Best Teen & Young Adult Myth & Legend eBooks in 2022

Myth & Legend eBooks

If you're looking for a good book to read about mythology and legends, you should try Gilded by Marissa Meyer or Circe by Robert Graves. If you're not sure what to look for in these eBooks, here are a few recommendations for you. In addition to the books listed here, there are several other titles you should look into, such as Hercules by Renee Ahdieh and The Minotaur by Robert Graves.

Gilded by Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer's Gilded is part fantasy, part dark and violent, and part fairy tale. It takes us to both sad and happy places and will keep you turning pages to find out what happens next. Although it is fast-paced, Meyer takes her time to create a rich world. She shows the reader rather than tells, and this is one of her strengths. For those who love fairy tales, Gilded is an excellent choice.

Known for her Lunar Chronicles series, Marissa Meyer returns to the world of fairy tales with Gilded, the fourth novel in her fantasy series. As in her previous works, Meyer has retold the classic Germanic tale of Rumpelstiltskin, transforming the princess into a cyborg, trapping Rapunzel in a satellite, and working with the Moon-dwelling Wicked Queen to make her come true. Her new novel is a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin, but Meyer uses her literary talents to question the source material.

While YA fiction can be somewhat grim, Gilded is a delightful read. The characters are likeable and well-developed. There are plenty of recurring themes, including love, loss, and friendship. The story is gripping from start to finish, and the characters are well-developed and interesting. The story's twists are both engrossing and will have readers reading for several more chapters.

Meyer can take pieces from a story and make them into her own. Serilda, for example, spends hours thinking about the evidence as it bridges the gap between fantasy and reality. Her compulsion to lie makes her an endearing narrator. The story keeps turning into a fantasy with a bit of a twist. If you like fantasy and adventure, Gilded is for you.

The Minotaur

If you're a teenager or young adult looking for an engaging read, The Minotaur by Kate Barrett is an excellent choice. Barrett delves into the religious and political underpinnings of the myth and its characters, while simultaneously bringing the story to life with vivid character depictions. She also examines the details of the deformed Minotauros and the Greek myth's portrayal of them.

As a teen in San Francisco, Grace has just moved to a new school and is feeling nervous. However, things get worse when the Minotaur makes an appearance at her new school. In addition, a girl who looks like Gretchen shows up and decides to battle the creature. She's tired of monsters pulling her out of bed at night, so she sends the minotaur back to its home. But she never expected to meet the girl she's been trying to avoid.

The Minotaur is a classic Greek myth. In this retelling, a girl named Ariadne helps Theseus kill his half-brother Asterion, escaping from the labyrinth. Another popular myth involves the trickster god Loki from Norse mythology, who gets his own story in Marvel's "Thor" series. In this mythology-based YA fantasy novel, a young princess named Maya discovers secrets that threaten her kingdom.

The Minotaur Teen & Young-Adult Myth Kindle eBook features six classic stories. The Minotaur is one of the most popular Greek myths. A young reader will love this book and be inspired to learn more about the Greek gods. So grab a copy today! You'll be glad you did. There are plenty of eBooks available today to suit your needs and interests.

Circe by Robert Graves

Robert Graves' novel Circe is based on Greek mythology. Aeaea, the Island of the Dawn, was a land filled with wolves and lions. The goddess was reputed to be the daughter of Zeus and Circe, and she had three sons. As she ruled the land, she offered her husband Odysseus a life of luxury on her island.

A biography by Moorcroft Wilson describes Graves' life in the late nineteenth century. He grew up in London but spent most of his life on the island of Majorca. The novel is his best-known work and features many themes rooted in Greek mythology. In the story of Circe, the White Goddess, Graves argues that humankind once worshipped a three-aspect moon goddess before patriarchal revolutions suppressed her. The book explains many myths and religious practices.

Hercules, My Shipmate was published by the Creative Age Press in 1945 and was infused with ideas about The White Goddess. The book is a dazzling and powerful epic, which is easy to read as one seamless story. In addition to the main plot, the novel also includes full commentaries, cross-references, explanations, and a comprehensive index of characters' names. Whether you choose to read the novel in its entirety or in parts, Circe is an epic work of literature that deserves a close reading.

Robert Graves is a prolific writer who wrote more than 100 books. He studied many cultures and regarded himself as an investigator of the origins of creativity. He believed that a love poem had to bounce off the moon to be considered a love poem, and he even attributed the prevalence of male homosexuality in the United States to the consumption of milk shakes. This was an impressive achievement, but the novel still needs a critical eye.

Hercules by Renee Ahdieh

Hercules by Renee Ahdiah is a compelling young adult novel set in a parallel world where men and women are cursed to be different. When a boy named Zeus gets bitten by a nine-headed hydra, he finds himself in a difficult situation. Zeus must get away from Alkyoneus before he can feed his seven daughters. Meanwhile, Meg is forced to reconsider her feelings for Hercules.

Hercules is a young adult novel with a strong female character and a spirited plotline. Aside from being set in ancient Greece, it also follows the life of a teenaged Hercules. This book is sure to delight children and adults alike. It is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and IndieBound. It's a highly recommended read!

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