Best Teen & Young Adult Nature & the Natural World Fiction eBooks in 2022

Nature & the Natural World Fiction eBooks for Children and Teens

There are hundreds of different kinds of ebooks out there for children and teens who are passionate about nature, wildlife, and the natural world. Some of these books are written specifically for children, while others are meant for older readers. For example, you may want to check out "Rex the Rhinoceros Beetle," by M.G. Leonard. You may also want to check out "Unseen Worlds," by Lily Dyer, or Cassandra's adventures in her father's scientific notebooks.

Rex the Rhinoceros Beetle by M.G. Leonard

Rex The Rhinoceros Beetle is a story of strength and bravery. Buster, the human in the story, is impressed with Rex's strength and bravery when he sees him roll a boulder as large as an elephant against a banana plant. He frightens the snake with his back legs and hears the 'CRACK!' Rex thinks Buster is being brave, but he is not entirely truthful.

Rex the Rhinoceros Beeletle by M.G. Leonard is an exciting, entertaining tale that will delight children and broaden their learning appreciation of entomology. A wonderful addition to any child's library, this picture book will become a family favorite. If you love critters, you'll love this book. You'll want to read it again!

Rex the Rhinoceros Beeletle is an exciting picture book that focuses on the lives of rhinoceros beetles. The story begins with Buster finding a banana on the jungle floor. He spins a wild tale about how he got the fruit. Buster has to move boulders, scurry away snakes, and save the rainforest from danger, but Rex is there to help!

Rex the Rhinoceros Beetel by M.G. Leonard is a great choice for younger children. The fun facts about beetles at the end of the story help parents and children remember their new discovery. The language in the book is age-appropriate and accessible, allowing young children to learn about similes and good expression. MG Leonard also includes many resources to further engage children in learning about beetles.

Unseen Worlds by Lily Dyer

In Unseen, a reader is awed by the micro-habitats and creatures that inhabit them. The book is also a lesson in science. The author even includes an introduction to the history of microscopy and microscopes. A message of conservation is delivered through the book, which is a perfect match for young readers.

The book begins with readers selecting an animal from the IUCN Red List and determining its fate. The book opens with an image of the animal posed on a page, followed by a description of the animal's conservation challengers. The fifteen threatened species are as diverse as their names, from snow leopards to corals. There are also stories about the lonely peacock tarantula.

Known for her award-winning Beetle Boy trilogy, M.G. Leonard has taken her entomological passion into the world of young readers. Her vivid illustrations and informative text will engross readers. During the course of the book, readers will also learn more about the fascinating lives of beetles, butterflies, and worms.

While these books are meant for young adults, they are also a great escape from reality. This book series is sure to keep readers busy and captivated throughout. It features a diverse range of themes, including conservation, science, the environment, and nature. The characters are all well-developed and engaging. Besides, the young readers will also find it very easy to relate to the characters.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright by Helen Scales

If your teen loves the natural world, there are many books for them to enjoy. With the growing popularity of nature-themed novels, you can find books for teens that will engage them in the wonder of nature and the natural world. Unlike dystopian novels, these novels aren't about a looming world-ending catastrophe. Instead, they feature young people coming of age, facing a challenge, or appreciating the beauty of nature.

In Spirals in Time, Helen Scales takes us on an underwater adventure, searching for the creatures that live inside the shells. From octopuses who steal shells to golden-bearded giant mussels, scales tell the fascinating history of these creatures. Spirals in Time reveals how the shells are harvested and used for many different purposes, including as food and a potent symbol of sex.

Aimee Nezhukumatathil is a poet, and her poems are beautifully crafted. In a coming-of-age story, she examines how a child experiences the world around her. She also examines the impact of human beings on nature and how to preserve it. It's a fascinating read for teens and young adults!

Another book that's perfect for a teen is Naturally Curious. This novella will help readers learn about the various species that live in the world, from wetlands and underground burrows to treetop nesting sites. A combination of nature literature and practical field guides, it will appeal to both boys and girls. The story is so captivating that teens and adults will not want to put it down.

Cassandra's adventures in her father's scientific notebooks

The second season begins with Cassandra's deepest crisis yet. After losing her moonstone to Zhan Tiri, she believes that a sundrop will give her purpose and prove that she is greater than other women. However, she has no idea what purpose she was created for and has a deep sense of failure. The story continues as Cassandra faces more hardships.

While Cassandra's experiences in her father's scientific notebooks are often humorous, they are also filled with dark undertones. Her father, who is a Separatist of Saporia, cannot be the same person she thinks he is. Cassandra must be different to find the true meaning of love. She must also deal with her feelings in order to understand her father.

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