eBooks collection is available at LAPL. This imprint of Hatchett Book Group specializes in children's and teen literature. They publish approximately 135 books each year, and include a Poppy section for teen girls. Using an agent can be a helpful way to increase your chances of getting published. However, many authors aren't aware of how to find an agent.


This book will hook you in the first chapter with its premise: a mysterious teen lives in a Chinese suburb, but she's afraid of her parents' secret life. As a result, her parents lie to her on a daily basis. But what do they really want? The answer to that question will surprise you. In this story, we meet Lady Poppy, a young woman who is a little more than she seems.

Second Story Press

For almost 30 years, Second Story Press has been releasing feminism-inspired books for children, teens, and adults. In addition to publishing popular books, they also promote diversity, feminism, and social justice. The publisher of Second Story Press, Margie Wolfe, has also served as the president of the Association of Canadian Publishers and OBPO. She is widely recognized as a champion of children's empowerment, storytelling, and a champion of women and their stories. Second Story Press is one of Canada's premier publishers and prides itself on bringing diverse books and feminism to readers of all ages.

The ReVisioning History for Young People eBooks offers new interpretations of classic narratives. These titles are written by noted scholars and adapted for middle-grade readers. Each book includes a summary, chapter summaries, and a comprehensive index. The lists are updated daily, and are a great resource for students to learn about history. In addition to educating young readers, they also offer personalized recommendations on the latest books to be released in the future.

Many teachers and parents agree that print books remain more popular with teenagers because they're easier to lend out to their friends, flip through pages, and generally prefer reading from a physical copy. In fact, some parents are opposed to banning young adult books. Many school libraries have mechanisms in place to prevent students from checking out books that contain difficult content. For this reason, the Second Story Press Teen & Young Adult North American History eBooks are available for download on multiple retail sites.

If you want to publish YA history eBooks, you can send them your manuscripts for review. Flux is a Canadian imprint of North Star Editions that publishes books for children and teens. The publisher is aiming to publish 20 titles in 2017. In order to submit your book for review, you'll need to write a query letter and the first three chapters. Alternatively, you can also submit through your agent.


The Atheneum in Teen & Young adult North American history eBooks will give you a glimpse into the lives of the ancestors of today's youth. This historical reference includes classics, fairy tales, and historical fiction, and features thousands of cross-referenced entries. This historical fiction series offers fast access to nearly 600 Native American groups. It features prehistory and the Islamic Empire, as well as important historical events and influential characters.

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